3D Product Showcase:

What You Should Know About Promo CGI

If you are looking to reach out to customers and promote your brand, then you should consider investing in a 3D product showcase. It can be used as an immersive digital experience of the real world through computer graphics.  

CGI is a more effective way to promote your products than traditional methods like photography or videography. In this article, we’ll be discussing why every business should go with CGI services instead of other visual marketing mediums.

Keep reading our 3D rendering company’s blog to keep up with the latest tech and marketing trends. We will teach you everything you need to know about creating a 3D product showcase so you can stand out from the crowd, sell more, and expand your market reach.

#1. What is a 3D Product Showcase?

Product 3D rendering or visualization is a marketing tool

Product 3D rendering or visualization is a marketing tool that enables the visual creation, rendering, and animation of existing or non-exist products in real-time. 

The term 3D product showcase refers to a computer-generated graphic that is used to display a product. It includes product modeling and rendering, 3D animation, and 3D modeling for augmented reality

A 3D product showcase is a virtual environment designed to give potential investors and clients a realistic look at your product. It can be used to show how a product looks in different settings, what it looks like in action, or even how it will fit into your life — all while keeping promo costs low and quality high.

#2. AR and 3D Product Showcase New Reality & Opportunities for E-Business 

3D and AR - New Reality & Opportunities for E-Business

Product 3D and AR technologies provide an opportunity to create a new level of user experience, which is impossible to achieve with traditional marketing solutions. The main advantage of this media format is that it enables users to explore a product without actually experiencing it in its real form.

When it comes to e-commerce, AR and 3D product showcase can help companies to:

  • promote new products or services in a variety of ways;
  • raise brand awareness;
  • strengthening the engagement of customers;
  • improve sales and conversion rates;
  • develop outstanding marketing campaigns and offers for customers.

With the help of 3D and AR technologies, companies can attract more customers and keep them engaged with their brands for a long time.

#3. Product CGI Promo an Essential Part of Effective Marketing Strategies

Product CGI Promo — an Essential Part of Effective Marketing Strategies

CGI has become a staple in visual merchandising and marketing. It allows customers to explore an object before buying, or even better, to visualize a new furniture set in their own home. For that, marketers use lifestyle renders and animations as well as 3D configurators to change product designs according to customers’ wishes. 

Promo CGI is also important for companies that want to establish themselves as innovative leaders in their industry. Such visuals help create an image of expertise and quality, which will make it easier for consumers to trust the company’s products or services.

Online retailers have been increasingly using 3D content on their online platforms to drive more traffic and sales. This type of content allows a consumer to interact with a product in a unique way, which gives them a better idea of an item they have never seen in real life before purchasing it. 

#4. Diverse 3D Product Showcase Tools for Promotion 

CGI Tools for Promotion

In this section we will cover the CGI services types and how to utilize  them for product promotion: 

Product 3D Modeling

How to use 3D product modeling solutions for promo visuals?  The purpose of 3D modeling is to create objects for realistic images that can be used in all types of promotional materials, including print and online advertisements. It allows for making an exact replica of your product, which can then be used in various ways to promote and sell it.

AR Modeling Services provide a virtual model of your product that can be viewed in augmented reality. Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that creates a virtual layer of digital information over the real world. This tool makes it possible to see and interact with products in a familiar environment. 

Product 3D Rendering

Static 3D rendering allows the creation of photorealistic images of products that can then be used in various ways. This type of solution is great for creating promo pictures for websites, social media, and catalogs.

  • CG Renders on a White Background or Product Silo Images are a must-have for any kind of product showcase. These clean, white-background images make products look as good as possible by sharpening the focus on the details that matter. They display fine craftsmanship or modern aesthetics in a way that’s easy for customers to understand. On top of that, these renderings can be used to provide a full 360-degree view of any product, which is particularly convenient for showing off furniture or lighting fixtures.
  • Lifestyle 3D Renders display products in a suitable setting. They are customizable and can be used to promote a variety of products, from shoes and clothing to electronics and furniture. These high-quality visuals help businesses communicate their offerings more engagingly as they showcase the products in a natural environment that highlights their features.

Interactive Rendering 

One of the most exciting aspects of 3D rendering is that it allows businesses to create interactive experiences for customers. Such visuals can be used for landing pages, product pages, or general content marketing. Interactive 3D product showcases can be used in any number of ways, including allowing customers to walk through virtual showrooms, test out products and services before buying them, or even design custom items.

  • Product 3D Animation is a powerful tool for communicating the benefits of your products. By showing how to use them in real life, product CG videos can help customers understand how your offerings will improve their lives. The most common application of product 3D animation is to show how a product works or how it is built.
  • 360° Product View is an interactive product presentation that allows the customer to examine a product from every angle and in real time. This type of product presentation can be created using 360° photography, 3D modeling + rendering, or video footage.
  • Product 3D Configurator is a web-based application that allows users to design and order custom products. Configurators are often used by e-commerce websites and apps to let users customize the appearance of a product before they buy it.

See more product promotion examples in 5 case studies with 3D visualization.

#5. How to Implement a 3D Product Showcase

How to Implement CGI

At this point in time, many e-business owners are already using 3D product showcases to market their products online. However, there are many who are still wondering if it is worth investing in this type of technology or not. The answer is definitely yes! In fact, if you want your business to flourish, you should consider hiring a professional company that offers 3D product visualization services at affordable rates.

As mentioned before, a 3D product showcase includes silo and lifestyle types of images. The style of imagery should be consistent with other visual elements already used on the site. It is important to remember that these images will be used to sell a product, so they must be appealing and demonstrate a sense of quality. 

Product 3D animation is most often used in video advertising content or YouTube videos. There are three main types of 3D product animations: exploded view, sequential view, and flythrough. 

  • Exploded view animation requires the user to see all the parts of the product and how they fit together. 
  • Sequential view animation shows a story of how the item works, from beginning to end.
  • Flythrough animation allows customers to digitally walk through a virtual environment, looking at a product from every angle.

For social networks, brands use lifestyle and animation the most. Lifestyle product renders are more common among social media business profiles because they convey an idea of the brand’s vision, style, and message better than other visuals do. 

Fill in the needed information for the brief of your project and attach reference files.

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We have been working with e-commerce businesses and have helped them increase their sales through the strategic use of 3D technologies. With over a decade of experience in product CGI, our team of experts provides cutting-edge solutions using advanced technologies such as 3D modeling services, rendering, animation, and augmented reality (AR) models.

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