An increasing number of people shop online, and so furniture manufacturers and marketers face the challenge of producing high-quality visuals of their products. Whether it’s simple silos for e-commerce platforms or complex lifestyle scenes for social media marketing, visuals are vital. And 3D product modeling can offer variety, creativity, and quality superseding photography. Many manufacturers and marketers would like to try using CGI but are wary of the price. So, what exactly influences 3D product modeling cost and how one can reduce it?

Our 3D modeling company works with furniture business professionals to provide them with top-notch visuals in which the quality meets the price. Want to know what constitutes 3D product modeling cost and how to decrease it? Let’s dive in! 

#1. Specify the Usage of 3D Models

3d visualization for a sofa

Depending on the intended purpose of the image, one might need either high-poly models or low-poly ones. High-poly models work great with static images – silo renders, close-ups, and so on. Photorealistic lifestyle renders also demand high-poly models, which will significantly increase the 3D product modeling cost.

However, if you need a simple CAD model for design or manufacturing, a low-poly one will work perfectly well and will cost far less. The same goes for modeling for AR apps. 

So, one should always keep in mind the intended usage and, whenever possible, go for low-poly models to reduce the cost of 3D product renderings.

#2. Provide a Detailed Technical Assignment

3d product modeling of cabinet furniture

The more details you provide, the quicker and more efficiently the artists will be able to get to modeling. A comprehensive brief saves a lot of time which would otherwise be spent on additional questions and, moreover, on revisions, which might cost additional money.

In our studio, we have a template for the technical assignment, which includes all the information the artists will need. Being specific about what one wants from 3D product modeling saves both time and money.

#3. Give As Much References As Possible

3d product modeling for a table dsign

References are another aspect the client should mind. 3D modeling image references are vital for quick and accurate results. The client will need to provide schematics, annotated sketches, and photos of the product from multiple angles if a piece of furniture is already in production. Textures are also something to keep in mind when choosing references. 

Along with the technical assignment, references help to make the 3D product modeling more quick and accurate and avoid unnecessary revisions.

#4. Do Not Rush the Process

CGI chair

Sometimes last-minute presentations and releases are inevitable. However, when it’s possible, avoiding tight deadlines and rushed production helps to reduce the 3D product modeling cost. 

Tight deadlines, first of all, negatively impact the quality of renders and increase the chances the artists will miss something important or misrepresent the customer’s vision. Moreover, last-minute orders mean the team would be working overtime, which correspondingly increases the cost. So, when possible, be mindful of the contractor’s time. Even if the client does not have all the necessary information yet, it is possible to start working on 3D product modeling in advance and add the details in the process, rather than start doing everything last-minute.

#5. Avoid Miscommunication with Specialists

3D Armchair Model

Miscommunication is the major reason for delays, mistakes, and numerous revisions. Unclear briefs, lacking references, and unspecific feedback (especially when the client can’t explain properly what they don’t like about the model) increase the time the artist spends on 3D modeling and rendering and, in turn, raises the cost. Most artists are paid by the hour, so it is in the client’s best interests to be as specific and comprehensive as possible to reduce 3D product modeling costs.

In our studio, revisions are included in the initial project cost. However, if they surpass the 60% threshold or if the mistakes are not on the specialists’ side, revisions will cost additional money.

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product rendering price

3D product modeling is a powerful tool for e-commerce and marketing. It provides creative freedom that photography can’t boast. Moreover, when it comes to complicated shots, which with photography will require a studio, lighting, additional decorations, lots of personnel, etc., product 3D modeling will actually cost less. Following our tips, it is possible to reduce costs and still get top-notch CGI.

Want to try 3D modeling services for your next project? Contact us at CGIFurniture and get stellar visuals for a reasonable price! 

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