360 View of a Product

5 Undoubtful Benefits for eCommerce

Using motion solutions for e-commerce allows for eye-catching listings that gain more attention compared to other offers with static images. Nowadays buyers are difficult to surprise and gain their trust with just photos is not an easy task. Seeing a product from a couple of angles is clearly not enough to fully understand whether it’s what they want. Therefore, when customers have the opportunity to interact with the item online using a 360 view of a product, it urges deeper emotional response and strengthens the trust in both the goods and the seller.

The e-commerce market is overflowed with standard ads that constantly push us to buy more stuff. However, only a truly outside-the-box solution can win the client in this tough competition. So how exactly can a product 360 view made by a 3D rendering company help retailers and manufacturers to sell more? Here’s a list of its 5 solid benefits for online sales.

#1. It Demonstrates the Product from All Angles


    The biggest and the coolest advantage of a 360° view of a product is that it shows the goods from all-around. No doubt, it’s beneficial for both buyers and sellers. Customers can study the product as scrupulously as if they were shopping in a real shop — but they can do it while sitting on their couch or even on public transport! They can zoom in and rotate an interactive 360° model like a toy. The whole experience turns ordinary shopping into a little game. 

    Moreover, using an interactive 360° product CGI, buyers become more informed and can make more conscious choices. This, in turn, ignites trust in the brand and also reduces the number of returned goods. Well, isn’t it exactly what every marketer and retailer is dreaming about?

    #2. 360° View Makes Your Product Listing Pages Outstanding

    360-degree View of a Sofa

    In online commerce, all brands have equal opportunities — deep down, their popularity and sales greatly depend on how attractive and convincing their visuals are. Stunning 3D renders and photos are still working well but enhancing a listing with a 360 view of a product will give it an edge over other offers on the market.

    Even if a retailer uploads several pictures of the object from different angles, it still doesn’t give the same all-around inspection as customers used to have in brick-and-mortar stores. On the contrary, a 360 product view does. To sum up, 360° spin not only helps buyers to examine the goods on online platforms in detail but also allows marketers to outstand their competitors.

    #3. 360° Product View Provides Marketers with Extra Images

    360 View of a Product for Chest-of-Drawers

    To create a 360° view of a product, CG artists take 36 pictures of an object so that the final 360° tool could rotate smoothly. This means, that all these 36 ready-to-use images on a white background can become a great addition to the campaign and product presentation. 

    For instance, marketers can use them for the online catalog, as well as provide more angles of an item for the listings. Moreover, they could ask CG artists to change the background of the pic or place the object into a beautiful scene to create a lifestyle shot. Therefore, there’s no need to arrange a photoshoot or create a 3D render from scratch — the 3D model has already been made.

    #4. 360° View of a Product Increases a Website’s Rating


      When buyers visit the brand’s website, they can stay there for some time exploring the pages and products or leave very shortly after opening it. Based on the time users spent on one website, the Google engine can define it as a useful one or just a transitional scroll-for-a-second choice. 

      Using a 360° view of a product on a manufacturer’s website, users study the goods longer than by looking at static pictures. Because this is an interactive model, customers can rotate it, zoom in and out, and take time to examine every detail. Therefore, they stay on such an engaging website for a long time while going through product pages and online catalogs. Thanks to this, Google rates this particular site as a helpful one and makes its position in Google search much higher.

      #5. It Works Perfectly for Interactive Promo Campaigns

      A 360 Model of a Furniture

      A 360° view of a product is ideal for promo campaigns in various digital media. Firstly, it looks much more convincing and authentic in reviews and articles than static images. When buyers read a comparison review, they want to figure out why one item is better than the other ones. And providing them an option to see the product in 360° view while reading the description gives the brand a significant advantage over competitors. Thus, the company not only helps the new audience to get acquainted with the goods but also makes the impression of a credible and user-friendly brand.

      Secondly, for the same reason, a 360° view works perfectly in advertising posts and attracts a younger audience of millennials. This generation is so used to ever-new polished pictures they see on social media every hour, that they got oversaturated with traditional visual content. Hence, they can subconsciously pick the goods based on simply the most outstanding visuals. This means that it’s almost impossible to convince them to buy anything using dull static images only. It’s a better chance to win them with something new and more entertaining like a 360° view of a product.

      A product 360° view is highly beneficial for all the parties of the online trade. Using it, buyers can spin the object themselves to examine it as they would do it in a brick-in-mortar store. Thus, it allows customers to make more conscious purchase decisions. As for manufacturers and retailers, a 360° view of a product increases website conversion and Google rate, as well as makes the brand stand out from all competitors on the market. 

      Want to present your goods in all their glory? Choose our 3D rendering services and you’ll get a 360° view of a product that will make your furniture collections shine like nothing else!

      Irene Lewis

      Content Writer

      Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.

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