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CGI is an essential step in any product design project. It helps you visualize your ideas and concepts and communicate them to the public, investors, clients, and partners. On top of that, CGI visuals are also used to create versatile marketing materials and product demos.

CGIFurniture is an industry-leading 3D rendering company that delivers exceptional custom furniture visualizations. Each of our projects combines the latest technology with premium craftsmanship to create lasting customer impressions. 

Today, we will look at four significant projects. We will walk you through their entire project process, from ideation to execution, so you can know exactly what goes into cabinet furniture CGI projects like this.

#1. Cabinet Furniture CGI Project for BDI Furniture

Cabinet Furniture CGI Projects: BDI Furniture

BDI Furniture is a well-known brand of modern home furniture. When the company came to CGIFurniture, it sought creative ways to produce visual content for its upcoming product launch. CGI visuals were the perfect solution!

The brand ordered CGI marketing tools to show that BDI Furniture is all about comfort and living life. The result was a 3D product animation for a media cabinet & modern TV stand that highlighted how beautifully furniture transforms spaces.

The cabinet furniture CGI project visuals were further used on the BDI’s website’s product page and social media campaigns.

#2. Realistic 3D Renders for Deschamps Furniture Company

Realistic 3D Renders for Deschamps Furniture Company

Deschamps Custom Furniture was looking for a faster and more budget-friendly way to get striking product images than traditional photography. 

They came across examples of cabinet furniture CGI projects made by our 3D artist and decided to try them out! The main requirement was to highlight the materials and craftsmanship that went into the finished product. 

Together, we created realistic CGI for two objects: a walnut bathroom cabinet with a granite countertop and a teak media console. This allowed Deschamps to have stunning visual representations of the cabinets they were selling online and in their showroom without paying for expensive photographs or models. As you can see, the final visuals were breathtaking!

The high-quality lifestyle 3D renders were used on Deschamp’s website and social media channels. The brand finally got perfect imagery to present its items online.

#3. Storage Furniture Animation for the Novare Company

The Novare Company needed a way to visualize how their product would function. After contacting our studio, the brand managers set up a project for a 3D storage furniture animation.

The first step was to create CGI visuals of an accessible kitchen cabinet design. This included a complete set of cabinets with transparent doors, so the customer could see how much room they had in each cabinet and what they could store there. 

We also created a storage furniture animation of the laundry storage furniture concept. In this video, you can see how the product would look in an existing space — such as a kitchen or laundry room — and how to use it. For example, you can see someone putting dirty clothes into one of the drawers and hanging clean clothes on hangers placed in another drawer.

The final result became an informative and engaging tool for the brand’s website — the perfect way to make customers stay longer!

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Do you want to create your cabinet furniture CGI projects and see how they benefit a business? 

CGIFurniture offers professional 3D modeling and rendering services, as well as 3D animation. We have developed a strong understanding of virtual imagery space that combines our artistic values and technical expertise to create the most accurate designs. 

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