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How To Use CGIFURNITURE Library to Get Pictures Fast

Furniture products images with roomsets as a background are the best way to display and promote furniture pieces. Surely, gorgeous sleek interiors are more eye-catchy than images of single-standing products. They create a certain ambiance, perfectly convey the mood, and inspire customers to add more personality to their homes.

However, building an actual roomset for a product photo session is very stressful and expensive you have to buy decor and other furniture pieces, rent a studio with equipment, hire movers with transport, a photographer, a styling assistant…the list of expenses goes on and on.

Today many 3D studios offer their services for creating furniture 3D lifestyles. But nobody knows how it will work in advance and whether a client will be able to choose and personalize the 3D roomsets or not.

In our 3D rendering company, we have developed our own system called Archivizer that has a 3D library with more than 6500 photorealistic 3D scenes. Our users get full access to all these roomsets and they can customize each one of them for their product and needs. So how to use this tool and speed up the whole process of creating a lifestyle even more? Read on to follow the process step-by-step!

#1. Select the Scene You Like from Our 3D Library

Picking the 3D Furniture Product Model and Matching 3D Roomsets

For starters, the Archivizer library has simple intuitive navigation. The left window is the place where you can see all your 3D models of products. It will also be the main window where all the magic happens. The right menu shows our catalog of 3D scenes that we collected over the years. Browsing it, you can find lifestyle sets of all possible styles.

To select a perfect roomset, a customer can apply different filters and categorize the 3D scenes. They can be sorted by style from classic to minimalist; by room types from a kitchen to a living room, and by color scheme. This way clients can choose the scenes they like as a foundation and experiment with them before giving the brief to the team. 

#2. Add Your Furniture Piece into a 3D Roomset

Dragging a Furniture Product into a Chosen 3D Lifestyle Image

To put the product into a chosen 3D scene, a user simply drags the item from the left window to the right menu with the interior they like. After that, the lifestyle will appear in the main window and the client will be able to edit and personalize it themselves. It is that easy and quick!

Sometimes, clients may like how these furniture products images look without any tailoring, so they go straight to the final step and press the Submit button. The next second, a CG team receives a message about the new task. They carefully study the brief and comments and make photorealistic lifestyle furniture images in just 72 hours!


#3. Customize a Roomset and Product in a Few Clicks

Changing Design of the Chair for a Furniture Product Image

CGIFURNITURE library provides users with absolute freedom of customization of furniture products images. Using our base, clients can adjust the textures and colors of the items in the 3D scene. In the drop-down menu, users select custom textures for the upholstery for furniture 3D models, change the color of their frame, etc. 

Needless to say that being masters of their own designs, customers can experiment with 3D scenes and models until they are satisfied with the results. Of course, this opportunity takes customization to the next level and accelerates the working process even more.

Once they get sure about the roomset look, customers can share their vision with CG artists. They are able to leave their recommendations to the team and provide an extended design explanation in the comment box below. 

#4. Choose Static or 90°- 360°Sequence Furniture Products Images

Checking the Boxes for Motion or Static Furniture Products Images

Once a marketer created their 3D scene and customized it, they can proceed to the next step. At this stage, they can opt for static furniture product images, a panorama, and 360 views made of 36 still images. All they have to do to get furniture products CGI is simply check the boxes in the required fields.

After a client creates the roomset and outlines the type of visuals they want, our CG team starts working on the project. As a result, a marketer gets the desired product imagery in no time without setting new tasks and paying more.

#5. Get the Exact Image Format for Your Furniture Product Promo

A Menu That Allows Selecting Format for Product Images of Furniture

The last menu of the CGIFURNITURE library allows a client to set the picture format. We factored all the most popular formats of images for social media into our 3D library. So whatever is the purpose Facebook cover, Instagram post, or online-advert a customer can simply choose the option they need and get specific furniture products images. This way, they can start their product promo once they receive the images. And no after-cropping or picture converting needed!

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

CGIFURNITURE 3D library is a convenient tool that is completely tailored to the client’s needs. Using its intuitive navigation, customers can build a 3D roomset themselves with no rush or use ready-to-go 3D sets. Clients move step-by-step and start from sorting ready 3D scenes and customizing them. In the end, they can opt for still images or a 360 view and choose the image format they need. 

Are you ready to get stunning furniture products images for your business? Choose our 3D rendering services, and we will make super-photorealistic 3D furniture lifestyle images in just 72 hours!

A product 3D lifestyle is an image of products in the complimenting environment an interior or outdoor scene. 3D lifestyles made by professional CG artists are of photorealistic quality and high resolution, so they look like photos of actual roomsets.

Our library is a database of more than 6500 ready 3D scenes. Our clients get full access to all of them so they can filter down to ones they like and customize them.

First, you opt for a 3D scene you like, then you simply drag your object into it and customize the roomset. After that, you can choose if you want this to be static or motion imagery, select the image format and press the Submit button. That’s it!

After they receive the full brief it takes them only 72 hours to create a customized photorealistic lifestyle.

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