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10 Common Mistakes Of CGI Studios

Manufacturers and brand marketers are in constant search for a reliable contractor who provides quality 3D modeling and 3D rendering. However, there are too many offers from 3D rendering companies on the market. Therefore, marketers can simply get puzzled over how to determine the best candidate.

Many 3D studios have a beautiful portfolio on the website, but nice pictures don’t guarantee smooth workflow and successful collaboration. In fact, there are so many pitfalls in working with a 3D rendering studio that every client must learn about them before signing a contract.

So, here’s a list of 10 common mistakes that unprofessional 3D rendering companies topped with advice on how to avoid and anticipate bad situations. Here we go.

#1. Incompetent CG Artists

A Disappointed Client Received a 3D Rendering

Often, 3D rendering companies, especially smaller ones, recruit amateur 3D artists. It allows them to pay less but load more. However, the flaw in this policy is the poor quality of services. Of course, professional CG artists require a higher salary, but the level of their 3D rendering and the company’s reputation are well worth it.

In our studio, for instance, we hire only experienced 3D specialists who have gone through an intense selection. First, we choose the best portfolios, then set a test task. After these both stages are completed, CG artists take obligatory courses and pass exams. And even after they get the job, each of our employees continues to learn new techniques and improves their skills.

#2. Low-Quality Modeling

A Low-Quality 3D Model Made by Bad 3D Rendering Studio

Because of unprofessional specialists, 3D rendering companies can provide poor 3D modeling services. Amateur 3D artists usually make tons of various mistakes in modeling — from building 3D models with incorrect geometry of holes and notches to low-quality texturing, etc.

Obviously, this is not OK. As we mentioned above, we work with experienced 3D modelers who can cope with the task of any complexity. Moreover, in CGIFURNITURE, each modeling team has a project manager and mentor who carefully watch over the working process. The project manager always double-checks all 3D models before sending them to clients and personally guarantees their quality. 

#3. Bad 3D Renderings

Over-Photoshopped 3D Rendering Made by a 3D Company

What mistakes can 3D artists make in 3D rendering? Apart from 3D modeling, which is the basis for the future 3D scene, settings of cameras and lighting make a huge difference. 

Firstly, amateur CG artists often choose bad angles that don’t do justice to a product. Secondly, they don’t know how to set up the light —- it’s either too dark or, on the contrary, the image is blown out. Moreover, such anti-specialists often try to compensate for low-quality 3D rendering with Photoshop filters. The resulting images look simply unrealistic.

Well-reputed companies hire 3D artists that have special education in 3D visualization and know how to work with composition and color schemes as well as other photography techniques. Therefore, they can tell bad shots from the good ones and build a scene tastefully. Our reputation means everything to us, so in CGIFURNITURE we keep the bar high and raise the roof even higher.

#4. Poor Technical Equipment

An Old Computer that Doesn’t Work for 3D Rendering

Unreliable 3D rendering companies have a bad habit of saving on software and hardware. Instead, they tend to use free programs that aren’t always best for the job. Moreover, the studio’s management rarely updates computers, which leads to a slower rendering process, errors and breakdowns.

In CGIFURNITURE, we always monitor the level of software and take care of machines. Our management provides 3D artists with subscriptions to all the most popular professional 3D software. In addition, they regularly update all studio computers.

Moreover, competent 3D companies have their own library of quality 3D models, scenes and textures. This not only accelerates the workflow for 3D experts but also saves the client’s money on creating new 3D models from scratch. 

Truly professional 3D firms even invest in creating an in-house render farm. A render-farm is a cluster of several computers that have pooled their capacities and resources to deliver renders faster.

In CGI FURNITURE, we have both extensive libraries and a powerful in-house rendering station only to ourselves. This way, we can make high-quality 3D renderings in no time.

#5. Bad Time Management

A 3D Rendering Specialist Holding a Clock in Her Hands

The common mistake of many 3D rendering companies is that they don’t set a specific deadline and can’t tell the customer the accurate turnaround time. Because of such uncertainty, customers get nervous and have to contact the client manager every day to make sure the work on their project goes on. Besides, due to the lack of competent time management, an incompetent 3D rendering company can’t correctly prioritize tasks and, as a result, it messes up deadlines.

The right way to do it is to develop a precise timing strategy for accepting and processing an order. Smart time management helps to organize the process in such a way that a 3D studio can tell clients an accurate turnaround time for a 3D rendering project and stand by it. For example, we allocate only 1 working day for both complex and easy renderings, and no matter the workload we stick to this timing.

#6. Unreasonable Prices

A Pile of Dollars Allocated on 3D Rendering

To tell the truth, even being a 3D studio ourselves, we can’t completely understand the pricing policy of some 3D rendering companies. Of course, each studio is free to set its own prices, but sometimes the cost doesn’t correspond to the quality of services.

To avoid such a mistake, far-sighted 3D companies study the market and build their pricing policy based on quality, speed and complexity of the task. Also, in CGIFURNITURE, we advocate a customized approach to every client. If there’s an opportunity to save their money — for example, to use ready-made 3D models instead of making new ones from scratch — we always inform the customer.

#7. Not User-Friendly Customer Services

A Client Rated Customer Support of a 3D Company

Poor customer service is a pain in the neck not only in the CGI industry. But some 3D companies keep rude client managers who can’t effectively communicate with the client and just spit technical terms without explanation. Apparently, such managers don’t understand the subject themselves and simply imitate professionalism.

Of course, well-reputed 3D rendering companies don’t let this kind of support happen to their customers. Client managers in such firms know the product and are properly trained in communication skills. Therefore, they know what they are talking about and can explain complex terms in simple words to customers.

In CGIFURNITURE, we provide professional customer service, as well 24/7 technical support on our website. No matter holidays or after-hours, one manager or another will always answer the client’s request.

#8. No Monitoring of the Working Process for Clients 

Many 3D rendering companies don’t even realize how important it is for manufacturers to participate in the workflow. They would prefer customers to be less troublesome — to simply give money and patiently wait for the results. Therefore, such 3D studios don’t bother to establish a communication and monitoring system for clients. They build communication with the client on messengers and emails and send files via questionable file-sharing services. As a result, files can get lost and important letters end up in the spam folder. 

Client-centric companies have different tactics. For example, we have developed our own special CRM-system that allows customers to have access to all project data. Using this system, they get a messenger to communicate with the team of 3D artists directly. In this messenger, a manufacturer can ask specialists any questions, send additional materials, find all previous conversations. In short, they are no longer passive but an integral part of the working process. Needless to say, clients love using CRM and having full control over their projects. In turn, we enjoy trouble-free collaboration and quick feedback.

#9. Bad Communication Within the Company

3D Rendering Specialists Fighting Over the Project

On the one hand, a client shouldn’t care about the inner company’s business. However, when the team doesn’t have an effective structure and successful communication, all work processes go in the wrong direction. Nobody in a 3D firm knows what they are responsible for and how to resolve work issues. 

Productive 3D rendering companies have a clear structure within the studio. For example, we divided all our 3D specialists into teams and each group has its project manager as a mentor. After a client manager gets the brief, they immediately transfer it to a project manager, who checks it and distributes tasks between team members. This working routine defines everyone’s responsibility and gives clear instructions on how to solve problems — a true foundation for fruitful teamwork.

#10. Lack of Information on a Website

A Client Using a Website of a 3D Rendering Company

Today, every 3D services provider has their own website with a beautiful portfolio. But if there’s no more interesting and useful content besides finished projects, then the site is simply uninformative to customers. 

Far-sighted 3D rendering companies are concerned about making their website as useful and informative as possible. First, they give accurate prices, explain the services, and provide a working feedback form. 

Also, they invest in blogs like this one, that features helpful articles and tips on 3D. With such a blog, marketers and manufacturers can search for relevant information and learn more about the 3D service they need before placing an order.

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product rendering price

So, in short, the best advice on how to avoid all these mistakes is to work with professionals. Well-reputed 3D rendering companies hire professional staff, have a clear structure within the team, provide the newest equipment and always prioritize customers and their tasks. Therefore, working with them is an easy, smooth and trouble-free experience.

Looking for the best CGI contractor? Contact us for top-notch 3D rendering services and we will deliver any type of 3D solutions in the given time and with the top quality!

Max Kharchenko

Senior Account Manager

An ultimate problem-solver and skilled negotiator, Max provides first-class advice to clients. He is an extrovert, a dog person, and a sheer pleasure to talk to. In his spare time, Max enjoys playing basketball and watching Netflix.

CG studios provide 3D rendering for individual 3D models, as well as 3D renders of a scene that’s called lifestyle imagery. Also, they offer motion solutions, such as a 360 product view and 3D animation.

First, they should hire professional CG artists based on their portfolio and test task. Second, far-sighted studios provide courses and training so that their 3D specialists can improve their skills and learn new techniques.

A CRM-system is a platform that stores all info on a project. Every team member and client is registered in the system so they can exchange files and discuss the project.

Start with asking about their experience in this particular field, ask for links to see the examples of their projects. Also, ask about their pricing policy, turnaround time and NDA contract. In short, the more details you know before ordering, the better for you.

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