Product Rendering Project

for Unify Candle Company

Unify Candle Co. is a small business that produces 100% soy wax and a crackling wooden wick. Their products are natural, eco-friendly and perfect for decor and relaxation. Our team created 3D renders on a white background for the online catalog as well as close-up lifestyle images for promotional pictures. The former is perfect for presenting products without distractions and the latter helps to portray the coziness created by the candles as interior accessories.

Product Lifestyle Images for Promo Materials

The candle manufacturer used white background 3D images made by CGIFURNITURE on product pages and their website’s catalog. At the same time, our top-tier lifestyle pictures appeared on the brand’s social media. Both types of photorealistic 3D renders highlight different aspects of the product — its design, scent options as well as how it adds to the home atmosphere.

White Background 3D Pictures for Listings

CG Renders for Social Media Presence