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The Workflow Process At CGIFURNITURE

Every now and then marketers and manufacturers face the challenge of finding a reliable contractor for their 3D product rendering project. On the one hand, the Internet is full of CG artists who claim their services are fast and cost-saving. Unfortunately, among them, there are lots of incompetent freelancers who not only miss deadlines but also make low-quality renders that make any ecommerce website look cheap. This, in turn, leads to customer disappointment and drop in sales.

In terms of reliability and compliance with turnaround time, working with a well-reputed 3D rendering company is much more convenient and safe. It also means that there are more people involved in the process compared to freelancers — from client managers to CG artists. Naturally, you want to be sure that the studio management has the whole process covered so nothing could delay or interrupt the work on your 3D product rendering project. 

In this guide, we use our company as an example to show you how we deal with the standard workflow process and make it a trouble-free experience for our clients. Read on!

#1. Approving Renders with a Clay 3D Model

A Collage of Four Views of Chair Product 3D Renderings

Once the project technical assignment brief is agreed upon with the client, our team gets to work. CG artists build up a 3D model of the product called a clay 3D model as it’s “bare” with no textures and materials. 

Once it’s ready, we make 4 renders in different views and send them to the client. Since we can’t actually see the product in real life, we need the customer to evaluate the 3D model and approve the geometry and detailing.

#2. Approving Lifestyle 3D Renders

Two 3D Scenes of a Product and Surroundings for a 3D Rendering Project

Now, it’s time for the client to approve a 3D scene around the main product model, including lighting, composition, and angles. At this stage of а 3D product rendering project, our customers can see the final 3D roomset with all the textures and materials. They can comment freely on any aspect of the 3D lifestyle so we could adjust it to their liking. 

After getting the client’s feedback, CG artists make final changes to the scene. The next step is to render the result in the required resolution specified in the brief. Sometimes, we complete the process with a post-production stage in which our specialists polish lifestyle furniture renders in Photoshop. 

#3. Approving Silo Renders

Silo Product 3D Renderings as a Part of a Furniture Project

The final stage of the whole project is making silo product renderings, i.e. a product picture on a white background without any distracting elements and decor. We send the client preview pictures in different views to clear up the details — whether they want shadows, what views they prefer, and so on. After the feedback, our CG team renders the chosen pics in the required resolution and format. 

It’s important to note that we have special prices for this type of a 3D product rendering project. When ordering 6 silo renderings, the client pays only for 5 of them. And when ordering 100+ silo pics, one gets a special offer with a super price! 

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

When you work with a professional CG team, a 3D product rendering project goes fast and smoothly. Since we broke down the entire workflow into stages, it will be easy for marketers and manufacturers to navigate even if they have no previous experience working with 3D studios. We are proud that our customers have total control over the process and get constant feedback from our team at every step of the workflow process.

If you are ready to try CGI for your marketing projects, contact our managers right now. With our 3D product rendering services, you will get photorealistic images exactly how you like them and when you need them!

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