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The Future of Visual Marketing

Are you a cabinet furniture manufacturer looking to stand out from the competition and take your business to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our 3D modeling and rendering services make visualizing your furniture designs easier and faster than ever before. With our high-quality imagery, you can effortlessly turn your creative vision into reality — without spending time or money on additional resources.

Impeccable Photorealism

Want to showcase the top-quality materials you use in your production? At CGIFurnitrue, you can get stunning 3D visualizations of your cabinet furniture that will look exactly like photos. Or even better! Photorealistic CGI has no limits when it comes to image quality, and even extreme close-up views will look crisp and life-like. This way, your customers will be able to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship and beauty of your furniture not only in person but when shopping online as well.

Stunning Settings

If you want to achieve greater visual impact with your imagery, have your products visualized in a stylish environment. These renders will instantly attract your customers’ attention on social media, in online ads, in email newsletters, and on your website. And the best thing about it is that our studio has a library with over 4,000 gorgeous 3D scenes and 60,000 models. You can choose any of those settings and decor items for your renders, which will speed up the visualization process and save you the cost of additional 3D modeling.

Revolutionary Visuals

When people shop for cabinet furniture online, it is often difficult for them to understand the structure of the product and how it should be assembled. Luckily, CGI allows you to tackle this issue with unique imagery that wouldn’t be possible to achieve with photography. Just get an exploded view of the product, and your customers will definitely be grateful. This type of 3D rendering shows the components of the product and how they come together. That makes it a perfect visual for product pages, catalogs, and assembly instructions.

Product Rendering Price List

Find out all types of product CGI projects, their average costs and examples of results. Upgrade your product marketing and experiment with visuals digitally!

Find Inspiration for Your Next Promo Campaign

With 3D modeling and rendering for cabinet furniture, you can get fresh and original images for all of your marketing needs in an unbelievably short time and for an affordable price. Plus, there’s no limit to expressing your creative vision.

Why Work with Us?

We offer every 3D visualization service your brand might need, and we make the process easy for you. Our workflow is designed for your maximum convenience, and we can always adjust it to your preferences. With CGIFurniture, you get the best experience of working with a remote studio you’ve ever had.

Full Range of CGI Solutions

We’ve got all your product marketing and ecommerce needs covered with:

  • high-quality 3D models;
  • photorealistic renders;
  • 360-degree views;
  • 3D animations;
  • AR-ready models;
  • 3D configurators.

Personal Team of Professionals

With CGIFurniture, you get a dedicated team of 3D artists and a project manager who:

  • know your product and requirements;
  • deliver visually consistent imagery;
  • provide ruthless quality control;
  • are ready to scale up for bigger projects at any time.

All Data in Your CRM

Did you like what you can get with CGI CRM? Then, you should know that all these functions can be integrated right into your company’s CRM. This way, you will access all messages, results, reports, etc from a familiar interface. If your need your colleagues to access the information, we will add them to the project and adjust the level of access the way you need.

User-Friendly CRM System

Our custom-designed project management platform allows you to easily:

  • communicate with your team;
  • follow the project workflow;
  • track payments;
  • store and exchange files without limitations.

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