Types of Product Advertising

7 Kinds Of Ads You Can Use

No matter what brand or business marketers work for, they need to stay on top of the game by developing new strategies and using various types of product advertising to enhance them. However, there are so many kinds of adverts and who knows which one is a surefire method to increase sales? Well, there’s no other way but experiment with ads and try all these types one by one or together and analyze the results.

Also, it would be nice to find types of images that work best for each kind of product adverts before ordering them from a 3D rendering company. To help marketers to deal with these questions, we made a guide on CGI for ads and 7 different types of advertising. Take a look.

#1. Digital Ads

A Man Typing on a Laptop and Seeing Product Advertisement

Digital advert refers to any online promotional activity and ads. There are two types of product advertising on the Internet — display and search advertising.

Search advertising is tailored for search engines and provides the results depending on the query and user’s true needs. After customers type in the product they are looking for, they see ad boxes with relevant links on top of the organic results. Often, search-engine companies don’t charge brands until customers click on that ad. This type of payment method is called “pay per click”.

A display type of advert is based on using pop-up banners of different shapes and forms that appear on certain pages and websites. Surely, this type of ad must be visually catchy and creative enough to capture the prospect’s attention at once. Such banners can contain graphic and animated elements, some even provide users with interactivity. Using different banners, marketers can experiment with their audience to see which type of CGI works best for their display advertising — static visuals or motion solutions.

#2.  Social Media Adverts

A Person Setting Up a Type of Product Advert for Social Media

Although social media is one of the digital types of product advertising, it’s a separate field that requires special study. Using social networks, marketers can promote their products on their pages, and also attract new audiences with the help of influencers and groups.

Any social network requires tons of visual content. Some, like Instagram and Pinterest, are based on imagery and you can’t post anything except pictures and videos there. In this case, the more content you have, the more opportunities you get.

That’s why marketers need plenty of catchy photorealistic visuals striking lifestyles, products on a bright background, close-up and cut-out views. And of course, collages with emojis and a funny copy are some of the most popular types of content for posts and stories.  

#3. Advertisement in Print Media

Newspapers and magazines are still as effective as other types of product advertising. Firstly, they have their own audience, which may be new and useful for your brand. Secondly, among their readers, you can find your direct buyers — designers and decorators. Moreover, being mentioned by iconic media is always good for the brand’s reputation.

If marketers want to expand the market more, they should also increase their business strategy with the help of local print media. For that, make sure you have plenty of first-class furniture products images to use in advertising spreads, editorials, interviews, and so on.

#4. Outdoor Product Advertising

Graphic Imagery for Types of City Adverts for Any Kind of Product

Naturally, to reach a wider audience, manufacturers and retailers have to take promo to the streets and use different types of product advertising outdoor. These can be vehicle advert, all kinds of banners, booths and tents, as well as all types of billboards — static, mobile, and digital.

In fact, everything we see in the urban space can be covered with product advertising in some shape or form. Therefore, explore the best places for your promo and try exciting and even eccentric ideas for awe-inspiring product lifestyles and collages.

#5. Email Marketing

A Laptop With Email Strategy for Promo and Advertising of Various Types of Products

Among all types of product advertising, email marketing requires the most planning and diplomacy. You can’t just bombard clients and prospects with direct advertising — otherwise, many will simply unsubscribe after the first email.

Experienced marketers use more considerate but effective ways to engage the audience and encourage them to click on the links in the email. The key here is to be focused and keep customers by providing helpful info. 

For example, you can announce a new product launch in advance and offer discounts for early birds, send recommendations on decorating, add a selection of top products of the month, etc. Try to make email advertising short but informative and bright — use photoreal CG pictures of a single standing product, top-notch lifestyles. 

#6. Event Marketing 

A Mockup with all Types of Advertising of the Products for Furniture Exhibitions

Events and especially furniture exhibitions require such types of product advertising where creativity and proactivity play a key role. Because there are always many competitors at these fairs, marketers have to put all their effort and provide outstanding and memorable brand presence.

For events, you can use several types of advertising. Firstly, invest in a unique and stylish brand stand. Secondly, print all kinds of banners: pop-up booths and displays, suspended, hanging and pull-up banners, etc.

On top of that, marketers have to prepare printed brochures, booklets, leaflets, product catalogs, business cards, branded stationery, merchandising, and so on. All these items should be present at the exhibition stand and in every PR package for the press, too.

#7. Video Advert

This marketing research shows that shoppers tend to like video product advertising more than all other types. But of course, it’s very expensive to shoot ads with real actors and locations – the few minutes of video come at stratospheric prices.  

With CGI, you can make photoreal product 3D animation with no physical actors, roomsets, crew and equipment. CG artists can build backdrops and settings in 3D software, plan camera movements, shoot and edit the video with no sweat. Then they add visual effects, background music and voiceover — and your stunning ad is ready!

3D animation is one of the most effective and versatile types of product advertising. You can use it for digital advert, TV, outdoor monitors, add to your product pages and e-commerce listings, not to mention that it is the perfect content for social media.

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All the aforementioned types of product advertising are quite adaptable and work for any business. What’s more, brands can use several or even combine all of them for a greater impact. Anyway, when it comes to visuals for advertising, you need photorealistic CG imagery that stands you out from the competitors — 3D lifestyles, collages, or top-notch product 3D animation.

Want the most outstanding images for product advertising? With our 3D rendering services, you will get effective CG solutions that can skyrocket your sales!

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