Best Types of CG Content for Social Media:

Top-20 Furniture Marketing Ideas

Social media has been one of the most critical aspects of marketing for many years. Everyone understands the power of social media marketing (SMM) to reach their target audience, actively involve them and increase brand loyalty. 

When looking for something to post on social media, it’s easy to fall into a rut. You can’t just post the same thing over and over again! Suppose you want your posts to be seen by more people and convert into sales, they must be visually appealing, creative, outstanding, versatile, and contain valuable information that people can find helpful or entertaining. 

There are different kinds of CG visuals for SMM that prove their effectiveness over traditional photography. In this article, our 3D rendering company will discuss some of the best types of content for social media made possible with CGI technology. These solutions will help any e-business improve its content marketing, get more followers’ engagement, increase awareness about the company/brand/product, etc.

Let’s dive into it!

#1. Silo Renders for Collages and Carousel Posts

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Silo renders are one of the best types of content for social media. They’re simple, effective, and can be used as a banner or cover photo, showing a product without any distracting background. This makes them perfect for showcasing special offers, giveaways, and discounts. If you have an e-commerce brand, a silo image is excellent for demonstrating your products efficiently and from every angle, giving the full info to e-shoppers.

#2. Lifestyle Renders for Any Posts and Stories

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One of the best content types you can post on social media is lifestyle renders which showcase your product in a real-life setting. These images often show how your goods look in homes and offices, which helps people envision how they could use them in daily life. The trick for lifestyle renders is choosing the most suitable background for your products to highlight their design and features.

#3. Product Images with Different Lifestyle Settings for Carousels

Lifestyle 3D images work perfectly for social media as they showcase your product in different interior settings: indoors, outdoors, and even in some unbelievable places… You get the idea! Showing off your products in different environments will help customers find something that suits their tastes and lifestyle the most. The more setting you include in your promo images, the more different audiences it will attract.

#4. Feature 3D Animations for Reels and Posts

Product 3D animation is a great way to demonstrate product features and functionality. As one of the most informative types of content to post on social media, CG videos help you communicate a complex product in a simple and understandable way. This type of video can effectively show off its best features without having to go through the hassle of creating a bunch of different images. It also makes it easy for your audience to understand how everything works because they can see what the product looks like in action.

#5. Close-up Images and Video Shots for Newsfeed Posts

Close-up images are great for details. Suppose you have an intricate product design, the customer can see all the little elements of the material —  its surface, seams, joints, and folds. It showcases your products’ quality and the meticulous crafting that goes into their manufacturing.

Close-up videos are an even better option because they allow you to show much more than just one small area of the product at once. You can use it to highlight certain features of your items which aren’t visible in other types of content such as photos or GIFs. Product animations also incorporate different camera angles, dynamic action in the frame, and other immersive qualities.

#6. Product Design Variety Renders for Carousel Posts

A carousel of pictures is perfect for showing off many available customization options for products. Users looking at social media posts or your website may only see one design and not look into it deeper. Swiping an image carousel will give them a chance to get a better look at each option and decide which one they like best. If you have more than one product that is similar but different in some way (color, size, finishing, etc.), this would be another good way to show it off in a single post. 

#7. Overview CG Videos for Newsfeed Posts

Overview videos are one of the most effective ways to generate leads as it gives the most informative presentation of the product. This type of content is an extensive and deep analysis of all the pros of the item, its parameters, features, and usages. It creates a complete picture of the product so that customers could make a confident purchase decision.

#8.  CG Renders of the Same Product in Different Colors or Lighting for Carousels

CG Renders of the Same Product in Different Color Palette/Lighting: Carousel of Pictures

This is a great option when you want to highlight the opportunity to buy goods in various colors for any interior. It will help customers to imagine the goods in their home’s style. Also, many people like scrolling through pictures to learn more about a product, its design options, and configurators, so this type of content is excellent if you want to showcase several products in one post.

#9. Brand Trust Images with Happy People and Animals for Regular Posts

Brand Trust Images With Happy People and Animals in Social Media Posts

Some of the most popular types of content on social media are CG images with happy people and animals because they connect to the audience on an emotional level. The idea behind this is that positive emotions are a sign of a trustworthy brand. If your audience sees your products making others feel good, they’ll associate those feelings with the brand. Such renders emphasize customers enjoying themselves while using your goods or services which brings positive associations. 

#10. Before/After Comparisons in Swiping Posts

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“Before/After” images are one of the most effective types of content for social media because it shows your audience that their problem is something your company can solve. You can use this type of visual to portray how wrong something was before and how your product made it better. On top of that, any product looks amazing in comparison to something shabby and outdated — like an upgrade.

#11. How-To Product Videos for Newsfeed Posts

How-To videos are an excellent way of showing your product in use and giving customers as much information as possible. Such animations are more engaging than other types of content for social media, making them easier to consume and understand in comparison to text or image instructions. It is not a coincidence so many brands add how-to-use videos and reviews on their product pages and social media — seeing another person using the product helps trust the brand more.

#12. Product Collages for Posts and Stories

Product Collages as Social Media Content

If you’re selling furniture, it’s important to give people as many angles of your product as possible and in as many settings as possible. Online shoppers want to imagine how the furniture will look and fit in different spaces. This way, they can compare it to their own home and decide whether they want to buy it or not. Using collages is the easiest way to show the item from different angles, in several design options and settings all in one image.

#13. Conceptual Product Renders for Newsfeed and Advertising Posts

Conseptual Product Renders on Social Media

Most social media accounts are filled with images of people, products, and places. But what happens when you post a picture that stands out the most? You’re bound to get some attention. For that, you need to experiment and try some creative ideas. For example, conceptual product renders — images showing your furniture in different settings and unusual situations — might be just what you need. They’re perfect to get your customers’ imaginations going, and they can convey products in a way that simple photos cannot. It’s a chance to create unique content that will get prospects excited about the idea behind your product.

#14. CG Images of Product Sets and Collections for Newsfeed Posts

Images of Product Sets and Collections

If you have many products and want to showcase them in a way that stands out, consider creating a collection or a mini-gallery for one post. You can also order a 3D render for the whole furniture set in one scene. This is also a great idea for promoting the launch of new products.

For instance, a group lifestyle shot is a great type of content for showing off your product sets and collections. These can be used to upsell or cross-sell — especially if you have a line of complementary products. Why? Because they make it easy for clients to see the whole picture — they can get a sense of how well all the items included in the set or collection work together.

#15. Product 360° View CG Videos for Reel and Posts

An immersive 360° view video is one of those types of content to post on social media that allows users to see every product angle and detail. It’s an excellent way to showcase your goods in an engaging and interactive way, making it a must-have for any business looking to increase its online sales. If e-buyers can’t touch the product while shopping online, they can at least see its all-around design.

#16. Furniture Assembly 3D Animations for Regular Posts

Suppose you’re selling furniture or any other product where the assembly process is complex and challenging to describe with images and text. In that case, 3D animation can be an excellent way to demonstrate how your product works. The video can be a short clip highlighting the most important steps or an entire video showing how to assemble every piece of furniture.

#17. Special Offer Images and Videos for Advertising Posts and Stories

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This type of content is just a short CG video or image that announces your special offer on social media. You can use it to attract attention and traffic to the site, or as an incentive to get people to sign up for your newsletters. It’s an excellent way to promote your brand and can be used as a call to action at the end of the reel. If you have an upcoming special event, like a sale or a new product launch, this is the perfect time to post an image or video that will help you get the word out.

#18. Seasonal 3D Renders for Stories and Advertising Posts

Seasonal 3D Renders for Social Media Content

One of the best ways to make social media work for your furniture business is by posting themed renders for situational marketing campaigns. Let’s take the holidays promo as an example! Such visuals bring the festive mood and offer your clients holiday design ideas and sales. For instance, posting renderings of a decorated home or a storefront is an excellent way to entice users who are interested in the design process, as well as those who are looking for some DIY inspiration during the holidays.

#19. АR Product Videos for Newsfeed Posts and Reels

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It’s no secret that augmented reality is a powerful tool for showcasing products online. If you’re looking for an opportunity to create a stunning showcase for your product, check out our 3D modeling services for augmented reality marketing! With this tool, you can show off the look, color, size, and shape of your furniture piece by using just one 3D model and posting a QR code. It’s a perfect way for e-customers to see how well your furniture fits into any space or interior without seeing the item in real life.

#20.  Cutout and Exploded Views for Regular Posts

Cutout and Exploded View of the Product Image

If you’re looking for ways to add more informational value to your social media posts, consider sharing images of a product cut open or exploded. This type of content can be used to show the inner workings of a furniture piece and it also helps your audience understand how it is manufactured. Such renders work wonders for highlighting the quality of your products and reinforcing their durability. If you sell furniture and want to show how sturdy it is, a cutout or exploded view would be ideal!

Get to know more about product 3D animation and boost your conversion rate with the speed of light.


Social media is the most effective way to engage with people in this day and age. It is also a great tool to use when reaching out to customers online. Having a good variety of social media content related to your business will make your brand seem friendly and approachable.  

The best types of content to post on social media are visually appealing and easy to digest. These CGI ideas we’ve mentioned above are golden if you want your furniture business to succeed in e-commerce. More often than not, the simple things turn out to be the most effective. 

CGIFurniture delivers 3D renderings and 3D modeling services for your e-commerce business and social media marketing campaigns. We offer a wide range of photorealistic CGI solutions to make your product promo more innovative and engaging. Contact us asap

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