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5 Must-Have Product Visuals for Furniture Business

Computer-generated imagery is one of the ways furniture manufacturers and retailers can get product visuals for traditional and digital marketing and promo campaigns. CGI allows saving time and money as it doesn’t require physical props, backdrops, as well as a big team of creators. Made by a well-reputed 3D rendering company, all types of 3D images look 100% realistic and show a product in all its glory.

CG imagery is based on 3D modeling technology that is versatile and flexible. Using just one 3D model, CG artists can create different types of visuals to cover all the marketing purposes furniture makers might have. 

Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look at 5 main kinds of 3D images manufacturers need for their businesses.

#1. Individual Shots on a Monochrome Background

A 3D Image for Chair Promo Showing Three Types of Product Views

CG pictures of an object on a plain background, i.e. silo renders are a basic type of product imagery for digital and printed catalogs, product pages and listings. Moreover, using a photo of an object on a white background as the main listing picture is obligatory for many eCommerce platforms. This way sellers can be sure that nothing distracts customers from the furniture piece.

The most popular individual views for eCommerce are front and ¾ ones, and they are easy to get with CGI. Using 3D software, CG artists relocate cameras inside of the scene to take shots from all possible angles. This way, manufacturers can get different types of views from just one 3D model.

#2. Detailed Close-Up Views

A Close-Up Type of an Image Showing a Pink Suede Quilted Sofa

A close-up product view is a must-have picture for furniture makers and retailers. Amongst other types of 3D images, this one perfectly shows the design and the quality of the piece. Just like a magnifying glass, a detailed close-up reveals the texture of the object, demonstrates the structure of the upholstery and emphasizes streaks in marble and wood. It also draws the customer’s attention to the design features of the piece such as high-quality fittings, quilted elements and other selling points.

#3. Impressive 3D Lifestyle Images

A 3D Image of a Couch with All Types of Home Accessories and Decorum

CG lifestyles are the types of 3D images that showcase furnishings in themed room sets. They help potential buyers to understand the proportions of an item and the interior style it fits the best. 3D room sets always have a certain ambiance that evokes emotions, hence, they sell a whole lifestyle, not just a furniture piece. That’s why these images work so well in advertising and furniture catalogs.

To create 3D lifestyles, CG artists use 3D models of furniture and home accessories, as well as ready sets from their library. The CGIFURNITURE database contains more than 6500 scenes and 50 000 three-dimensional objects in different styles. Therefore, our CG specialists can always pick matching interior scenes for any type of product.

#4. Buyer-Grabbing Hero Shots 

A Hero Shot Type of 3D Images Showing Cabinetry With Smoke and Water

Hero shots are the types of 3D images that make a statement and attract maximum attention to a product. Such a picture can be based on a room set or a plain background, which is not really the most important aspect. The primary rule of a hero shot is to find a way to instantly draw the viewers’ eyes to the object and make a big emotional impact on them. 

For that, CG artists show a product in an artistic way with the help of experimental camera angles, contrasting lighting, and creative composition. Moreover, they often use special effects to wow the customers — smoke, fire, explosions, water, snow, etc. A hero shot works perfectly for social media, landing pages, adverts, in other words, when you need to impress potential buyers at a glance. 

#5. Top-Notch Cutaway Views

A Cut-Away Type of 3D Image That Displays a Section of a Leather Armchair

A cut-out view or cutaway is not an obligatory image for all furniture manufacturers. However, it is necessary for selling upholstered furniture as it shows the seat in the section with all the layers cut open. This 3D image allows customers to see the springs, back support and reinforcements, foam pads, etc. These types of 3D images are self-explanatory and they work as visual proof of the design quality. Therefore, furniture makers and retailers often use them on product pages, catalogs, brochures and email newsletters.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

CGI allows the creation of different types of 3D images for multiple purposes. Individual shots on a monochrome background, close-up views and 3D lifestyles are ideal for catalogs and product pages, while hero shots and cutaways are best for advertising, email marketing and social media. The key benefit of choosing 3D for product imagery is its cost-effectiveness and short turnaround time — on average, we create these types of 3D visualizations in just 48 hours!

Need first-class 3D images for your furniture brand? With our 3D rendering services, you can get photorealistic CGI for any type of business and marketing task!

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