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10 Types Of Product Views That Are Most Required On Ecommerce Platforms

The first thing that people notice during online shopping is the visual part of the website. In order to attract more customers and catch their attention, it is better to take care of the listing’s appearance. There are two main ways you can do it – photos and 3D images. The latter becoming more and more popular and in high demand among manufacturers and furniture retailers. Besides, this is more convenient as it saves you a lot of time and money.

In comparison to traditional photography which is often very limited in options, a 3D rendering company gives you more opportunities in terms of picking the best shots and showing products from a different point of view. To provide your potential client with all the necessary information about the concept and functions of the item, it is important to choose the right angles that fully demonstrate all its advantages. 

So what sort of 3D images will you need if you want to have a successful e-commerce store? Let’s find this out and discuss the best options. 

#1. Front View On A White Background

Front View 3D Silo Render

This type of picture is usually done on a white background in order to focus all customers’ attention on the piece of furniture that is for sale. This brings the quality of the materials and the style of the object itself to the forefront. A front-view image demonstrates the product in its best light and makes it more recognizable. That is why it can also be widely used in advertising and catalog covers. 

#2. White Background ¾ Angle Or Corner View

 3/4 View 3D Silo Render

Corner and front view 3D images always go first as they are the most important for a product presentation. White background pictures are preferable and even required sometimes (for example, on Amazon). In this way, people can focus their attention only on the actual item without being distracted by anything else. ¾ angle pictures can give the product sense of tangibility and show more details of it. Such slight angle images look more natural and real for the customer and it is easier for them to feel the furniture dimension. 

#3. Side View On A White Background

White Background 3D Image

The side view usually goes third in a furniture presentation. Looking at the item from this angle helps customers to better understand a sense of the depth and size of it. Having a secondary viewing angle image shows that you really care about your buyers and want to provide them all possible information about your furniture. 

#4. White Background Back View

Back View of a Leather Chair 

All sides of the product should be covered, even the back view. Many customers need to see how certain furniture looks from the back too. Here you must remember that every detail is important and your potential clients would like to know all the possible information about the object. This type of 3D image can help people to find more options for how it can be used and where it can be placed. 

#5. Top View With A White Background

Realistic Views for Product Images

Thanks to 3D rendering services it becomes easier to demonstrate the project from above. People usually see almost all furniture from a high angle anyway, so these CG images will show what they can possibly expect from their purchase. Not many services can provide such product photos so it will allow your online store to stand out among others on the market. 

#6. Close-Up Or Detail View 

Detail View of a Product Image for a Ecomm Website

If you want your shop to be successful you will definitely need to add close-up pictures to your catalog. These kinds of 3D images are used to display all the furniture details that can’t be noticed otherwise. Thanks to CGI rendering it became possible to demonstrate the item’s texture and quality so the customers can imagine how it feels like and is more likely to buy it. Such a view can also mean that the manufacturer is proud of his products and is not afraid to show them in detail. 

#8. Colorways Group Image

Colorways 3D Image

It is very important not only to mention what sort of colors you offer for the product but also to show them. That is where colorways 3D images will be very useful as it is much easier to change the color scheme on them. This simple addition will increase your item’s value and show that you are a reliable seller. Once visitors of your website can see different options for specific furniture it will be easier for them to decide which one they prefer. 

#9. Lifestyle Image

3D presentation of products: Why to use it

A lifestyle picture is a photorealistic set where certain items are showcased as a part of interior design. They can be used as a promo to unleash product potential to your customers. You can also create a specific mood for various furniture to show some options of how it can be used or placed to achieve the best result. Overall, lifestyle images are very important for a successful product presentation. 

#10. Hero Shot

A Festive Scene for an Armchair Advertisement

The main purpose of hero shots is to attract people’s attention and increase conversion. It is a great tool to advertise your furniture as it focuses on its benefits and highlights all product’s advantages. Such hero shots can be used for marketing purposes, landing pages, catalog covers and even billboards. That’s the perfect way to engage with your potential customers and convince them to check your site. 

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