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5 Features That Make This Product Image A Great Promo Tool

Our media space is oversaturated with advertising on all channels. Social networks, shopping platforms, mobile apps, and even weather websites provide more and more native ads or pop-up banners. How one can stand out and make their ads the most eye-catching? 

The statistics show that the more promo images we see, the less attention we pay to them. Brands spend tons of money on something they think is a hero shot but their sales just don’t grow. As a result, it becomes obvious to marketers that some images simply don’t work — leads leave the landing page in a second, and ads on social media don’t impress buyers. If this happens to your company, you need to learn more about what makes a real hero shot.

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A hero shot is a popular marketing term but few really know what it is, how it must look like and how marketers can get the most out of a promo using this shot. As a 3D rendering company that makes CG hero shots on a daily basis, we know its 5 key features that make prospects immediately want to buy the product.

First of all, the perfect hero shot is a visual statement that speaks for itself — without any additional text explanations, CTA buttons and headlines. Such a shot sells the goods in the very first seconds prospects see them. It must take a glimpse for buyers to understand what are the benefits of the product, what problems it solves, and what emotions and life changes it may bring.  Want to know more? Let’s get into detail!

#1. A Hero Shot Matches Keywords in Google Search

A Promo Shot of a Pink Velour Sofa

A good hero shot should answer the search queries of the prospects. People always Google a specific word or phrase that works as the main key. Based on these results, the Google search engine offers them links to particular websites. Of course, after prospects click on those links, they expect to see the exact objects they were looking for and not an abstract ad.

For instance, if the buyer’s request is a “velour sofa”, the links must lead them to a shot of a sofa. A classic mistake is to present prospects with a lifestyle image of smiling people sitting on the couch that looks like a cheesy stock photo. However, a person sitting on the velour sofa doesn’t allow buyers to see the product as a whole, hence, evaluate its design and material. Ultimately, this picture may disappoint prospects and does more harm than good for product promo.

#2. A Proper Hero Shot Is Relevant to Prospects’ Needs

A Cut-Out Shot of an Armchair that Showcases the Design

A customer is always looking for a product that solves a specific problem. Say, they strive for comfort and convenience at their home and office. Thus, they are looking for a comfortable lounge chair, spacious chest of drawers, bed with an orthopedic mattress, and so on.

Smart online promotion is supposed to show how the object solves this problem. Moreover, the idea behind a hero shot is that buyers can see how a product does it just by looking at this particular shot, without further explanation.

To check how the picture works in an advertising mockup, one needs to remove all the slogans and texts. If a product image works even without them, then this is a hero shot. For example, in order to present an armchair as a high-quality and ergonomic furniture piece, you can show its cut-out view so all layers are visible and its convenience becomes obvious at first glance.

#3. A Hero Shot Resonates with Other Images and Headlines on the Page

Several Shots of a Sink for a Manufacturer’s Website

No matter the context and surroundings around the shot, everything should revolve around the hero shot and work for it. This is true with a website landing page, a catalog, an advertisement, blogs and so on. With this type of picture, no texts, images, headlines, or CTA buttons should drown out the message of the picture and drag the attention to themselves.

When it comes to a successful shot, all additional elements harmoniously correlate with the picture. Those details enhance the concept of the shot and completely focus the client’s attention on it. For example, this product page with a description of a concrete sink named “Zen” is designed exactly the way it should be — it’s minimalistic and truly zen.

#4. A Hero Shot Invokes Positive Emotions and Makes Promises

A Lifestyle Shot for a Rattan Furniture Ad

Experienced marketers know that if you know how to invoke the client’s emotions, you can sell literally any product — from furniture to a pencil sharpener. A real hero shot is so emotionally inducing and convincing that it sells items like hotcakes. 

For example, one can use a terrific lifestyle shot that conveys the relaxed atmosphere of a cafe and recreates the situation of having a nice dinner with your friends. Good product image showcases the combination of eco-friendly textures, well-modulated soft light, and beautiful weaving furnishings. With these visual triggers, the hero shot promises that buyers can create the same ambiance in their own restaurant or at home if they buy this exact furniture set.

#5. A Hero Shot Is Extraordinary and Visually Superb

An Inspiring Hero Shot for a Classical Furniture Set

Each brand manager wants their product visuals to be unique and innovative. So that when prospects see them, they don’t get a déjà vu – a feeling that they have already seen them in some other catalog in the past. Therefore, a true hero shot is a picture that represents the product in a new, extravagant and creative way.

This result can be achieved by creating an unexpected storyline, interesting composition, different angles, as well as the play of light, shadows and glare, etc. With this approach, even the most usual product can be represented as a jaw-dropping visual story.

To put it simply, a hero shot is a visual manifest that sells the product by itself and doesn’t require any additional text and images. To make such a shot you need to think it through in detail – create a certain message and the context, build a non-standard composition and use creative camera techniques. In the end, this image makes a promise to your customers, provokes their deep emotions, hence, makes them instantly want to buy a product.

Want to get winning visuals for your product promo? Reach out to us for 3D rendering services and we will make awe-inspiring hero shots that will skyrocket your sales!

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