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4 Complexity Levels of Furniture 3D Modeling

Furniture manufacturers and marketers need 3D models at all stages of product development — from its design to marketing and promo. What they usually don’t know is that there are different types of 3D models depending on the product design’s complexity.

When a manufacturer examines the price list of a 3D modeling studio, they see that the complexity greatly affects the cost. It can be quite confusing for someone who doesn’t know a lot about 3D modeling. What if they mess up an order and the result will be different from what they expect? Can they really choose a simpler type of furniture model and not affect the quality of it? Even if client managers are always ready to help with such nuances, it won’t hurt to learn the basics before setting a CGI project.

Our team has outlined 4 common types of furniture models at CGIFURNITURE to help manufacturers find out what type of modeling their product requires and how much it costs. Read on!

#1. Simple

Simple types of 3D models imply creating solid 3D models with very few details. Primarily, those are pieces based on simple geometrical shapes like cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc. Therefore, simple modeling works perfectly for primitive chairs, tables, shelves, benches, and such.

Basic furniture 3D models don’t have any seams, stitches, fittings, and even more so complex textures. Usually, CG artists select ready-to-make 3D shapes and 2D texture maps from their library and tailor them to a specific project. 

Since such 3D furniture modeling is considered the easiest, it takes only one working day to make a simple type of 3D model. Depending on the shape and textures of the object, its price ranges from $40-$60.

#2. Medium

Medium is the second complexity level of furniture modeling and it includes furniture of slightly more complex geometry. For instance, those could be medium-sized cabinet pieces like sideboards, chests of drawers, bedside tables, TV consoles, etc. 

Medium types of 3D models are perfect for minimalistic designs. Such furnishings usually have a moderate amount of decorative elements, simple fittings, and more common textures. 

Normally, Medium 3D models take only one working day to make and cost around $80-$120 depending on the embellishment of a furniture piece.

#3. Complex

Complex furniture modeling means creating 3D models with intricate geometry and additional elements — stitches, quilted textures, detailed fittings, etc. Moreover, this type of modeling includes 3D objects with challenging textures such as leather, silk, complex wood and stone. Usually, those are chesterfield sofas, armchairs, and different types of cabinetry.

Often, because the geometry of the object becomes more complex, CG artists have to retopologize it in 3ds Max. The retopology process optimizes the surface of a 3D model and transforms complex geometry into a simple one. And although visually it’s still the same furniture 3D object, it becomes smoother and lighter in size. 

As a result, such a 3D model can be rendered in real-time and works for VR/AR apps, 3D configurators, and 360° views. Please note, those are separate services and if you need one, you should mention it in a 3D modeling brief beforehand.

So, since Complex types of 3D models require meticulous modeling work and sometimes retopology, the implementation of such a 3D modeling project can take up to two working days and cost around $140- $200.

#4. Highly Complex

This type of furniture modeling deals with the most complex 3D models, such as furniture sets with many pieces and accessories. These sets are of complicated design and require the detailed elaboration of every 3D model. Also, often, CG artists have to do retopology of 3D objects depending on the client’s task, as in the previous complexity level.

Highly Complex types of 3D models include a customized approach to every element of the project. Therefore, CG experts use only custom textures they create exclusively for your furniture. Those are the most intricate and detailed materials and textures such as carving and weaving. Naturally, to create realistically looking materials, CG specialists use all their skills and spend up to a day on this task.

Since it’s a top-class furniture modeling, it can take around two working days for a CG artist to make and cost $220 – $400.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

Overall, correctly choosing types of 3D models affects not only the cost of the project but its turnaround time. Simple 3D objects with a minimum of detail, such as a primitive chair or table, take the shortest time to make, hence, they’re the most affordable. As the complexity of models’ geometry and textures increases, both turnaround time and price go higher. However, even if it’s still hard for manufacturers to figure out the complexity of needed 3D models beforehand, they can always consult with the studio managers who will gladly calculate the cost of a project in advance.

Need top-quality modeling for your furniture projects? Reach out to our CG team for 3D modeling services and get photoreal 3D models of any complexity!

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