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5 Case Studies with 3D Visualization

Looking at successful product promotion examples of the top brands, marketers and manufacturers strive to repeat these positive results and even surpass them. Using traditional photography for this purpose is an expensive and long way to go, though. Moreover, how can you promote and pre-sell items that haven’t been manufactured yet or work under demand, using only photos as promotion examples? All these problems lead to one universal solution — 3D product visualization.

Of course, the Internet is full of CG studios that have stunning portfolios but how to figure out which of them are really professional ones? Having beautiful pictures as promotion examples is not a guarantee of high-quality product visualization. To understand how experienced the CG company is, you should always look at the studio’s cases and compare the initial task set by clients with solutions that CG studio offers them. The more accurate and creative are the results, the more professional is this 3D firm. So here we go — read 5 case studies that CGIFURNITURE is most proud of and click on the photos to reveal the whole project!

#1. First-Class CGI Project for Cadeiras

Product Promotion Example for a Furniture Brand

The Portuguese brand Cadeiras required alluring CG images for their chair design. The main idea behind this project was to not only show the product itself but integrate it into a cozy friendly environment to hit the target audience — restaurateurs and cafe owners.

These product promotional examples show various lifestyles for Cadeiras chairs and how their design could be successfully incorporated into different interior styles. We created a bunch of photoreal room sets with both daylight and evening ambiance to enhance the comfort and relaxed mood that furniture brings. Today, a brand uses these visualizations for its website, catalogs, and social media marketing. 

#2. Photoreal Product Rendering for Lux LED Light

Product Imagery for a Lighting Promotion Example

Mighty Bright & Lux LED Lights needed urgent CG renders for the product launch and online promotion of their new lamps. And like all the cases of high priority, this one should be done fast and still have a strong foundation represented by jaw-dropping visuals.

For this task, we created various CG images including isolated product pictures and stylish room sets. In these lifestyles, lamp light is intensified with both natural and artificial light sources which makes this case an outstanding product promotion example.

#3. High-End Product Imagery for Swiss Watch by Julien de Bourg

Julien de Bourg Watch among Product Promotion Examples

The company’s CEO Jennifer von Burg had an idea of showcasing a huge variety of watch designs on her website. Implementing elegant Swiss design in 3D was a highly responsible mission but CG Furniture specialists applied best efforts to enhance the timeless style, using modern technologies. 

We created several 3D models of the watches based on photos and drawings the brand provided. After doing so, our 3D experts made photoreal 3D renderings of various color options for straps and dials.

As a result, this case took a special place amongst other product promotion examples in our portfolio.

#4. Top-Notch 3D Renderings for Vogel Company 

Product Imagery for a Soft Furniture Promotion

Furniture brand Vogel was looking for first-class promotional images but their previous experience included working with traditional photography only. However, marketers realized they needed more than just photos on the same blank background — that was too monotonous. For most cases, putting furniture pieces in a lifestyle pic would be a great solution. However, building physical room sets for each item seemed to be too expensive and burdensome endeavor. Thus, only CG technology could help in this case.

It was a pleasure to know that we were the first CG studio Vogel trusted the project. To provide their promotional activities with stunning imagery, our 3D experts created different types of 3D visualization — simple product images on a white background and eye-catching lifestyles. As time goes by, all these product promotion examples work perfectly for online and offline catalogs, e-commerce platforms, and advertising, leaving the client satisfied and inspired to use CG services in the future.

#5. Outstanding Product Images for Octane Seating

Product Promotion Examples: Stylish Armchair Rendering

Octane Seating reached our studio for CG imagery for the digital marketing campaign. The key task was to emphasize the comfort of the seating and showcase the variety of possible armchair transformations and the quality of the goods.

With all the product promotion examples we made, our 3D experts followed the task closely. Firstly, to demonstrate the quality and the strengths of the seating, we made a section 3D visualization that showcases the entire structure of the armchair in cut – from framework to cushion filling and upholstery. Secondly, 3D artists composed awe-inspiring room sets to prove that Octane seating works with any interior. As a result, the brand successfully uses this imagery for product pages, e-commerce, and SMM.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

A first-class CG studio always prioritizes the client’s task over self-promotion. In CGIFURNITURE, we start working on the project with direct communication with our customers and let them talk us through the initial task and purpose. Usually, they need plenty of vivid product promotion examples for their online and offline catalogs, product pages, advertisements, and SMM. 

In turn, we try to find outstanding creative solutions and provide various CG imagery — photoreal product images on a plain background, mind-blowing lifestyles with a certain ambiance, interactive 360 product view, and so on. 

Need top-notch visuals for product promotion? Try our 3D rendering services, and we will offer you plenty of creative CG visuals of the highest quality that will boost your sales in no time!

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