3D Rendering Pricing:

7 Aspects That Affect The Cost of a CGI Project

Before ordering product 3D rendering for promo and marketing campaigns, furniture manufacturers google the best CG contractors. And although the Internet is full of 3D studios, they all provide different 3D rendering pricing. Without figuring out their pricing policies first, it’s hard to decide on a CG provider that would meet all the needs without asking for a fortune.

Brand marketers must be mindful of the project cost as marketing budgets are strictly limited. They have to know how many images they can get for a certain amount of money and if there’s any additional CG service they might need beforehand. However, there’s much more to this topic.

In this article, we discuss how a 3D rendering company estimates CGI projects and factors that affect the final price using CGIFurniture as an example. Mostly, our pricing policy is the same for silo and lifestyle 3D renders but there are also some specific aspects to these two CG solutions. Keep reading to learn 7 key factors that define the 3D rendering price.

#1. Complexity

Complex Silo 3D Rendering that Comes at a Higher Price than a Simple One

On the one hand, it’s an easy-to-understand factor the more complex product models, the longer it takes to make them, the higher the 3D render price. On the other hand, there are different levels of complexity of 3D models determined by the structure of the object. In CGIFurniture, we outline four types of 3D models simple, medium, complex and highly complex. By learning them, one can roughly estimate both turnaround time and 3D rendering pricing of their project before ordering 3D modeling.

#2. Resolution

3D Rendering of a Bedroom Set in a Middle Pricing Range

Using 3D software, CG artists can create 3D renderings of any resolution, depending on the client’s tasks. However, one must know that high-resolution images cost more than average or low-resolution ones. The thing is, for high-resolution pics, CG artists do more meticulous detailing and create top-quality textures, which takes a lot of time and effort. Besides human input, such images require more computer resources, and even the rendering process goes much longer than with low-resolution renderings.

#3. Number of Product Views

Two Product 3D Renders Created at a Fair Price

A number of views influence the price the most. The more product views a manufacturer needs, the more expensive the project will be. Taking pictures from various angles requires new 3D camera settings and often lighting adjustments. Naturally, it takes time for 3D visualizers to reconfigure these parameters for each individual picture. Also, they render each camera view separately, which leads to estimating rendering service per view.

#4. Close-Up Views

A Close-Up 3D Render of a Sofa Made at a Moderate Price

When furniture manufacturers ask for close-up views, it significantly increases 3D rendering pricing. The thing is, close-ups require top-quality upholstery textures and a highly detailed 3D model down to every stitch. Of course, such meticulous work is very time- and effort consuming and it adds to the overall 3D product rendering cost.

#5. Shadows (for Silo 3D Rendering)

A Silo Image of a Bathroom Set with Shadows that Comes at a Higher Price than One without It

Before ordering silo renders, i.e. CG pictures of a product on a monochrome background, manufacturers should indicate whether they need shadows from the objects. The process of setting up the shadows involves adding a floor or walls to the scene and extra light sources. Surely, it takes longer than plain rendering on a white background, hence, the pricing is different.

#6. Style References (for 3D Lifestyle Images)

Complex 3D Product Render Made at the Affordable Price

To create lifestyle images or 3D room sets, we always ask clients to send us a brief with style references. Depending on their wishes, the 3D rendering pricing may change. Here are the two most common cases:

  • A client sends us mood boards or pictures from the Internet requiring the same 3D scene for their furniture piece. We recreate the exact room set and place a product in there;
  • A client chooses a scene from our 3D library as a reference, and we customize it to fit their goods. It contains more than 4000 ready-to-use 3D scenes in different styles so they can find a perfect one. We give a 25% discount for using our 3D library. 

#7. Additional Services

Chair 3D Rendering with Evening Lighting Made at a Decent Price

We provide extra CG services that are paid on top of product rendering project cost. These CG solutions have some slightly subtle aspects that also affect 3D rendering pricing and must be taken into consideration.  

  • Changing the Lighting Scheme

Often manufacturers want their room set with different lighting schemes. However, changing one is not that easy since CG artists have to replace all light sources for each type of lighting and set them up individually. Creating new lighting schemes takes time, hence, the overall price goes up. 

  • Extra Product Configurations 

Selling transformative furnishings, brands need to demonstrate different furniture configurations. Therefore, CG artists have to make 3D models of all elements of different modifications which sometimes requires adding new parts to the original furniture piece. After 3D modeling is done, CG visualizers have to do 3D renderings of all product configurations.

  • Replacing Colors, Materials and Textures  

Adjusting any of these three parameters leads to major changes in the 3D model. In such cases, CG artists have to redo both 3D modeling and rendering. Needless to say, it affects the pricing and increases the overall project cost.

  • Providing Furniture 2D Drawings

Ordering furniture drawings on top of 3D rendering is an extra service. Often, manufacturers think that CG artists do this in the same software as 3D visualization and it’s something that comes by default. However, to make a 2D drawing of a model, a CG studio has to allocate drawing specialists who use another software. Of course, with additional staff involved, the pricing changes.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

The key factors that affect 3D rendering pricing are the complexity of 3D models, the number of views, resolution and the level of detailing. Moreover, there are additional CG services that increase the cost of the project. For instance, making 2D furniture drawings, changing textures, colors and lighting schemes requires a lot of time and effort, as well as human and computer resources. To estimate a project, consider contacting client managers who can calculate the precise cost based on the brief. 

Need stunning CGI for your business at a good price? Reach out to us for 3D rendering services, and get first-class CG solutions within your budget!

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