3D modeling for product lifestyle images is an innovative asset for creating top-notch marketing visual materials. And it’s even more valuable when one remembers just how time-consuming and pricey lifestyle photography is in comparison. The mere transportation of furniture prototypes costs a small fortune, not to mention the actual organization of a photoshoot. And if the imagery is not on time, the whole marketing campaign is suddenly at risk of collapse: there won’t be any catalogs, SMM, email newsletters, or even ads in magazines.

The solution is very easy — use 3D lifestyle images. A product rendering company can help marketers get rid of organizational problems once and for all. 3D models in staged 3D visualizations make for stunning lifestyle images without additional time and costs caused by transportation and technical issues. Let’s find out 5 crucial merits of 3D modeling for a truly successful marketing campaign.

#1. Showcase Your Product in Various Settings

Various Settings for 3D Renders

Product lifestyle images excel other types of marketing shots in terms of the variety of scenes and their unbelievable realism. 3D artists need only one furniture 3D model to create as many different scenes for one piece of furniture as a client requires.

For instance, a classy leather chair can be inserted into a photorealistic minimalist office interior or a cozy home room set. This approach gives marketers complete creative freedom. And the best part is that they don’t have to go to great lengths for getting a top-class result but simply share their ideas with 3D specialists.

#2. Make Changes and Experiment with Lifestyle Images

Easy Changes in Product Lifestyle 3D Renders

Oftentimes, marketers and manufacturers can change their minds about what an image should look like only when they see it. Now, with product photography, when the shooting is over — that’s it. But when it comes to 3D modeling for lifestyle, images can be tweaked or even changed considerably.

CGI technology allows us to make edits not only during the process but even after the completion of the project. You may find out on how exactly 3D artists create photorealistic product CGI in our article about stages of 3D furniture visualization.

#3. Create the Most Suitable Ambiance for a Product

Ambience in Product Lifestyle 3D Renders

3D modeling is much better equipped for filling the imagery with atmosphere than photography. That’s because photographers are limited by physical conditions — the lighting, equipment available, and weather. And budgets: they’ve got to work only with the decor that was bought or rented, and make the best of what they have.

Meanwhile, 3D artists can use virtually limitless resources of decor, and props, create a stunning urban view outside the window, and find the best lighting for the picture. They can put a person in the scene, place a cute white fluffy cat on the sofa, and throw a comfy tartan blanket on the armchair. Such details can make you want to crawl under this blanket with a fuming cup of tea. Suddenly, the image has gotten 100 times more powerful than any text, so that lifestyle will sell!

#4. Demonstrate Product Usability

Product Usability in 3D Modeling

The best way to demonstrate the usability of a product is to showcase all the different ways one can use a certain piece of furniture. For each customer needs a product for various purposes: they might be buying it for a home, office, or studio. And lifestyle images can help the shopper discover different usages of the item.

For example, one lifestyle image displays a media console as a solid stand for a LED screen. Customers can use it for skyping with business partners in an office, and that 3D render will appeal to office workers. Another staged image will address a different type of client — showing the same media console topped with pictures, souvenirs, and flowers. This way, we see that the product is perfect for an artsy home interior.

#5. Offer Product Sets For Succesful Cross-Selling

Cross-Selling Using Product Lifestyle Images

Cross-selling is an effective marketing technique that along with up-selling is used for increasing revenue and retention. The main point of cross-selling is to make a customer not only buy the product he planned to purchase but also get some additional items. It means promoting the whole set of products that complement each other – so it would seem foolish not to shop for the whole look.

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product rendering price

Realistic 3D modeling for lifestyle images allows one to sell product sets without effort. 3D artists can create top-notch 3D models for all the decor pieces and create different looks in various settings for the same piece. One item, totally different images, each having its own atmosphere, therefore, appealing to different types of shoppers. Customers will be only too glad to get a stylish look without having to ask for advice from interior designers or look through piles of magazines for inspiration.

When all is said and done, the benefits of 3D modeling for product lifestyle images are easy to outline: realistic and high-quality pictures, quick results, an outstanding context for imagery, and an opportunity to save lots of money. This means having more resources for promotional campaigns and getting more time for things that really matter, while CG specialists work their magic.

Moreover, owing to the unlimited creative possibilities of 3D modeling and rendering, Marketers can make their visual materials really stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

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Paul J. Parker

Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist at CGIFurniture

More than anything, Paul loves when the ad campaign shows higher ROI than anticipated. His other passions include playing basketball with friends, street-art, and cooking delicious vegan desserts and sweets.

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