3D furniture modeling is a very useful tool for companies that want to visualize their product designs, test prototypes or just stock up on pictures of goods for ecommerce and other ads. The process is faster than traditional photography, and precise deadlines are set when an order is placed. Contrary to popular belief that project turnaround time depends only on the studio, there is a few things you can do to influence 3D product rendering speed. So if you want to get your merchandise visualized faster, here are 5 ways to do it.

#1. Work Out The Technical Details Before Project Start

Console 3D Modeling and Rendering in a Scene

One of the reasons 3D furniture modeling projects take longer to complete is lack of defined goals. It is very important to have a clear understanding of dimensions, material, object layout for lifestyle images and shot composition in general. It is also worth considering using premade 3D models or not, since using such materials lowers order completion time. After thinking through all that it’ll be much easier to avoid major corrections or scrapping the progress made, significantly shortening turnaround time.

#2. Provide Accurate Light And Decoration References

CGI specialists find much easier to do 3D furniture modeling with accurate object and lighting references. The reason for this is the simple fact that without a specific task 3D artists have to use their imagination when working with fine details – which doesn’t always result as intended. In return, progress halts, deadline is pushed further away and everyone is dissatisfied. Sending relevant and complete furniture specs, as well as decor, scene and lighting references for 3D modeling for lifestyle images gets rid of this problem entirely, lowering potential turnaround time.

#3. Choose 3-5 Favorite POVs as References

Businesses naturally want their goods visualized from all possible angles, but this amount of images is not always necessary and would take weeks to create with 3D furniture modeling. A more cost- and time-efficient idea is to pick a few best angles, about 3-5 shots and let the specialists work their CGI magic. This way total workload is lowered significantly and results come in a few days.

#4. Use Pre-Rendered 3D Models And Scenes For Lifestyles

Bed 3D Modeling and Rendering in a Comfy Bedroom Scene

As was briefly mentioned before, using premade sets and decor elements for lifestyle 3D furniture modeling is both cheaper than making new unique ones and saves a lot of time for 3D modelers. Ask your 3D product rendering studio if they have ready-made digital scenes and props 3D models. For instance, we give our clients free access to the library of 3,5 k+ photorealistic 3D scenes, and 40K+ digital models of decor and other interior and exterior elements.

#5. Choose Urgency When Ordering

If none of the aforementioned techniques has helped to meet 3D furniture modeling deadlines, there is a solution for extreme circumstances. It requires more client involvement, since they’ll have to answer contractor’s questions as soon as they are asked to finish everything on tight schedule. Urgency option allocates additional specialist work hours to the specific project in order to achieve the impossible – getting a high-quality 3D visualization in under 24 hours.

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product rendering price

And these are 5 ways you can reduce 3D furniture modeling project turnaround time. Want to put these techniques to good use in ecommerce or regular ads? Get gorgeous CGI for promotional materials fast with our 3D product modeling services!

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