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7 Best Events to Attend

Product design exhibitions help Manufacturers to present themselves, reach new markets, and find prospective partners. Moreover, participation in product design events is a strong networking asset with endless marketing opportunities. 

Exhibitors get to increase awareness of their product in the variety of targeted markets, receive the opportunity to gather information about other companies, understand customer needs better, and sign some contracts. Attendees receive valuable feedback about their products and prototypes from the full range of potential partners, customers, and other design studios. 

To keep participation in product design events cost-efficient, furniture stores and designers should spread the festivals they want to attend through the year and choose the ones most relevant to the current goals. 

With the growing number of product design exhibitions, sellers and designers can focus not only on such dinosaurs as IMM Cologne, which was first held in 1949, but also pay attention to the niche organizations. Check-out a list of product design exhibitions in Europe, USA, and Canada that will be held in the upcoming 2020.  

#1. Interior Design Show

Interior Design Show 2020 in Toronto


Place: Toronto, Canada

Dates:  January 16-19, 2020

The motto of the fair is: “Foresight is our focus.” This show is a home for more than 50 thousand products from all over the world. It includes everything – prototypes, classical and new furniture design solutions, products, which will be presented for the first time before they start their journey through the exhibitions this year. Along with the benefits every product design exhibition event brings to a manufacturer, here, participants are welcome to listen to more than 100 seminar speakers. 

The latest trends are presented in innovative and immersive forms. IDS offers exhibition space for emerging designers and gives a chance to become a part of multisensory projects of a future living. 

#2. Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Show

Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Show 2020


Place: Birmingham, UK

Dates: 1-4 March, 2020

As it comes from the name, KBB is focused on kitchen, bedroom and bathroom products design. Such specialization helps to narrow the pool of participants and increase the relevance of each exhibition to buyers from retail companies, HoReCa clients, etc. If a design studio or furniture manufacture aim at a lucrative retailer like John Lewis or Wren Kitchens, this exhibition is an event to attend. 

#3. International Furniture Fair

International Furniture Fair Milan 2020


Place: Milan, Italy

Dates: 21-26.04.2020

International Furniture Fair held in Milan, Italy, aims to build new, prospective business connections between real estate companies and interior design agencies. This design exhibition is for the furniture stores and designers who appreciate productive networking above all. Product design exhibitions organized by Salone del Mobile attract customers from impressively growing and lucrative markets like China and the Russian Federation. With about 400 thousand visitors each fair attracts, it is a great place to emerge from the shadows.  

On top of that, this one of the most-known design and furniture exhibitions hosts many luxury brands, and design studios invest in impressing potential partners with the most extraordinary and one-of-a-kind product designs. It is both a perfect place to reach out for top brands, and see the best designs studios, architects, furniture manufacturers can offer these days.  

#4. Lightfair

Lightfair 2020 in Las Vegas


Place: Las Vegas, USA

Dates: 5-7 May, 2020

This design exhibition invites everyone dealing with architectural and commercial lighting. Being a classical niche design festival, it should not be mistaken for a small event attended by a limited circle of architecture specialists. Held in Las Vegas, USA, it attracts more than 5 thousand exhibitors annually. Participants can also apply for a product design award – one of the LFI Innovation Awards given to companies as a part of the festival. 

Networking is a crucial part of this festival. Several themed lounge zones are organized for all attendees. Attendee to Attendee Referral Program is launched each year to increase peer-to-peer marketing.

#5. ICFF

ICFF 2020 in NYC


Place: New York, USA

Dates: May 17-20, 2020

ICFF is considered to be a Northern American leading platform for global design. Welcoming more than 30 countries, this design exhibition is highly focused on trends and innovation. The number of participants is strongly limited, compared to other product design exhibitions listed here, which means each design studio or a store stays in a spot. The priority is given to collaboration, achieved through communication, discussion panels, and engaging educational seminars in product design.

Getting one of IFCC awards is rather prestigious, and a grand party organized for participants brings informal networking to another level. Some of the attendees can be offered a slot in panel discussions – another great opportunity to raise awareness of your brand.

#6. Manchester Furniture Show

Manchester Furniture Show 2020


Place: Manchester, UK

Dates: July 19-21, 2020

Midsummer product design exhibition is focused on big brands and names but manages to stay quite affordable when it comes to booths and stands prices. Taking part in the festival, a company gets automatically included in all the promotional materials, like Show Catalogue and emails sent to the retailers, big design houses, architectural companies, etc. The timing is perfect for those willing to promote products to stores before the Autumn trading period. Moreover, big sellers start getting to Christmas sales in summer.

#7. London Design Fair

London Design Fair 2020


Place: London, UK

Dates: September 17-20, 2020

London Design Fair is a tribute to creativity – from being held in the previously biggest brewery in Britain, to the artistic fleur of the exhibition. The place, where designers meet retail buyers, and international pavilions present trends and futuristic solutions from more than 40 countries. London Design Fair is a what can be called a democratic event open to independent designers, willing to share unconventional projects, and newcomers, willing to make a statement in the market. 

Product design exhibitions open opportunities for better networking, prospective partnership, effective marketing, and gaining new markets. To achieve the maximum from participation in fairs, a company should stand out among other exhibitors. High-end visual promo materials – brochures, flyers, business cards, souvenir products, catalogs, – are of great importance in this sense. Getting all this done with the help of 3D modeling and rendering for marketing visual materials, prototypes, and stand decoration is fast, affordable, and effortless for a Manufacturer. 

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Want to take part in such events gaining attention to your brand and new clients? Use 3D product rendering services to get the most impressive visuals for promotion of your products.

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