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Outsource CGI Studios vs. Freelance 3D Artists

Professional product rendering provides Manufacturers with the most amazing images for marketing campaigns. What’s more, outsourcing CGI doesn’t require too much time and effort. The only question is what option is more beneficial – a studio or freelancers?

Imagine a situation in which a furniture company has to take a lot of product images for different marketing channels. The Manufacturers would need a bunch of photos for a website, social media, catalogs, and advertising – all different and unique. On top of that, time is money so the preparation shouldn’t take too long before the start of the new promo campaign. The obvious solution is outsource product 3D visualization as all it requires is a brief with references. But how to choose a reliable and professional remote contractor to be sure the result will be top-notch and on time?

We made a few points of comparison between outsource CGI studios or freelance 3D artists to help our readers figure out the answer. Learn more about both options and choose which one meets your requirements better.      

#1. Speed

A Marketer Looking at the Schedule Wondering if He Can Speed Up a Project

A professional product rendering CGI studio has a staff of many employees with profound skills and experience, so their speed is on top. In addition, project managers distribute the tasks between rendering artists, which accelerates the process even more. On top of that, any delays are impossible with professional CGI studios as specialists are always ready to replace each other in case of emergency and finish the job on time.

Freelance 3D artists usually work on their own, which doesn’t allow them to do more work than one person is physically capable of. Moreover, if a freelancer gets sick or there are any problems with equipment, the process stops until the specialist can solve the issues. It often leads to all kinds of delays and missed deadlines due to the inability to find a replacement for the professional rendering artist within a short time.    

#2. Price

The Cost of Professional Product Rendering

Professional product rendering made by CGI studios generally costs more than freelance services but it is possible to find a reasonable price. For instance, outsource 3D companies offer more cost-saving options than in-house studios with the same top-notch quality. Besides, many CGI firms provide different benefits that help to save money, such as including part of corrections in the cost or giving discounts for long-term clients. 

As an illustration, here are the typical rates charged by freelancers on well-known platforms:

Freelance 3D artists charge less than companies unless their skills and experience are superb. The downside of it is the photorealistic product rendering process of one professional takes longer than teamwork. Hence, if a specialist requires payment per hour of their work, the final cost can turn out to be more than expected. In addition, freelancers make more corrections on average, which are often paid separately.

#3. Quality

Professional Product Rendering for a Dining Room

CGI companies have studio standards of quality on top of clients’ requirements, which double the level of the result. For example, CGIFURNITURE does two rounds of check-ups after the task is finished. The first one is made by a project manager on compliance with the brief, and the second one is by a 3D rendering mentor who assesses product rendering in terms of professionalism.

Hiring freelance artists is always a risk of getting less than satisfying results because they have no strict obligations. When working with remote services, the only proof of quality prospects can get is a portfolio, which is not always a legitimate or accurate presentation of a specialist’s abilities. This is often the case with complicated or large-scale projects that require a wide range of skills. However, there is no way to be sure of the rendering artists’ level before the collaboration.   

 #4. Scale

Professional Product Rendering for a Gym Pool Design

Talking about the scale of projects, it is impossible not to mention the benefits of big 3D studios for complicated multi-level tasks. They have tens and sometimes hundreds of professional product rendering artists who can work simultaneously on a task. Moreover, most of them have specializations in CG at which they’re the best. This means a 3D company effectively splits up the working process between the professionals and delivers the best possible result.

When it comes to freelance rendering artists, large-scale projects are quite challenging. They either have to take a long period for the full implementation or find someone to help them. Understandably, clients also wouldn’t want to search and monitor several specialists for only one project as it takes more time and money. On top of that, collaborating with other freelancers means sharing the payment – an unpleasant outcome for everyone involved. 

#5. Guarantees

Quality and Time Guarantees of a Professional Product Rendering Studio

Most of the big CGI companies provide all kinds of benefits and special offers for their clients. The most important ones are quality and time guarantees as they eliminate any risks for customers. As an example, CGIFURNITURE returns money if the result is not delivered on time or up to clients’ standards. 

On the other hand, freelancers can’t afford such bonuses and usually don’t provide any solid guarantees. The only possible thing is to pay after the project is finished and only for the satisfying results. However, even in this case, clients may not lose money but they won’t get the professional product rendering they want.

Choosing a CGI studio or freelance 3D artist for the first time is always not easy. The benefit of a 3D company though is that if you find a reliable one, you don’t have to search for anything else anymore. They can provide a variety of professional product rendering services and meet all your needs. On the contrary, working with freelancers usually includes a constant search for new ones with every new project, which takes a lot of time and effort.

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