Holiday Marketing Ideas:

5 Ways to Incorporate Themed Product 3D Renders

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer’s behavior and demands have changed so much that marketers can’t predict how sales will go in the holiday season of 2021. For example, last year, people stopped buying gift cards for entertainment and focused on purchasing home products instead. So to gain the upper hand in the competition this year, brands have to start working on holiday marketing ideas and get festive visuals as soon as possible.

However, arranging furniture photo shoots for every holiday is too troublesome and expensive. Marketers should buy tons of decor that they might use only once and build a separate set for each theme. Not to mention goods’ transportation and a photographer’s fee will cost a pretty penny!

With CGI, the whole process of getting lifestyle images is simple and budget-friendly. Specialists from a 3D rendering company can just select themed 3D models from their library and change the decor in a scene. All in all, the creation of festive CG pictures can take a couple of days depending on the complexity of the concept. Sellers will be able to use ready product renders for these 5 holiday marketing ideas and boost their promo strategies. 

#1. Create an Enticing Website Landing Page

Photorealistic 3D Photography for Living Room Furniture

Using themed product 3D renders, manufacturers and retailers can update the landing page of their website and make their e-store look festive. The landing may promote holiday sales, draw buyer’s attention to a new collection, as well as announce pre-sales. 

Naturally, the more tempting the picture and powerful the call-to-action are, the higher the chance that visitors will click on the button. The key here is to reinforce creative holiday marketing ideas for landing with jaw-dropping still or motion 3D visualization. To fuel the hype even more, one can add the countdown for limited-time offers to the page.

#2. Incorporate Themed Visuals into Email Newsletters

A Christmas Product Lifestyle Image Used for Holiday Marketing Strategies and Promo Ideas

Before the holiday season, shoppers eagerly follow sales updates from their favorite brands and, therefore, perceive all email newsletters as potentially useful ones. That’s why manufacturers and retailers must use mailing holiday marketing ideas to the fullest. Adding themed images for newsletters, they can inform buyers about upcoming discounts or even send exclusive deals to their regular clients. This way the brand can promote its products and boost customer loyalty at the same time.

Obviously, themed images should evoke a festive mood and sell products even without text. However, to enhance email marketing ideas for holidays, product promo must include discounts and a countdown written in large numbers reinforced with a killer CTA.

#3. Build Effective SMM Campaigns

Halloween Leather Armchair Rendering

As for SMM, brands should experiment with promo strategies, especially regarding marketing ideas for the holiday season. Themed CG images can make even previously used furniture promo on-trend again since they show products in a relevant context. Festive 3D renders can be used in posts and stories to make big announcements about upcoming sales or a new holiday special collection. 

However, the best holiday marketing ideas are running contests and giveaways on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook. For such activities, marketers need a catchy picture or collage with a special hashtag. To make a post viral, brand marketers can ask users to share the pic, tell how they plan to spend the holiday and add a hashtag. These actions must be completed with top-notch imagery that people would want to share on their timelines. As a result, giveaways and contests will increase the engagement of the existing audience and attract new customers.

#4. Create Eye-Catching Online Banner Ads

When it comes to online promotion of special deals and seasonal discounts, banner ads are a must. Manufacturers and retailers can incorporate those both on their websites and popular eCommerce platforms. With awe-inspiring 3D images, it won’t be difficult to impress website visitors and capture their attention at once.

To make outstanding banner ads, brands should try a creative approach to holiday marketing ideas. Using festive 3D rendering as a foundation, they can create a funny collage and add a copy that speaks to their customers. Moreover, to encourage users to click on a banner, one can make an animated advert with cozy Christmas lights or spooky Halloween creatures in it. 

#5. Use CGI for Print Promo and Outdoor Advertising

Furniture Render for Сhristmas Marketing

Last but not least, we have effective holiday marketing ideas for offline promo. Professionally done 3D renders are of the highest quality so they can be printed in any format and used both for collateral and outdoor advertising. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options.

Seasonal Catalogs

Manufacturers and retailers can update their catalogs for a specific holiday. Using CG software, 3D artists will add festive decor to room sets and set up cozy lighting schemes. Holiday catalogs can be sent to customers and media, distributed to brick-and-mortar stores, used at furniture exhibitions, etc.

Mailing Materials

Research shows that about half of millennials don’t pay attention to online advertising, but only 15% of them ignore direct mail. So, if sellers want to get to this audience, updating marketing mailing items seems like a good idea. Again, it doesn’t take too much time and effort. All marketers have to do is ask 3D artists to tailor existing product lifestyles, then print these images in brochures, leaflets, and postcards, and mail them.

Outdoor Advertising

Having high-quality product 3D visualizations, manufacturers and sellers can promote goods on any outdoor platform whether it’s a billboard, banner, POS advertising, or public transport. In addition, themed 3D renders blend perfectly into the festive vibe of the city and enhance shopping holiday fever even more.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

With festive 3D renders, you can get a plethora of materials for holiday marketing ideas. You can use themed CG images for contests and giveaways in social media, revamp email marketing campaigns, and create eye-catching online banners and landing pages. Also, consider using CG images for outdoor advertising and print collateral promo items. 

Ready to try furniture 3D renders for your situational marketing ideas? When ordering 3D rendering services from us, you get custom furniture images for any holiday season!

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