What Is Product Rendering

How It Has Changed Product Development Forever

What is product rendering and what opportunities it has opened to the product design industry? First of all, it helps to save money and time on making prototypes and photo shoots, which is highly appreciated by all Manufacturers and Designers. More importantly, it also nourishes the huge competition among Manufacturers – with photorealistic visualizations any business can grow fast, using them for countless marketing goals.

When it comes to product development, Manufacturers experiment with design a lot, which requires frequent prototyping. However, making a prototype for every slight change of the item’s design sounds irrational – it requires not only time on creating and transporting, but it could also be extremely pricey. Surely it depends on the complexity of the project, but with all the expenses on materials, workers’ fees and transport, the final cost of the prototype may increase to several thousands of dollars.

Therefore, it is necessary for Manufacturers to find a more effective way to shape the design and develop the concept of products. This is where 3D technology comes into play – 3D product rendering gives modern Manufacturers ample opportunities to create the perfect design and save money on its realization at the same time.

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So what is product rendering and how it can elevate the development of an item’s design? Generally speaking, it’s a photorealistic image of an object made by CG Artists in 3D software. With this technology, Manufacturers and Product Designers can work on the 3D model of the product, trying different colors and materials, as well as changing its design elements. This innovative tool substituted traditional prototyping and changed the whole industry – how Manufacturers develop and promote their products. Let’s have a closer look at what is product rendering’s role in design development today and what opportunities it offers to Manufacturers.

#1. Product Rendering Makes Design Development Flexible

With the help of 3D software, one can change the color of the object, pick up new material, and change design elements – all just in a few clicks. Using this kind of soft, Manufacturers and Designers can easily try different designs without producing a prototype for every new idea. The process of creating has never been faster and more flexible, so a Product Designer is free to generate ideas and try out plenty of various concepts, shaping the design to perfection without extra expenses.

#2. Product Design Development Has Become Faster With CGI

3D Sofa Silo Rendering

What is product rendering if not a time-savior? Traditionally, while working on a project and trying many design options, a Manufacturer orders prototypes to see how the object works with different colors, materials and textures. However, ordering a new sample and waiting until it’s done can take months, so it’s not the best option for the early stages of product development. Needless to say that often a Designer tries at least several variants of product design and makes many adjustments, which require quite a few samples.

With photorealistic product rendering, Manufacturers can first create the best design that could be tested and approved, and only then spend money on a super-quality final prototype. This drastic opportunity speeds up production and allows a brand to start sales earlier than their competitors.

#3. Product Rendering Reduced Expenses on Design Development

3D Kitchen Product Rendering

Surely, each new prototype requires expenses on materials, transportation, staff fees, and so on. However, using 3D product rendering, one no longer needs to spend money on samples to choose the best design. Creating and making edits in 3D software doesn’t require involving various specialists and physical production so it could save the brand’s budget remarkably. Comparing to the cost of physical prototypes, 3D visualization is an affordable solution that works for both big brands and beginners.

Another cool advantage of product rendering is that it made pre-ordering a lot easier. Now there is no sense to produce the goods, take pictures and keep goods in stock waiting for the order. Using product visualization, a Manufacturer can start promoting their item, get a guaranteed prepaid order and only after that start the production. Thus, product rendering excludes any unnecessary expenses and financial risks for Manufacturers.

#4. Product Rendering Makes Consumer Testing Easy and Effective

Kitchen Product Rendring with a Talent

With product rendering, it became easier to predict the customers’ moods and tastes. Having impressive visuals of their future product, Marketers can conduct consumer testing to find out which model is more popular and most warm welcomed by their target audience.

Before 3D rendering came along, Manufacturers had to produce all the samples, make photo shoots for each of them and then distribute images amongst testees. Now, 3D rendering makes it possible to prepare tests quickly, and, no less important, with a larger number of options. This way Marketers can build up the picture of what their target audience wants before launching the product and don’t spend extra money on unsuccessful models.

#5. With Product Rendering Client Presentation Goes Smoothly

Kitchen Cabinetry Rendering

Working with other brands or making custom products, a Manufacturer needs to follow the original brief and make top-notch client presentations of both transitional and final versions of the product. Mere drawings or sketches hardly can impress the client, so photorealistic 3D visualization is the most effective way to do so.

Product 3D rendering helps to make jaw-dropping photorealistic visuals that display all the details, materials and colors as realistic as possible – so the client can fully examine and evaluate the design of the goods. Depending on the customer’s task and the concept, Manufacturers can showcase all color and design options and even make an animation that will show how the product works.

Such advanced technology as product rendering helps Manufacturers to save time and money on development and production. Designers and Manufacturers no longer need to order prototypes for every stage of product development. With 3D technology, one can make changes to a 3D model immediately to see whether this idea works or not. Thus, instead of waiting weeks for a prototype to be produced and delivered, a Manufacturer can get visuals ready in just a few working days.

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Learning what is product rendering and how it could be used to jumpstart product development opens the door to multiple opportunities. Contact us for 3D product rendering services and you will get awe-inspiring photorealistic images at any stage of the project as well as first-class promo visuals for marketing and advertising!

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