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4 Types of Specialists You Need on 3D Rendering Projects at CGIFURNITURE

Working with a large CGI studio such as ours, furniture manufacturers and retailers can be sure of the quality of the services they get. Firstly, each member of our CGI team is focused on their specific tasks. Unlike a freelancer, who does the job of different specialists single-handedly, CG experts from our 3D rendering company are responsible only for their part of the project. This way, every team member can deliver results of the highest quality.

Secondly, CGIFURNITURE has a time-proven workflow scheme that defines how CG experts communicate within a team and solve issues. In this article, we reveal who is working on 3D projects in our company and what are their responsibilities. So make yourself comfortable and let us introduce our CGI team to you!

#1. Client Manager 

Client Manager of a 3D Rendering Project

When a client comes in with a request by filling out a form on our website or asking a question in the live chat, a client manager (CM) immediately steps in and replies to them. First of all, a CM clarifies the basic information on the project, for example, what type of CGI service is needed and what are the deadlines.

Then, a client manager has to make sure a manufacturer provides a full brief that contains all the necessary materials for the product 3D rendering project — product photos, 2D drawings, sketches, video- and photo references, etc. After receiving a brief, a CM creates an account for a client in our CRM system called Archivizer and gives them access to it. 

Archivizer is a communication tool using which manufacturers can ask a CGI team any questions, as well as approve 3D renderings, exchange files and get the final invoice. The system also stores all the 3D models and scenes used in the previous projects and results. Based on their interactions with clients, CMs create a list of all their preferences and specifications for future CGI projects and keep them handy in Archivizer.

#2. Project Manager

A CGI Team Discussing 3D Rendering Project Issues in a Meeting Room

The project manager or PM is like a captain of the ship who manages all aspects of the project and addresses emerging issues. To begin with,  they examine briefs received by client managers and either approve them or request additional information if needed.

Then, a PM evaluates the scope and complexity of the work and distributes tasks among the specialists in their team. In the case of large-scale urgent projects, they can engage CG artists from another team so they can deliver CGI services on time. Besides being responsible for deadlines, a PM also double-checks all resulting images to eliminate any errors.

#3. CG Artists

3D Rendering Artists

CG specialists are the core of the CGI team since they are the ones who deliver 3D modeling and rendering services. Each CG expert has their own specialization and, according to the set of skills and area of responsibility, they can be 3D modeling artists, 3D visualizers, 3D animators, and 2D drafters.

Depending on the task, CGI team members organize their work process in different ways and use specific CG software. Usually, one team consists of all the types of specialists to manage the entire project within their group. In CGIFURNITURE, teams can unite to help each other execute large-scale complex projects.

#4. Mentor

Mentoring a 3D Rendering Project

Mentors are directly related to CGI specialists as the latter are their padawans who need guidance and advice. The mentors’ main task is to keep the high level of CG artists’ productivity and provide them with all the support and knowledge they might possibly need.

For this, mentors develop advanced training programs for CG artists and closely monitor their technical growth and psychological state. Their job is to create a healthy environment that allows a CGI team to be the most effective. Being experienced CG specialists in their field, mentors are the ones who have to instill studio quality standards and keep the bar high.

At CGIFURNITURE, we have lots of CGI teams working on 3D rendering projects. Each member invests all their resources in delivering the best results and has their own area of responsibility. For example, mentors are focused on the productivity and growth of CG specialists in their teams. A project manager is in charge of the project itself, the quality of CGI, and deadlines. At the same time, client managers are fully concentrated on customers and prioritize their interests above everything. By correctly distributing the workload within our teams, we optimize the workflow and create high-quality CGI in the shortest time possible.

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