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5 Ways It Facilitates the Life of Furniture Manufacturers

Being in a business for a while, furniture manufacturers and retailers well understand they must have quality product images for campaigns. Back in time, they used to arrange photo shoots and deal with the weeks-long hassle and big expenses. One had to rent a studio with equipment, buy props, build a set and hire a large crew — photographers, set designers, assistants, etc. Today, with 3D product visualization technology at hand, they can forget about photo shoots and breathe easily.

The modern furniture industry has new standards and requirements. And while some brands stick to product photos, their competitors use cutting-edge CG solutions that are interactive and attention-grabbing. Using only traditional photos, you simply can’t keep up with them.

So what are the exact benefits a brand can get from using CGI? In our 3D rendering company, we know how 3D visualization services can make the life of furniture manufacturers and retailers easier. Keep scrolling to learn this secret!

#1. Getting 3D Product Visualization Is Easy and Effortless

A Product Visualization of Dining Furniture Pieces and Home Decor

The very process of 3D visualization doesn’t require the organization of photo shoots and ordering prototypes. All furniture makers have to do is send the scope of work (SoW) to a CG studio and they will send ready images within a couple of days. So, it’s easy as pie! The most important thing is to include as much information as possible about a product into the SoW, for instance, 2D drawings, photos, measurements, design and texture references, etc.

#2. 3D Rendering Costs Less than Product Photo and Videography

Furniture 3D Visualization in Victorian Style with Lots Of Products in It

Since the making of 3D product visualizations doesn’t include any actual objects, as well as physical studio and equipment, manufacturers can forget about these costs. To build a set, CG artists use 3D models from their 3D library which significantly accelerates the whole process. At CGIFURNITURE, we have more than 50 000 ready 3D models and 6500 scenes to choose from.

Also, most CG specialists are trained in design and art so they combine the functions of both set designers and photographers. Therefore, working with pro 3D artists, furniture makers save money on hiring designers, stagers and photographers who are key figures for conventional photo shoots.

#3. Using CGI Accelerates the Start of Promo and Marketing Campaigns

A Screenshot from Social Media Post Based on Quality Product 3D Visualization

Unlike old-school photography, CGI allows getting product images long before a piece is manufactured. Using 3D software, CG artists can create a 3D model of a product and render it in all possible colors and materials. With resulting product visualization, manufacturers can start promo and marketing campaigns right on time and get pre-orders. 

Going for 3D technologies one doesn’t need actual prototypes for design testing. Manufacturers are able to order 3D visualizations for all the product options, test them on focus groups and choose the best design based on prospects’ opinions with no sweat. This way, they kill two birds with one stone — minimize risks before product launch and save budget. 

#4. Product Visualization Means Unlimited Number of Images

The creating process of product visualization happens in 3D software. This means that minor changes such as repositioning the cameras are fast and easy to do. Therefore, furniture makers can have as many product views as they need — from close-up views to hero shots. And if manufacturers want to have the same object rendered in different colors and textures, CG artists can change them in just a couple of clicks. With CGI, brands can get a big package of diverse images in one go. 

#5. CG Rendering Provides Versatile Visual Content 

A 3D Visual of a Couch with Additional Products

One of the biggest advantages of CGI is that any 3D model or scene can be used not only for static product visualization but also for advanced CG solutions. 

360° Product View


    CG artists don’t need real photos to create an interactive 360° view. They render a 3D model from different angles on a white background, at least 36 images. Then, they stitch all images into one high-quality 360°  spin model — the whole process takes them just about 48 hours.

    3D Configurator

    A Computer Showing a 3D Product Configurator Made with the Help of 3D Visualization Technology

    An interactive product customizer is based on the same 3D visualization technology. CG specialists render a 3D model in all the design modifications and program the 3D configurator using special visual editors. In the end, furniture manufacturers get an HTML code to a 3D customizer that they can paste into any website.

    3D Animation

    Modern 3D animation looks no less realistic than traditional product videos but is much more affordable and easy to get. To create it, CG artists use ready-made 3D scenes and set up cameras according to a path in the script. After the CG video is shot, they cut it and do post-production. The only thing that furniture manufacturers must do to get jaw-dropping 3D animation is to send the script to a CG studio, or make suggestions so that our specialists create one from scratch. 

    AR/VR Models

    A Customer Using a AR app Based on 3D Visuals to Try Products at Home

    CG artists can make life-like AR/VR models for applications based on a regular 3D model. For this, they optimize a 3D object in such a way that it doesn’t lose quality but becomes lightweight and becomes easy for the app engine to render. Our experts save AR/VR models in popular file formats so they work for any type of app or digital platform.

    QR Code for AR 3D Model

    Scan QR code to see this product in augmented reality

    Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

    product rendering price

    Ordering 3D product visualization is a profitable solution for the furniture business. It is much more affordable than a regular photo and video shooting and doesn’t require any super efforts from manufacturers — they just send detailed SoW to a CG studio and stay in touch for the result approval. Besides, CGI allows ordering an unlimited number of pictures and getting interactive and motion solutions for eCommerce such as a 3D configurator, 360° view, and 3D animation.

    Excited about the opportunities product visualization gives to the furniture business? Contact our managers for 3D rendering services and we will make you realistic CGI of any type in the shortest time possible!

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