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5 Surprising Facts About CGI Specialists

More and more product manufacturers nowadays choose CGI over photography for their catalogs, e-commerce websites, and advertisements. However, there are some common doubts among those who are still considering using CGI services. They are unfamiliar with the work process of 3D modeling artists and are often inclined to think that the key role is played by professional software rather than the person. That is, of course, a great misconception, which stands in the way of a productive partnership between a manufacturer and a 3D modeling company.

In particular, when product makers don’t understand the amount of expertise it takes to create high-quality photorealistic 3D models, they might feel like they are overpaying for CGI services. Furthermore, they might even think they can find a free alternative, judging by some of the popular Google search queries related to 3D modeling. So, in order to clarify things here once and for all, this article will now reveal 5 surprising facts about 3D modeling artists to help their clients better understand their work.

#1. They Create Most of the Product Visuals You See in Ads

3D product modeling for advertising

Using product CGI instead of photography has become a norm in advertising. In fact, 3D modeling artists are the ones behind the visuals in ads for such products as furniture, cars, electronics, food, jewelry, etc. For instance, the international furniture giant IKEA started using 3D modeling for its catalogs way back in 2005. The practice proved efficient, and by 2014 CGI amounted to 75% of the catalog visuals.

The reasons for using 3D technologies here are pretty simple: it allows to get perfectly lit, crisp, and detailed images of products in high resolution with much less effort and at a much lower cost, compared to photos. Then, it’s ridiculously easy to reuse 3D models in multiple stylish scenes aimed at attracting different target audiences. It is also a great way to present recurring products in a new light and to create promo visuals tailored to different markets.

#2. CGI Specialists Have Strong Multidisciplinary Artistic Abilities

3D modeling artists background

3D modeling artists usually have a background in art, graphic design, or industrial design. They also often know how to sculpt, draw, paint, and photograph. Combined together, those multidisciplinary artistic skills allow them to create absolutely accurate, life-like 3D models of virtually any item. And it’s not only about getting the geometry and the measurements of an object right. In order to make a 3D model photorealistic, one must add textures that show what color an item is and what materials it’s made of, aligning them perfectly with the model’s shapes.

Apart from that, 3D modeling artists have an in-depth knowledge of architecture and interior design styles, and how to properly combine colors and textures in a scene. This means that they can arrange a perfect interior setting using only a few style references provided by the client. After that, they use their photography skills to get all the best angles for the rendering part. That’s when a 3D scene is converted into 2D images. Overall, professional 3D modeling artists always deliver stunning results that make customers instantly fall in love with the product.

#3. They Use Multiple Specialized Programs in Their Work

professional 3D modeling programs

Next, professional 3D modeling artists are trained in using specialized 3D modeling software in their work. Oftentimes, they use different software for different purposes within one project. That is because the whole process of 3D modeling involves many steps – from working with basic shapes in 3D software to post-production color correction in photo editing programs. For instance, an artist can create and render a 3D model in Autodesk 3Ds Max and then retouch the final images in Adobe Photoshop. There is a significant number of programs a 3D modeling artist can choose from, but every one of them takes up to months of practice to master.

#4. 3D Modeling Artists Are Actually Very Communicative

CGI project management

Even though 3D modeling artists might seem a little geeky to those who work in more traditional industries, they actually have great communication skills. Those are a must for the job because most CGI big projects require teamwork. Therefore, 3D modeling artists are highly organized, with everyone doing their part.

Professional CGI studios normally have a project manager and a client manager working closely with every team to ensure that everything is done according to the client’s requests. In this case, 3D modeling artists don’t communicate with the client directly. This means they have to be able to convey any project-related information to the managers in a way that they and the client will understand. For example, the modelers might need additional technical information about the product, or clarifications if the client provides inconsistent style references.

#5. They Have to Learn New Things Constantly

CGI Specialists of a 3D Studio

Finally, 3D modeling artists must constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills to stay relevant. People of many professions say the same thing about themselves, but how many of them actually do that? Well, 3D modelers are definitely the ones. All because CGI technologies are changing and developing extremely fast. There are major software updates happening every year, and new features are being added to make the work process of 3D modeling artists smoother and more efficient. But one must learn all those new things first.

Furthermore, product CGI specialists also benefit from learning about the latest trends and techniques used in other fields. For instance, the entertainment industry has always been the driving force of technology, so it can be useful to see what 3D modelers in the game and movie industries are doing. In any case, CGI is a highly competitive field, and one must spare no effort to stay successful in it.

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So, those were the 5 surprising facts about 3D modeling artists. Perhaps, not all of them were exactly unexpected but, hopefully, some of them were. The main idea here is that working with CGI requires a great amount of skill and talent in several fields, combined together. Therefore, the notion that 3D modeling and rendering is something that anyone can do by simply pressing a button couldn’t be any further from the truth.

3D modeling artists aren’t called artists for no reason. They create visuals that shape our view of the things we buy, and they do it masterfully. And so, keeping an open mind here can save product manufacturers a great deal of time and money, as well as earn the love and trust of the customers.

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