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7 Features Of These CG Images

Competition between brands is getting stronger and fiercer with each day. You can see how manufacturers struggle to stay on faster-stronger-higher mode and stand out from the crowd with their catalogs, e-commerce listings, catchy ads and intense social media marketing. Naturally, manufacturers and marketers have become even pickier with promo visuals — they want super photorealistic product imagery that matches their brand aesthetics and resonates with the target audience at once.

In today’s reality, traditional photography is not an option – it’s expensive and time-consuming. Even more so when there are many positions in a catalog and one needs a few pictures for each of them. Marketers understand that while they are making prototypes and arranging photoshoots, their competitors already sell products. Thankfully, ordering 3D visualization from a 3D rendering company could be a faster and more budget-saving option.

So what is the 3D product lifestyle and what opportunities for your business it brings? Let’s take a look at the 7 key features of the 3D lifestyle pictures.

#1. Product Lifestyle Displays Goods in the Flattering Environment 

3D Lifestyle Image for a Product in a Flattering Kitchen

First and foremost, a 3D lifestyle shows the product in a certain environment. These could be home and public interiors or outdoor spaces, depending on the type of product and the task. For example, to point out that the object is versatile, CG artists can create several interiors to display it in different scenarios. This approach works perfectly for minimalistic furniture, such as a table that can be effectively used as a dining table or a home office desk.

Professional CG artists have their library of ready-made 3D scenes, so they can choose one or select several roomsets that compliment the product the most. For instance, CGIFURNITURE has more than 6500 ready scenes and each one of them can be customized to celebrate the product and show it in all its glory.

#2. CG Lifestyles Are Easy to Customize by Color and Style

An Artistic Lifestyle with a Pink Sofa

Some marketers may be concerned that their roomset won’t look authentic with ready-to-use 3D scenes. Therefore, they would like to know what is product lifestyle’s features in terms of customization. 

Every roomset can be easily modified by style and color. Even when 3D artists use ready-made 3D scenes, they can adjust them specifically for a certain product. For example, they are able to mute the color palette of the room to make a main object stand out more as well as change textures of any item in the3D  room. Or they can show the same item in different interior styles to showcase how universal it is.

#3. CG Product Lifestyles Convey Mood and Ambiance

3D Product Lifestyle Rendering Full of Color and Emotion

What is product lifestyle if not a perfect transmitter of emotions and mood, right? Since it’s a realistic scene with thought-out light, balanced color palette and plenty of nice details, it creates a certain ambiance and a strong visual message. Therefore, a professionally done lifestyle can sell a product without additional slogans and witty copywriting.

All manufacturers have to do is to describe to 3D artists what kind of emotions they’d like to evoke in their customers – calmness, serenity, warmth, or, on the contrary, energy, joy or boldness. Then, they simply provide a CG studio with mood boards and suggestions on the desired effect. In turn, 3D artists will combine their skills in design and composition to create awe-inspiring lifestyle rendering tailored to a specific audience’s taste.

#4. 3D Lifestyles’ Composition Allows a Product to Shin

A Close Shot of a Lifestyle with a Beige Couch

Although there are many objects in the roomset, the customer’s attention should always be focused on the main product. That’s why 3D artists build a composition in such a way that accompanying items don’t distract customers from the main object. To highlight a product, CG artists choose the right angles, use color accents and arrange the furniture according to certain composition rules. As a result, no matter by how many items the product is surrounded, the buyers’ attention goes immediately to it regardless. 

There’s also a popular visual technique called “hero shot” that works for any type of product. A hero shot focuses all the viewers’ attention on goods with the help of smart framing, lighting and striking placement. In the end, a hero shot perfectly transmits the brand’s message and sells the product without any context to it.

#5. Product 3D Scene Provides Multiple Lighting Schemes

A Product Promo for a Bed and Bedside Tables

Creating product lifestyles in 3D software, CG artists are able to use their imagination fully and play with lighting settings to get the most out of renders. For example, they can create different lighting schemes for the same 3D scene to enhance some aspects like spaciousness and color or completely change the mood of the image. 

For instance, this feature works perfectly for bedroom furniture promo when the evening light conveys comfort and serenity of the room and makes it a perfect place for meditation and sound sleeping. But once 3D artists display the same lifestyle scene in the daylight, the morning sun in the CG picture transforms it into a cheerful and energizing space. Which, of course, is exactly the kind of bedroom everyone wants to wake up in. 

Also, trying multiple lighting settings in 3D soft doesn’t mean creating the whole scene from scratch. 3D artists can simply add or remove a few light sources and adjust them in a few minutes. So what is product lifestyle if not a presentation magic wand and a budget savior at the same time?

#6. Product Lifestyle is a Foundation of Effective Cross-Selling

3D Furniture Marketing Image Showing the Product in a Lifestyle

Once we revealed all the presentation features of a roomset, let’s learn what is a product lifestyle contribution to marketing and sales? Such 3D visualization works perfectly for advanced sales techniques like cross-selling. Since there are many items in the lifestyle and they look equally great, one picture can sell more than just a single product. 

For example, if a stunning 3D lifestyle image displays the entire soft furniture collection, shoppers are keener to buy not just one sofa, but also matching chairs and related decor. Therefore, not only a 3D lifestyle represents a more holistic vision than a simple white background photo of a single-standing item, but it also helps manufacturers to sell more. 

#7. Product Lifestyle is Versatile and Multipurpose

A Woman Uses an Application with Product Lifestyle

What is product lifestyle in terms of usage and how multipurpose it is? Well, a 3D roomset is a truly universal type of imagery — first, it works for both print and online catalogs. It also looks great for outdoor advertising and print collateral materials like brochures, banners, business cards, etc. Moreover, lifestyles make great content for social networks with a strong visual aspect, such as Instagram and Pinterest.

On top of that, 3D rendering is a flexible and reusable option that could be easily tailored for motion solutions. Modern e-commerce vastly grows and uses new sales tools like shopping VR and AR apps and 3D configurators. These new solutions require lots of highly photorealistic product lifestyles made in different colors and design options so buyers could customize their purchases. Having ready static 3D renders at hand, CG artists can easily create any type of motion imagery out of them including VR and AR visuals and product animation.

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When a manufacturer asks “What is product lifestyle and why do I need it?”, they already know the answer. They want roomsets to display the object as an organic part of a customers’ home and lifestyle. They need imagery that clicks immediately with the target audience and this is exactly the way CG visualizations showcase the goods — with dynamics and authenticity.

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A product lifestyle or a roomset, is a photorealistic 3D visualization of a scene that includes the main product and other complimenting objects. To create a roomset, CG artists use special 3D software where they do 3D modeling and 3D rendering of a scene.

It all starts with receiving the brief with all project materials. Then, CG artists proceed to 3D modeling and create the scene. They can build one from scratch or use template 3D scenes. After they build the roomset in 3D soft, they apply textures, set up lighting and cameras and make 3D  rendering.

First, add 2D drawings and photos of the product itself. Then write your suggestions on the style, describe a short scenario, add a link to your Pinterest, mood boards and references. In short, the more info you provide at this stage, the more accurate and holistic will be the final result.

The prices on 3D lifestyles vary in every CG company and also depend on the deadline and complexity of a scene. For example, in CGFURNITURE, we charge $149 for a simple lifestyle and $219 for a complex one. To get accurate prices, consider contacting client managers of the studio.