360° Product View

5 Reasons It Will Enhance Your Advertising Campaigns

360° product view is an interactive CG that capable of making e-commerce websites more engaging and appealing for prospects. While most of the online stores use only static images for visual marketing, 360° view can be a perfect asset to stand out among competitors.

A furniture e-comm website doesn’t have as much organic traffic from online ads as was planned despite all the money they put into them. Most of their competitors have better results, even those that were launched later and have fewer items on sale. The only difference is that many new startups use diverse visual marketing content, such as product videos and zoom in tools. That’s why Marketers of the furniture e-comm business decided to find some other alternative to images on white background. However, they are still not sure what to choose, as there is not enough budget for video and animation.

Product 3D visualization companies offer a unique solution which is less expensive than 3D animation but more advanced than simple images. It is a 360° product view that can elevate the level of engagement and interactivity of advertising. Find out 5 reasons this tool can make a marketing campaign more effective and increase online sales.       

#1. All-Round Design Demonstration


    It is no secret that Manufacturers and Marketers want to present their products in advertising in the best possible way. Demonstrating items’ design in all its glory and from different angles is exactly what can effectively introduce customers to the latest updates on the market. 360° product view allows rotating and zooming in, which accentuate all design elements and details. Moreover, 3D models in this format remain actual items’ proportions and form, so prospects can easily imagine how the goods look in real life.   

    #2. Product Quality Examination 

    360° Product View for a Furniture Advertising Campaign

    Using 360° product view, 3D Artists recreate real objects with maximum detail in terms of structure and functionality. Static images hardly can display how an item works while 3D animation not always can be used for online ads. A 360° view, however, allows not only a full-circle rotation but also simple actions involving a 3D model. For example, customers can open chest drawers or the doors of a media console. On top of that, a zoom-in tool of a 360° product view allows examining materials up-close and making sure you like their texture.    

    #3. Interactive Customer Experience 


      The most ambitious e-commerce businesses are seeking to replace traditional brick-and-mortar stores completely. For this goal, they need to recreate customer experience in physical shops e.g., touching and trying items. Out of all photorealistic rendering services, 360° product view is the most interactive CG tool that helps online advertising on e-comm websites to achieve the same effect as the real shopping trip. Customers can rotate 3D objects as they wish, zoom in and out, and even try different actions with them.     

      #4. Multi-Use 360° View Technology 

      A Kitchen Vanity 3D Model for Online Ads

      To create 360° product view, 3D Artists make 36 or more renders on the white background. Needless to say, each of these images is top-notch on its own, even besides a 360° view project. They are photorealistic, high-resolution, and provide different angles of the main item. Marketers can easily use the renders separately as product images for an e-comm website or print advertisements such as brochures and catalogs. What’s more, white background pictures are a perfect base for sliders, gif animations, and previews on social media. In conclusion, one order of a 360° product view is equal to the whole set of product photos. 

      #5. Compatibility With Different Gadgets’ Formats

      360° Product View for E-Comm Websites

      Interactive 360° product CGI is a well-balanced format that is accessible from different gadgets, no matter how powerful or outdated they are. Particularly, this visual tool works equally good on the latest PC and iPhone vs. smartphones and tablets of previous generations. Not all immersive and advanced CG technologies are as versatile and compatible with low-power gadgets as 360° view. For example, video players of 3D animation get slow on the outdated operating systems, not to mention VR or AR that won’t even start. On the contrary, 360° product view works on all kinds of OS, which makes advertisement available for the wider audience.   

      A 360-view technology is a big step forward on the market of manufacturing various products – tools, household items, clothing and footwear, equipment, machinery, and furniture. Thanks to this CG tool, Manufacturers and Marketers can demonstrate their goods in detail. Moreover, 360° product view gives a possibility to interest customers with a non-standard approach and engage them with an opportunity to practically “touch” an item. In this way, online prospects get the same interactive experience as visitors to physical stores.

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