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7 Leading Platforms for Online Business

The modern world is developing rapidly, and if you are willing to succeed in it, you need to be able to adapt. For a long time, the business industry hasn’t been altered by that innovative digital era. However, nowadays, taking your business online is not something unusual. It is rather a necessity if you want the company to flourish and to become the best in the industry. While some people decide to work on the online store creation on their own, others merely opt for the best website for ecommerce, depending on the industry they are related to.

The number of ecommerce websites indeed grows by the day. Each ecommerce website offers a list of advantages and comes with a set of drawbacks too. Apart from that, some platforms are better oriented on individual business branches that the others. If it is furniture retail that you are interested in, such giants as Shopify or 3D Cart will come at the top of the list. However, these two are not the only ones to evaluate.

Searching for the best ecommerce platforms that will help you build a profitable furniture store of your dreams? We have a ready-made list of reliable vendors at hand!

#1. Wix



Not everyone is equally experienced in running as well as creating an online store. While some platforms may seem quite tricky to manage, Wix is one of the best platforms for beginners. Furniture retailers that are interested in a simple but successful option usually pick Wix. Unlike many other websites, Wix offers customer support right when you need it, starting from the moment you begin the store creation.

Your online furniture store must be modern and unique. Otherwise, it may not attract as many customers as hoped for. Wix is considered to be the best website for ecommerce for beginners due to the great variety of themes on offer. Everyone can customize their store according to their needs, preferences, and, most importantly – recent trends. Besides, as many as 72 themes are free so that if you can afford a pre-paid one, you still have what to choose from.

It needs to be added that Wix also allows users to upload engaging videos representing the products on sale. It matters greatly now, especially with the development of innovative CGI and 3D rendering companies. A high-quality representative animation, along with realistic 3D renders, is what makes clients consider the purchase while envisioning the item in their home environment.

#2. Square Online



It goes without saying that every furniture store holder has a list of needs to be met and a certain budget to stick to. When you are limited in means, it is easy to assume that you are limited in possibilities too. However, that is not true. Square Online is one of the best platforms that can provide an excellent start for a beginning furniture business for a small price.

Unlike many popular ecommerce websites, it does not offer a great range of designing and customizing opportunities, but it provides enough to cover the basics. After you get the hang of how the online retail business ticks, you can start looking for more. As to the cost, there are four different plans that the vendor provides, and one of them allows you to start selling for free. While it is a nice advantage to mention, it comes with a set of minor drawbacks, which can be eliminated when you decide to switch to a prepaid plan.

#3. Weebly



Despite the impressive customer base, which has grown up to 40 million now, Weebly is the best website for ecommerce for small businesses. Aside from the fact that the platform offers three types of price plans so that every user can choose one that fits their needs most, there is also built-in marketing automation. Such a benefit will surely improve the marketing strategy of every store owner. However, you should not rely on Weebly marketing only, and it is best to consider investing in additional marketing trends, 3D rendering of your products, 360-degree view, and 3D animation too.

The fact that the ecommerce website was founded in 2006 may make it feel a little outdated in terms of those innovative features that modern platforms offer. At the same time, such tools as drag and drop, HTML, or CSS are available so that every client can customize the store template accordingly. Besides, the variety of themes that Weebly provides is impressive too. Most of them are pre-paid, but when you choose the theme that corresponds to the look and the feel of your store, it will be worth the investment. However, some themes are not mobile responsive, so you should choose carefully.

#4. Volusion



Running a large business is never easy, and so is running a large ecommerce furniture store. According to the recent reviews, Volusion is the best website for ecommerce that can deal with an excellent item variety and increased needs of a larger business well. The platform is the oldest of all mentioned above. It was founded in 1999. However, it was not launched straight away, and the developers waited three years before launching it, so it started to operate almost 20 years ago, in 2002.

What makes Volusion stand out from the rest is the fact that it is primarily oriented on physical products, and furniture certainly belongs to the list. No matter the experience on the market as well as the enhanced functionality of the ecommerce website, it is still simple and user-oriented to use and navigate. The platform developers have approached the matter of project customization scrupulously so that there are countless themes to pick from. However, only 11 are free. The rest are to be purchased.

The only downside that many clients disapprove of is the absence of blogging capabilities. If you are interested in intense SEO and marketing, the issue may be a disappointing one. On the other hand, if you are looking for effective marketing, use your products in the first place. Lifelike 3D images that represent the item in detail, lifestyle images that show the item in one’s house environment serve the goal even better. On the brighter side, Volusion allows the users to choose between different membership plans depending upon the number of items they are going to sell. Not to mention the fact that a load of learning material to support a beginning retailer is impressive.

#5. Squarespace



The best website for ecommerce that provides incredibly creative and beautiful design is definitely Squarespace. At that time, when other platforms offer practicality above all, Squarespace is mostly centered on personalized approach and representation.

The rates that the website offers are relatively low when compared to others, while the range of provided features is still extensive. There are three plans on offer, and the higher is the cost, the more advantages there will be. However, it should be emphasized that even a basic plan allows you to create a well-functioning and great-looking store to sell furniture online. One of the main disadvantages, though, is the time spent on successful project creation. The building procedure is very detailed and complex, but the end result is usually worth the time and effort spent. Spice up the unique project with professional rendering, and you won’t even notice how fast the sales will boost.

#6. Shopify



There is the best website for ecommerce, and there is the most popular. However, when discussing Shopify, it is safe to say that it effortlessly combines both. To begin with, the website is beginner-oriented while the features on offer will come in handy for more experienced users too.

One of the main advantages of the vendor is the almost infinite range of customization on offer. The fact is that with Shopify, every theme can be modified and customized to the extent when it becomes 100% unique. Apart from that, the ecommerce website provides clients with all the necessary advertising and marketing means. This is one of those vendors that are ready to present an ecommerce conversion rate too if needed.

It is hard to say whether Shopify is an affordable or expensive ecomm site. There are three main membership types that the vendor offers so that every customer can choose the one fitting their personal needs. The only drawback that many users noticed about Shopify is the photo upload. The thing is that the website does not resize or crop photos when necessary. Clients should do it automatically.

#7. 3D Cart

3D Card


Some retailers and business owners feel experienced enough when it comes to website creation. Thus, the best website for ecommerce oriented at the beginners is not enough for business holders like that. 3D Cart is one of the few platforms that are aimed at businesses that have a skilled developer in the team.

3D Cart is not the most popular ecommerce website since it may be too complicated to operate for people who are just at the beginning of their online business paths. On the bright side, a website like that grants the possibility to create a design that is one of a kind, and that is a benefit worth the investment. Speaking about the investment, the prices the website offers are significantly lower when compared to the competitors. Again, because users themselves do most of the work.

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All in all, finding the best website for ecommerce is a challenging and important task. With the variety of platforms on offer, the choice gets twice as difficult. However, it usually helps if you have a set budget in front of you with the list of needs and requirements that you are trying to satisfy. Whether you are low on means or you are seeking the most creative approach toward your business, there is always a suitable platform to cooperate with!

Finding the best website for ecommerce is just halfway to instant success. Fill your website with the best product visualization to get ahead of the competitors. Our team offers 3D rendering services of the highest quality for a fair price!

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