Situational marketing is a brand’s response to any event relevant to a mass audience. Usually, those are social events, pop culture and sports sensations, holidays, etc. Such content easily becomes a trending topic on social media, which leads to a boost in all marketing statistics. It’s no wonder so many brands utilize any big news and events in their business promo campaigns.

But how exactly does situational marketing benefit business owners? And what do they need to do to make their situational content trend despite severe competition for the audience’s reaction? As a 3D rendering company that has created quite a lot of holiday imagery for seasonal marketing campaigns, we’ve learned a lot from our clients. And now we want to share with you insider knowledge on how brands use this strategy to enhance their business!

#1. Generate New Leads

Christmas Lifestyle Furniture Render for Situational Marketing

Content related to popular events reaches a wide audience, so it’s a perfect opportunity for attracting new leads. Many companies try to incorporate trendy topics such as holidays into their posts even if it has nothing to do with their services or products. It is a common practice to expand your reach and get more leads.

The main quality of such leads is that most of them are organic, meaning their transition from a prospect to a customer is much more natural. Though the converting process will need more active actions from the sales team, it still provides a good base to work with. All in all, generating new leads using a situational marketing strategy doesn’t require a lot of time and money to implement. At the same time, it brings many leads in a short time.

#2. Boost Sales

Christmas Lifestyle Rendering for Situational Marketing

Getting a lot of new organic leads is a trigger for increasing sales activities. To successfully convert them into customers, sales managers can use limited-edition benefits to create a sense of urgency for a purchase. For example, holiday discounts or special sales are a great way to pursue customers ordering products and services right away. 

In such cases, special offers for special events have to be promoted beforehand to create a buzz. That’s when the situational promo is the most useful. Publishing social media posts with holiday-themed product images, making event-related videos for websites and VOD platforms, generating content with relevant social and cultural references are just a few examples of situational marketing tools one can make use of. This way your audience will react more vigorously when it’s time for discounts

#3. Create Viral Content

Halloween Lifestyle Rendering for Situational Marketing

As the importance of organic audience grows each year, post reach has become essential in marketing, specifically on social media. To increase the duration and effectiveness of post reach, viral content works the best. It could be memes, trending edits, or useful videos. And situational marketing content is one of them. Holiday marketing ideas are usually fun, always timely and relevant, and extremely shareable.

Festive pictures and videos, holiday-themed articles, news-related posts  — the possibilities are unlimited and the timing is immaculate. Such content has all the qualities to go viral since it’s popular here and now. Carpe diem because it’s going to be replaced by something new the very next day. Thankfully, with so many things going on in the world, marketers are never empty-handed when it comes to situational marketing.

#4. Enhance Customer Engagement

Impressions on social media are the new currency. Likes, shares, reactions, views, subscriptions — they all are examples of customer engagement, and therefore, signs that your marketing is successful. It’s also proof that viewers don’t just scroll past your posts but actually read and watch them. And it’s much easier to get prospects interested when content involves something that is known to a lot of people.

There are several ways to increase customer engagement. Providing a great shopping experience is one of them as well as regular communication with the audience. Social media marketing and conversational marketing are a big part of being in touch with your customers as well as making your brand more relatable and meaningful for them. Last but not least, captivating and interactive visuals such AR/VR, 3D configurators, product videos, and 360° views are very effective when it comes to stimulating customer activities.  

#5. Improve Brand Awareness

Thanksgiving Lifestyle Rendering for Situational Marketing

By using popular events and building marketing campaigns around them, companies build reputation, express their messages and values, and simply make sure they will be recognized by the masses. To put it simply, brand awareness is the measure of how memorable and recognizable a company is to its target audience. Customers will see its offers in their newsfeeds over and over until they develop a preference for a brand based on its familiarity. 

Since situational marketing content often goes viral, it’s perfect for raising brand awareness without spending too much money on advertising. Marketers can order festive images and animations before major holidays, hop on social media trends and memes, and even create visuals correlated with important social events. The more eye-catching and impressive the materials, the more lasting impression they will have on both new and existing audiences. 

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Building a brand’s reputation and solid relationship with its audience is impossible without situational marketing. On top of that, you will never struggle with content when so many special events happen all the time. Launching situational promo activities, you can stay relevant and raise brand awareness by following internet trends and incorporating them into your marketing strategies.

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