How To Increase Cross-Selling Effectiveness:

5 Amazing Hacks

The Internet provides tremendous opportunities for quick and convenient sales. After all, there’s no need to visit physical showrooms and shops anymore — product lifestyle rendering and photography could be enough to evaluate goods and make a decision. On the other hand, it’s difficult to increase sales if buyers quickly make a purchase and leave the website immediately.

However, every marketer and manufacturer has bigger expectations for their customers. They strive to make clients stay on the site longer, buy more products and come back to shopping there as soon as possible. For that, marketers tend to use more subtle sales tactics other than direct advertising – the cross-selling method. Cross-selling is a powerful technique that combines complimentary items and creates related offers to encourage shoppers to buy more. Of course, to execute this strategy well, one needs to carefully plan it. We’re talking about the visuals that manufacturers and marketers choose for cross-selling. 

The most effective sales method is to prompt customers to buy not just one item but to shop the whole set to recreate a mood or a lifestyle in the picture. Therefore, providing buyers with a stylish 3D room set instead of individual photos of each furniture piece on the white background increases the chances to sell more goods.

Surely, by collaborating with a 3D rendering studio, marketers can get jaw-dropping lifestyle rendering for their products. But how to increase cross-selling with it and improve customers’ experience? Read our 5 tips on this matter and don’t forget to make notes.

#1. Draw Prospects’ Attention to Discounts

Lifestyle of a Grey-Toned Living Room

Obviously, people love discounts and are looking forward to the season sales. However, the most important here is to not just get consumer’s attention with crazy discounts but make them realize how profitable this offer is so they wouldn’t want to miss it. Therefore, advertising images must be impressive and exciting. By using lifestyle rendering, marketers inspire customers to shop the look, thus, they can sell not only a discounted product but also related items without a discount.

To make an eye-opening offer with lifestyle pictures, take a beautiful 3D room set and add text, prices and emojis — whatever you like. By doing so, you can use the image for an advertisement on the brand’s website and also adapt it for engaging posts on social media. This way you can increase cross-selling effectiveness with no problems.

#2. Use Lifestyle Rendering for Convincing Recommendations

Lifestyle Imagery for a Dining Furniture Set

Cross-selling is based on introducing similar products to prospects who are currently shopping or just looking around on the site. Thus, online stores offer their customers recommendations e.g. what other items will match with the chose product the best. This tactic works perfectly — according to Invespcro, cross-selling and recommendations contribute up to 35% of overall revenues in Amazon. Impressive, isn’t it? One of the keys to such effective sales could be smart personalized recommendations.

For example, the suggestion “People like you who purchased this” sounds more personal and is more powerful than traditional but nonindividual “Customers who purchased this”. Also, “People who bought this item also bought” is a classic move that works for any product. To enhance the effect of the well-selected words, use beautiful lifestyle images. Naturally, room sets look more convincing than individual photos as they represent the lifestyle every homeowner dreams of. 

For instance, the perfect dining room full of beautiful decor and tableware makes it seem like the house is ready to host family dinners and classy parties. Thus, a buyer can physically feel the joy of having long pleasant meals with their loved ones, which makes their heart melt. And all they have to do to recreate this homey ambiance is to buy all products from the lifestyle rendering. Such well-executed recommendations look very natural and non-commercial, hence, trustworthy.

#3. Highlight Bestsellers with Stunning Lifestyles

Interior Rendering for an Exotic Cafe

Offering “top-rated” or “bestseller” goods with customers’ reviews is a great way to sell more. Such listings look like safer and more reasonable purchases because they are verified by other buyers. Marketers can use bestsellers for banners and pop-up ads for any type of e-comm website. Of course, such an ad shouldn’t irritate but attract customers. In this case, eye-catching and awe-inspiring lifestyles are simply a must.

Since the listing says “top” and “the best”, the lifestyle rendering has to keep up with the high standards. Therefore, lifestyle renders should be 100% photorealistic, i.e. display high-quality 3D models, top-notch textures, beautiful angles and dramatic lighting for even more of an impact. With such killer images, it’s not even a question of how to increase cross-selling, it’s a matter of time.

Interior renders make perfect top-offers and bestsellers for furniture pieces that work for both websites and social networks. For instance, Instagram Stories is a perfect place for lifestyle rendering. You can mark each product from the roomset and link the Story to the listing — all buyers have to do to get the whole set is to just swipe up the image.

#4. Add Luring Cross-Selling Listings in the Shopping Cart

A Cozy Lifestyle for an Attic Study

After a consumer purchases everything they want and proceeds to the shopping cart, they are in one click from the checkout. At this moment, marketers have to make additional efforts to return buyers to shopping online again. What can help is a nice pop-up banner with personalized recommendations and a mind-blowing lifestyle rendering. 

A room set in a 3D render must contain the products that a buyer already has in the shopping cart. Then, consumers will see that they obviously lack the rest of the items to recreate a stylish and cozy interior. After all, even if a buyer had no plan to purchase more, they might want to just get a good look at the lifestyle rendering. To examine an interior closely, they most likely will click on the image that redirects them to the listing. That’s it, the customer is back and there is a chance they may buy an additional product!

#5. Make Buyers Come Back to Shopping from Thank You or Exit Page

3D Rendering of an Interior with a Pink Sofa and Decor

And even when the buyer has already paid for their purchase and is one step away from leaving the website, you can always bring them back to the catalog. So how to increase cross-selling effectiveness at the very last stage of the customer journey? For that, marketers can use pop-up banners that call to use last-minute discounts or offer personal recommendations. 

Of course, only truly impressive and alluring visuals can make consumers click on the ad and go back to shopping. Therefore, use only the most jaw-dropping lifestyle rendering that guarantees a wow effect. To make it work, you can experiment with angle and lighting, add a convincing call to action and a pinch of theatrical post-production in Photoshop. 

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product rendering price

So how to increase cross-selling results as a part of your marketing plan? There are so many cross-selling techniques out there — some work better for eCommerce websites while others are perfect for social media. However, despite the platforms and channels you choose, you need outstanding and convincing imagery to make clients come back and buy more. To cross-sell furniture pieces, don’t showcase only one item on the white background but put them into a sophisticated and homey interior setting. By creating a dream home in 3D renders, you invoke the most pleasant feelings in customers and inspire them to buy these matching pieces in a set.

Need lifestyle rendering for effective cross-selling? Choose our 3D rendering services and you will get stunning visuals that will make customers come back to your shop again and again!

Irene Lewis

Content Writer

Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.

A lifestyle 3D render is a photorealistic image that showcases the products in an interior setting. Rendering is based on a 3D scene made in special software. A 3D studio can make roomsets in different interior styles or colors, depending on the product and the task.

Sometimes, 3D artists use ready-made 3D scenes they have in their library. In such cases, they simply put the item into the roomset and adjust it. Also, they can create a new lifestyle from scratch and to create a unique look for the product. For that, they make a 3D room, and add a 3D model of a product and select matching furniture and accessories. After that, they set up lighting and cameras and proceed to render.

The key idea behind the cross-selling for furniture is to display the full roomset that has lots of related elements in it. In this case, customers will want to shop not just one furniture piece but the whole look.

The price on lifestyle rendering varies and every 3D studio has its own pricing policy. In CGIFURNITURE we charge $149 for a simple lifestyle and $219 for the complex one.

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