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Top-10 Online Sites Selling Furniture Products

In 2019, the best e-commerce platforms together have generated $200B.This proves that furniture e-commerce has had massive progress in the last year. Multi-channel marketing is one of the key reasons behind this. Marketing through various channels simultaneously, along with cross-promoting between channels, have really helped furniture manufacturers expand their reach and showcase their products to a wider customer base via e-commerce. 

What really takes the cake, however, is the fact that e-commerce sites have achieved something most haven’t – and that is personalizing the customers’ journey. With the help of some very strategic technologies, furniture manufacturers have managed to attract and hold the customers’ attention longer than ever before. This has led to a much higher quality of customer engagement and retention. One such technology that has helped manufacturers in this regard is 3D modeling and rendering. 

Used as a way to visualize products realistically in online stores, the technology helps e-commerce website owners showcase their products at their finest. With 3D modeling, furniture e-commerce retailers do not have to lift so much as a finger to go through the cumbersome and expensive process of physical photography. They can simply have their products rendered into 3D models. Such models highlight details that even the best quality photography cannot, while painting a realistic picture by digitally placing models in lifestyle context. 

Here are some of the best e-commerce platforms that show how they use technology to be at the top of their game:

#1. Wisteria 

Wisteria Furniture


Wisteria was started as a small business by couple Andrew and Shannon Newsom who were inspired to introduce quaint decor pieces (that they had witnessed during their travels) into the mainstream. Today, it stands as one of the best e-commerce platforms with 3 stores over a hundred people under its employment. Specializing in European-inspired pieces, Wisteria’s offerings are an eclectic mix of overseas furniture design concepts and their own travel-induced perspectives. 

They are indeed one of the best e-commerce platforms when it comes to presentation, with top-notch 3D visuals and text descriptions. Their product descriptions are highly accurate and leave nothing to the imagination, and their ‘inspiration’ section where they highlight the background of their product’s features works as the icing on the cake. Photos are staged for viewers to see how they look in a natural setting, which helps them become inspired to visualize the same in their own space.

#2. Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset Ecommerce Platform


Regarded as one of the best e-commerce platforms all over the world, the furniture giant has more than 200 exclusive outlets along with over 750 retail distributors spread all across the globe. Over the years, the brand has gained fame in collaborating with up-and-coming and well-known designers to offer a vast range of furnishings, lighting solutions, rugs, and textiles. 

All of Ligne Roset’s items are the best in quality. The brand uses CGI to render 3D images, and then showcases them with complete interiors to create a finished look. Products on their e-commerce website are displayed in 360-degrees, and their details help customers visualize how the product would be an asset in their own home. This is primarily the reason why even some of its costliest pieces tend to get sold on a recurring basis. 

#3. Lulu & Georgia 

Lulu and Georgia Furniture Site


Lulu & Georgia is founded by Sara Sugarman. She hails from a family that has been in the interior refurbishing business since the 1950s. She has made it a point to include it in her brand by naming her business after her grandfather (Lou) and her father (George). This charming online store has established itself as one of the best e-commerce platforms by specializing in stylish and chic pieces in a wide variety of accents that are best-suited for a wide variety of aesthetics. 

Aimed at making shopping just as personalized and enjoyable as organizing a dream Pinterest board of best choices, Lulu & Georgia’s offerings include both indoor and outdoor furnishings, light fixtures, ottomans, textiles, and an unrivaled collection of rugs. The site’s various products have been presented impeccably. Each item has two distinct images – one on a white background that showcases all the fine details, and the other in a lifestyle context. The website also has a dedicated ‘stories’ section with interviews and perspective pieces from some of the best designers in the industry. 

#4. Furbish Studio 

Furbish Studio - One of the Best Ecommerce Platform


Founded by I Suwannee’s Jamie Meares, Furbish proves that the impossible can be both possible and fashionable. Best known for its out-of-the-box approach, the platform has a fabulous catalog that features bold and chic furnishings as well along with all kinds of decor items in off-beat styles. In this regard, it has established itself as one of the best e-commerce platforms by setting its own trend. All of the website’s items abound with colors, prints and bold accents. 

Inspired by the Southern way of living, most of the products are handcrafted and hand curated. Each product is explained flawlessly, explaining every tiny detail while keeping the viewer interested through-and-through. The e-commerce site also sports a one-of-a-kind ‘pop-up shop’ that features an unrivaled collection of cool art prints. With a collection and presentation as top-notch as that, customers are bound to try out everything “at least once.”

#5. Amusespot

Amusespot Ecommerce Platform


One of the more recent entries among furniture e-commerce websites, Amusespot exudes class within its simplistic outlook. The platform is dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives with great decor, and makes it a point to not just enthrall customers with its best products, but educate them on designs and aesthetics. The website has a picturesque collection of furnishings, lightings, accessories, and barware. It also has a gifting section. 

True to their central motto, the ecomm business helps consumers make informed decisions by showcasing its products through lifestyle 3D images. These photorealistic 360-degree viewable images highlight literally all aspects of the product, which makes for an experience that is very much similar to that of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. Complimenting the images are well-crafted descriptions that highlight both the products’ background and its utility. All-in-all, it is one of the best e-commerce platforms for those new to designing and buying furniture online.

#6. One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane Online Shop


Started by Ali Pincus and Susan Feldman as an indie platform for those looking for classy-yet-affordable furniture, the brand’s immense popularity led it to be ultimately acquired by Bed, Bath & Beyond. It is literally one of the best e-commerce platforms for flash sales, offering some of the best pieces of gorgeous furnishings, decor, gifts, and accessories at a price that is much below its retail value. Their massive inventory consists of everything – from antique and vintage to industrial and chic. 

Their catalog is organized under interesting themes, such as ‘Rose Bowl Flea Market’ and the ‘Conservatory Dining Room,’ which really piques the viewers’ interest. What really takes the prize, however, is its ‘design your own’ option that allows customers to literally create furniture as per their choosing with the texture and fabric options. The images in these features have been made possible through 3D rendering, which helps create realistic 3D models of products that customers can then visualize in their own homes.

#7. Room & Board

Room and Board Website


Based out of Minnesota, Room & Board is a rare brand that prides itself as American through-and-through. The brand has created a niche for itself as one of the best ecommerce platforms for those looking for good-looking and affordably-priced basic furniture. Known for its unique manufacturing method of partnering with local small businesses, practically all of Room & Board’s products are American-made and sourced with sustainable materials that create minimum wastage, something that leads to high conversion rates.

The environmentally-conscious brand offers furniture for all requirements in a vast range of colors and textures. All items are presented in great detail – photos are presented with the help of 3D modeling tools such as a 360° view. Added to this is a zooming effect that customers can use to understand the various details and how they can easily blend to their chosen design aesthetic. All these factors combined make Room & Board one of the best platforms to shop online.

#8. Interior Define

Interior Define Ecommerce Platform


Interior Define has a clear aim to make shopping for furnishings a deeply personal experience, and it justifies it very well. The Chicago-based brand is regarded as one of the best e-commerce platforms for those looking for shopping customized solutions without having to visit a brick-and-mortar store. Founded in 2014 by Steve McClearn and Rob Royer, the five-store-strong brand has an enviable record of collaboration with high-end designers such as Jason Wu, The Everygirl, and Maxwell Ryan. 

Dedicated to offering the most comprehensive experience, Interior Define’s e-commerce website combines the online and the offline to keep its customers engaged. For instance, the company sends its customers free swatches, then allows them to digitally visualize them through their platform in 3D in their own home background. This unique blending of 3D-powered visualization and physical touch entices customers and helps them understand the functionality of its products and how different features blend in with their aesthetic.

#9. Joybird

Joybird - Best Ecommerce


Joybird Furniture makes it a point to help every customer celebrate their individuality by helping them add their personal touch to anything they buy. Supported by a highly passionate team of some of the best industry designers, Joybird is known for listening to its customers’ requirements and then creating just the right furnishings for them. The company is also regarded as one of the best e-commerce platforms for its value for money and unparalleled after-sales services.

Joybird’s items – both readymade and customized – are powered by photorealistic CGI. This helps highlight the tiniest and finest of all details on the item. With the features and textures of furniture highlighted in its best form, customers simply cannot go away without visualizing the product in their own personal settings. Combined with the personal involvement the platform makes in terms of customizing its furniture, the end product then becomes something that customers simply cannot refuse.

#10. Bolia Furniture

Online Furniture Shop Bolia


A modern and contemporary brand, Bolia brings the best of Scandinavian styles to a global market. The brand offers a wide range of furniture, accessories and lighting solutions for those looking to complement their modern or chic aesthetic. The brand is touted as one of the best e-commerce platforms in the sustainable development space and is known for its trademark Bergo fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Strictly speaking, Bolia’s offerings are limited in terms of their literal quantity. That being said, each item is highly customizable with a variety of options, which makes for various iterations of the same basic style. This could not have been done without the help of CGI, which helps render photorealistic images that highlight all of the product’s finest features. Managing various filters to create a customized design is a very fulfilling experience, one that even the best-equipped brick-and-mortar stores cannot manage.

No two furniture e-commerce platforms are the same, and therefore neither is their product, presentation, and branding. What sets these retailers apart and makes them similar, however, is how successful they are in communicating with their customers. Using 3D modeling and rendering here is what can make or break an e-commerce marketing strategy. 3D modeling creates a visual representation and brings together the manufacturer’s intents and customers’ benefits.

Want to launch or update your own furniture e-commerce store and try out your product in 3D? Feel free to tell us what your plans are – we can help you get high-quality presentation-quality visual content for your furniture for exclusive prices with our product modeling services.

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