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5 Benefits for Product Promo

White background photography is a basic image for product sales, so its quality should be on top. All the colors, textures and details have to be depicted with the maximum clarity, which is exactly what CGI is famous for. 

When launching a new furniture piece, Marketers need lots of photos of an item in all designs and from different angles. However, a traditional photo shoot for all the models could cost a pretty penny – a company has to make all the prototypes and bring them to the photo shoot, rent a studio, and hire a photographer. At the same time, Marketers’ task is to avoid unnecessary expenses and allocate more money for effective advertising.

Besides, product design is a highly competitive environment where Manufacturers battle for the juiciest ads, the wider audience coverage, and higher sales. In this situation, a traditional photo set and preparation for it could be too time-consuming, and can even delay the start of a promo campaign. Therefore, 3D technologies push the boundaries for Manufacturers – any type of CG photography, whether it’s a single object or a full room set, could be done faster and cost less than old-school photography.

As a 3D product rendering company, we know what are the benefits of 3D imagery for product design and how to use it for an effective promo. Stay tuned and learn 5 advantages of CG white background photography for successful marketing campaigns.

#1. Detailed Images for Product Page

White Background Image of Building Products

When a new furniture piece appears on a Manufacturer’s website, its visuals should be perfect. It is vital to show the object in high quality so all textures and design elements are easy to see. The best way to do it is to let customers zoom in and examine furniture in detail. It is also important to show an item from all angles so that by looking at the photography potential buyers could get a full picture and won’t doubt product quality.

Since a background doesn’t play a fundamental role here, the main image for an object on the site is usually white background photography by default. This type of shots is compatible with any website design and very versatile in usages. A simple white backdrop draws shoppers’ attention to a furniture piece and doesn’t distract them from an item itself.

#2. All Design Options for an Ecommerce Furniture CatalogWhite Background Visualization of a Chair

In order to have the best presentation of furniture in the catalog, Manufacturers need to show a model in all colors and design options. This means that alongside expenses on renting a studio with equipment and backgrounds, a company also has to spend money on producing plenty of prototypes. Moreover, if any single detail has to be changed in the design, a Manufacturer has to create a new prototype and re-shoot a furniture piece once more.

This is where 3D technologies come in handy. The biggest advantage of CGI over photography is that 3D Artists can create one 3D model of an item and make various versions of it, changing colors and textures in a few clicks. Using 3D software, they render a 3D model in any position and change backgrounds from simple white to more complicated ones without having to stage scenes and rent backdrops. In this way, 3D Artists can produce lots of CG images that could be used multiple times in future marketing campaigns.

#3. Various Promo Content for Social Media Marketing


    Most advertising campaigns today run on social media. Moreover, sometimes goods sell better in social networks than on specialized e-commerce platforms. For example, Facebook has a store option and customers often buy furniture right from it, without visiting the brand’s website. Also, products sell great on Instagram and Pinterest, and mere white background photography of an item is enough for starting sales.

    However, the social media audience is mercurial and requires new entertainment content every day. And again, in this situation, CGI wins – 3D Artists can constantly produce a lot of visual content using only one 3D model. Not only they can make a photorealistic rendering of one object from different angles, but they can also combine images into a collage, adding text and smiles, or make memes, GIFs, and animations.

    #4. Attention-Grabbing Images for Effective Email Marketing

    Table Photography on a Simple Background

    Well-planned marketing strategy with personalized emails and beautiful product pictures is a great tool to sell new products. There are many types of email marketing campaigns, but all of them need good-looking and informative visuals. 

    White background photography of an item looks professional and solid in newsletters, as nothing distracts potential buyers from the most important thing – the actual object. A simple presentation of the furniture on pure white background helps customers to evaluate its design quality and do justice to the offer. Moreover, these images look more formal and business-like, which makes them a perfect choice for partners’ and high-end clients’ mailouts.

    #5. Multi-Used Visuals for Online Promotion

    White Grey Armchair 3D Rendering

    White background photography works equally well for blogs, online media ads, and landing pages. A high-quality product picture could be used independently or as a collage for pop-up advertising and banners with texts and slogans added to the pic. Thus, having ordered only one CG photography, Marketers can find many ways to use it effectively.

    Moreover, white background images are ideal for Google advertising. Due to the simple backdrop, the design of an object is readable even on a small preview picture. So, there is a real chance that an item will instantly attract the buyers’ attention and they will click on the photography to see the full listing in the e-store.

    In order to launch an effective product promo campaign, Marketers need to use all possible marketing tools – effective online and offline ads, social media and online stores. White background photography works for all these purposes and presents an object in the best way while helping to save money on photo shoots at the same time. By using just one 3D model on a pure white background, you can get various types of high-end visual content faster and more cost-saving than traditional photography.

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