Photorealistic Product Rendering

How It Saves Thousands of Dollars on Marketing

Photorealistic product rendering not only elevates the visual content of a brand but also significantly saves the marketing budget in the process. How is it possible? It is all about “time is money” concept as well as technologies that make our lives much easier.

Imagine a Furniture Marketer who has always wanted to try luxurious design for visuals to attract more well-off prospects but had to let it go due to budget restrictions. Making high-quality product prototypes, renting a high-end mansion, decorating the interior in a way that suits furniture the best – even the most basic needs for such a photoshoot are already way off most companies’ capabilities. But can it be implemented without immense expenses or it is too bold to hope for such luck?

Thankfully, photorealistic product rendering can save the day and help to bring to life even the most daring marketing ideas. Learn 5 ways to pull off top-class product visuals without spending the annual budget.         

#1. Different Sets and Decor for Product Images

Product Images for Kitchen Furniture Promo

To make a whole product photo collection, Marketers need to try out at least several sets, preferably a new one for each new item. No need to mention that building and re-building studio sets costs a pretty penny. Even the separate design decor items are expensive enough to spend a huge piece of marketing budget just for the photo shooting. 

Photorealistic product rendering, on the other hand, provides the most diverse background options without much effort and spendings on Marketers’ side. One can order 3D scenes from scratch based on the references or choose a ready option from a database of a 3D rendering studio. The first variant can bring a dream concept to life while the second one saves a lot of money while maintaining the photorealistic quality.       

#2. The Most Exotic Locations for a Background

Product Images for Luxurious Spa Furniture

Sometimes high-end brands and their ambitious following competitors organize photo sessions in the field for more conceptual product images. Needless to say, renting a location in the mountains or on the beaches and transporting equipment and items to the place is off-limits for most of the Manufacturers. But it doesn’t mean there is no way to get the same results for a much lower price – and when we say “lower”, it is thousands and thousands of dollars less.

Hiring a photorealistic product rendering company enables Marketers and Manufacturers to implement any concept they wish. Exotic locations on the background, luxurious exterior, and interior, unique decorations – 3D rendering artists can create anything by just a few clicks in software. That’s why getting an eco-house in the jungle or a high-end mansion with a huge pool on the background of promo visuals is not only possible but as easy as ever.

#3. No Need for Manufacturing Product Prototypes

CGI for Stylish Kitchen Furniture

Creating a diverse collection of product images requires a lot of prototypes – at least one for each product. Sometimes, even more than one as some items have several design variations. Needless to say, it is an expansive and time-consuming process that may not be as profitable in the end. On top of that, most of the prototypes are never needed again as top Manufacturers prefer regularly update their range of products with new goods instead of old ones.

On the other hand, photorealistic product rendering services provide images without the need for physical samples. 3D models of items can be created based on drawings, photos, and even simple descriptions in some cases. Moreover, the ready CG objects can be reused and changed for future marketing campaigns, so it is a double win situation.   

#4. Changing Product Design Details at Any Time

One of the most obvious downsides of traditional photography is the inability to change and adapt things after the photoshoot is finished. Sometimes, the product design can be changed several times in the process or the concept of visual content can be adjusted to the target segment, etc. In such cases, Marketers have to restart the whole photo shooting process, which doubles an already big budget.

On the contrary, 3D visualization services are perfect for solving these problems. Photorealistic product rendering artists can make any additions and corrections to images in the progress as well as after they are ready. Moreover, Marketers and Manufacturers can even experiment with different concepts and it won’t cost them any significant amount of effort.  

#5. Getting Innovative and Engaging Visual Content

Product photography is a well-tested way to get marketing imagery but it is also a never-changing result – static visuals only. Nowadays, marketing strategies get more innovative with each day as the competition for the audience is as harsh as ever. What’s more, modern prospects are far from being easily-impressed by simple pictures when they are constantly surrounded by immersive video content. And if photography costs can give some troubles to small businesses, what we can say about high-quality video production expenses.

Photorealistic product rendering gives a lot of options for visual marketing aside from the images. One of them is 3D animation that can be used on all online platforms to engage the audience more effectively. There are also such 3D technologies as 360° view, VR tours, and materials for AR shopping apps, etc. Each of them brings something new to the table and elevates product promo to the new level.

Photorealistic 3D rendering gives Marketers and Manufacturers a rare opportunity to try the latest trends of visual marketing and save the budget at the same time. While even the most awesome photos can no longer impress prospects despite the huge spendings on professional photo shootings, it is time to surprise them with more interactive content. Photorealistic product rendering gives a variety of visuals as a result, which is also reusable and highly adjustable as a bonus.

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product rendering price

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