White Product Background Imagery

5 Reasons You Need Them For E-commerce Promotion

For E-commerce promotion of goods, manufacturers and retailers need lots of visuals including white product background photos. However, taking pictures of each product could be too time-consuming and expensive. After all, you need to order samples or prototypes, take all of them to the studio, and spend hours photographing them one by one.

Because such product photography is a totally manual process, sometimes shots end up looking dissimilar due to different lighting and angles. As a result, listings with such pictures look amateurish and unattractive. Therefore, to get top-quality product images you either invest a fair amount of money into professional photography or use CGI.

But is it really important to have white background images for your goods? Marketers from our 3D product rendering studio explain 5 reasons why they are essential for any e-commerce promo.

#1. White Product Background Pics Draw Customers’ Attention to the Main Item

Two Leather Products on the White Background

Let’s be honest, sometimes looking at lifestyle images, you can’t tell which product is the main one — your attention moves from one object to another. In turn, white background photos don’t distract the buyers’ attention with other items around, as well as bright and detailed backdrops. 

A photo on a white background clearly indicates the focal point of the shot because there are no other items that can steal the show. This feature makes product photography on a white background simply ideal for online and offline catalogs and product pages — no distractions from the main item in the picture. 

#2. White Product Background Images Exclude Сolor Effects of Surrounding Objects

A Grey Armchair on a White Product Background Photo

Naturally, online shoppers want to get sure about the color of the product before they purchase it. It is especially important when it comes to darker shades that look different depending on lighting and objects nearby. 

In lifestyles, bright items that stand close to the main product always visually affect it and may add unwanted undertones to its color. As for lighting, the same object looks different because of warm or cold light. Thus, a neutral lighting scheme and backdrop are essential for product photos.

With white background photography, any of these unwanted influences are excluded, so buyers can be sure that the delivered goods will look identical to the ones they saw in the listing.

#3. A White Background in Product Pictures Is Universal and Ensures Consistency

An Open Wooden Cabinet on a Product Photo with a White Background

A white background is universal for product images and contributes to a uniform look for all goods. Thus, such a backdrop ensures consistency for all the pic in the collection and works well either on the seller’s website or on large shopping platforms. 

Of course, when all product images are executed in a similar style, with the same lighting and angles, it represents the brand as a consistent seller, a serious player that is here to stay. Overall, with a blank background, you can’t go wrong — all your products will be displayed in the same style and won’t confuse buyers.

#4. White Background Images Speed Up the Launch of the Product 

A Photo of a Living Room Product Collection on a White Background

Having a white product background picture significantly speeds up the launch of goods. With such a photo, you don’t need to wait for lifestyle images or product animation – you can start your campaigns and sales by uploading them to your website and E-commerce platforms. 

Also, to enhance your promo strategy, consider using a product picture on a blank backdrop for online advertising banners. These images are perfect for pop-up banners because they allow shoppers to clearly see how a product looks like even on the small banner. 

#5. Product Photos on a White Background Are Multipurpose


    After you get your white product background images, you can edit them as you like. For instance, CG specialists can change the background color, or cut the picture to paste into a collage. This way, you can get both — monocolor background product photos and nice lifestyles — out of one picture. 

    Also, CG artists can take 36 photos of a product on a white backdrop and combine them into an interactive 360 view model. Therefore, using those static images, CG specialists provide you with a cutting-edge visual tool that is both entertaining and effective for sales.

    As a result, photos on a white background can be edited and used for literally any purpose — in online and offline catalogs, SMM, Internet banners and outdoor billboards, a 360 product view, or even for the brand’s merchandise items.

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    product rendering price

    White product background pictures are necessary for E-commerce because it’s the simplest and most effective way to draw the buyer’s attention to the goods. Since there are no other objects around the main item, there is no environment that can affect the perception of the product. As a result, shoppers can be sure they are informed enough to pick the best options on sale.

    On top of that, a white background pic is a source of many visuals including lifestyle collages and 360 views. Of course, having all these options at hand will empower your product promo on any marketing channels even more.

    Need effective product photos for E-commerce promotion? With our 3D rendering services at hand, you will have plenty of photorealistic visuals that work perfectly for any platform!

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