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Photoreal 3D Visualization for a Bed

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Photorealistic 3D modeling and visualization revolutionized marketing imagery production. They help get more out of the same budget, require no effort on a marketer or manufacturer’s behalf, and provide the output that looks like professional staged product photography. Sounds too good to be true? Just look at the facts below and see for yourself.

Simple Workflow

You will find collaboration with a 3D visualization company as easy as ABC. There’s no need to build photo sets, buy decor, have the products shipped to the shooting location, and then store them all somewhere. Actually, you don’t even need prototypes. Just fill in our brief template, attach drawings, reference images, and perhaps smartphone photos. Based on these, we will digitally recreate your product and the settings in photorealistic quality. And as a result, you will get beautiful marketing imagery!

Photorealistic Results

With a production process that easy, you can have your furniture or furnishings shown in any type and number of appealing lifestyles, hero shots, silo, close-up renderings, product 3D animations, 360° views, and 3D configurators. They will be as realistic as photography, provide as much detail, and look like a piece of art.

Moreover, you can get top-class component views and cutout 3D visualizations without producing prototypes specifically for this purpose. It’s super easy to demonstrate the design, quality, and functionality this way.

Considerable Savings

  • You can reuse 3D models of products and scenes. So there is no need to start the project from scratch when you need new imagery for the same items. The CG artist will use the existing 3D models and thus avoid you waiting and paying for their creation. The same goes for settings: a 3D scene can be used as many times as you need.
  • CGI scenes can be tweaked or modified. So you can use your old scenes to get a multitude of new looks at a fraction of their cost and 90% faster.
  • Product 3D models can be modified, too. Let’s say, you have a chair in various colors and materials. So a 3D artist can make 1 CG model, and then just change the color, materials, or add details.
  • You can use ready 3D models of scenes and props to knock off the cost of your imagery. For instance, CGIFURNITURE clients get free access to a virtual library of 56 444 CG models and 4000 scenes. The assets are first-class and can be customized to your requirements.
3D Library of Lifestyle Scenes

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Top-class Marketing Imagery
for All your Product Range

The easiest way to get CGI for a variety of products is to find one multi-functional provider. It will spare you the extra effort of coordinating CGI teams and overseeing the visual style cohesion. So CGIFURNITURE provides 3D modeling and visualization services for all bedroom products, including upholstered and wicker furniture, cabinetry, mattresses, textiles, mirrors, and lighting fixtures. And while our 3D artists create masterpieces for you, the project managers take care of all organizational aspects.

Best 3D Visualization Services You Have Ever Tried

With CGIFurniture, you will get show-stoppingly beautiful imagery that will exceed your boldest expectation. The experience will match the output because the production process will be 100% adjusted to your preferences and your project’s needs. Moreover, you can apply for timeliness and satisfaction guarantees. So you can just put us to the test and know that your budget and deadlines are safe! How can we guarantee that level of perfection? See for yourself.

3D Rendering for a Bed

Visual Perfection in Every Render

With CGIFURNITURE, your 3D visualizations will be so beautiful they will win your buyers’ hearts and break those of your competitors. That is because your imagery will be created by expert 3D visualizers who also are:

  • Photorealism experts. They will breathe life into your 3D renders —  by creating 100% lifelike materials, setting the perfect lighting, making objects cast beautiful shadows.
  • Storytellers who can find subtle details to make your 3D visualization powerful. Like, add and light the fireplace in a room set. And it will look so good the viewers will virtually hear the crackling of the wood, feel its scent and even see the flames gently flicker.
  • Passioned by furniture and understanding its ergonomics. So your products will be pictured with accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Design specialists. They can spruce up your scene with the right decor pieces, develop a concept based on your wishes, or create one from scratch.

A Dedicated CGI Team

You will get your own CGI team with a mentor and project manager. They will be like your in-house 3D visualizers in every regard, only without expenses attached. Your CGI team will:

  • record your requirements. These can be dimensions of 3D renders, style, lighting preferences, etc. So you won’t have to brief 3D visualizers every time. They will follow your recommendations unless you say otherwise.
  • take care of large scale too. We have over 100 CGI specialists and can add whole teams to your project. In that case, the project manager and mentor of your core team will ensure that the results are in the same style and meet your requirements.
  • build the workflow around your preferences. The 3D artists can talk to you in video meetings at every project stage if that works best for you. Alternatively, they can just send you results and chat with you on our online platform CGI CRM. You choose what suits you best.

Next-level Data Management

Our workflow is shaped so that you:

  • have all the files and information safe and in order. They’ll be stored in CGI CRM —  our online platform designed for CGI projects. Once uploaded, the data stays on CGI CRM forever. So you can come back in 5 years and find it. 
  • can have access to project data 24/7. You can open CGI CRM on your PC, Mac, or via an iOS app and examine SOW, materials attached, intermediate and final results, your feedback, financial reports, etc.
  • be able to benefit from all CGI CRM functions via a familiar interface. We can API-integrate CGI CRM into your CRM system.
  • be able to adjust the level of access to project information on CGI CRM. We can close and open pages of your choice to your colleagues.

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