Realistic CGI

for Deschamps Custom Furniture

Product 3D Rendering for Deschamps

Greg Deschamps, the founder and head furniture designer of Deschamps Custom Furniture, got in contact with our studio for realistic 3D renders of the cabinetry. Particularly, he needed us to create 3D renderings for two objects: a walnut bathroom cabinet with a granite countertop and a teak media console. The reason was to try a faster and more budget-friendly way of getting striking product images than traditional photography. 

To convey the required look of cabinetry, Greg sent us photos of it as references. His main requirement was to highlight the materials and craftsmanship that went into the finished product. And in terms of choosing context lifestyle scenes to put pieces in, he gave our artists creative freedom. See what came out of it below!

CEO of Deschamps Custom Furniture

Greg Deschamps

Custom Furniture Designer

Using 3D rendering services really changed the approach to marketing Deschamp’s new products. We can share our ideas with CGIFURNITURE artists and get amazing product images that are no different from traditional photos.

What’s even more surprising is how fast 3D rendes are done. After only a few days of working on a project, the artists give us the result that could have taken a few weeks with photo shootings.

Now, Deschamp’s website and social media are full of stylish product pictures that draw eyes of potential clients.