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5 Tested Ways to Make a Product Launch Successful

It’s not a secret that nowadays most businesses strive to be successfully presented online. To back up with the statistics: in 2020, it is expected that 2.05 billion people or about 25% of the global population will shop online, according to Oberlo, the Shopify parent organization. Thus, an effective and powerful online promotion of products is always on point. 

However, in the realm of furniture production and sale with a fiercely competitive environment, retailers and marketers need something that can outplay the rivals. Arbitrary promotions offering 35% off just because an item looks nice work weakly for a winning product launch. So, how to do it successfully anyway? Here are 5 ways that can give some competitive assets to those implementing them. 

#1. Create Awareness And Hype 

E-commerce promo: Buzz around the brand

Online promotion of a new coming product can start with a pre-launch phase. For example, marketers use a pre-launch teaser to catch the interest of potential buyers. The platforms to be used for such a purpose might be social media, official websites, landing pages, online communities, and so on. At this point and when the launch time comes, it’s important to create excitement around the product. It leads to increased brand awareness and hype throughout the Internet. 

There are a lot of strategies to do it. For example, it makes sense to drive traffic to a landing page, exploring Facebook, and then forwarding that traffic to a website. Or, generate brand awareness campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and do an online promotion campaign on Amazon. 

#2. Use Social Media Intensively

 Promotion online: Social networks

Let’s take Instagram as an ideal platform for online promotion and product launches. At present, over 25M companies use it for marketing purposes. First and foremost, it allows promoting the goods to a more targeted and responsive audience. Besides, it’s cheaper than many traditional types of paid advertising. It’s an excellent visual-based platform to tap into people’s emotions through humor, memes, funny quotes. This kind of content has all the chances to go viral and gather the audience to the brand’s business account where a product launch info awaits them. Hashtags are super powerful here as well.

CG images are ideal for stories, an “ephemeral content” that takes the digital world by storm. It is a disappearing content that lasts a very short time, but that’s the point! So, 3D images match well the required content formats, such as single images, canva, or carousel. What’s more, they tap deeply into emotions like FOMO, enable more engagement, and wider reach. 

Another kind of content that makes sense when doing an online promo on Instagram is shoppable posts. Once followers get interested in the company’s business profile thanks to manipulations described above, they can buy items with less friction. Actually, these posts are about providing a seamless shopping experience. 

#3. Use Stellar Visuals For Any Promotional Platform

 E-commerce promotion: CG imagery

According to Social Media Examiner, 80% of marketers use visual content in their SM marketing. Herewith, promo photos are being replaced with high-quality, realistic computer-generated images. This kind of content is way more cost-efficient, gets prepared many times faster, and allows crazy creativity. Any message, idea, emotion or feeling can be conveyed through this. For example, a nice ottoman can be introduced into a home design scene or multiple ones thanks to lifestyle shots for furniture. Or vice versa, to showcase the object’s functionality, it can be shown in a 3D silo shot. 

What’s interesting, according to Global Web Index, a quarter of virtual reality users think that it represents huge opportunities for online promotion. This 3D technology is widely used by Ikea to showcase the goods from many angles and help buyers envision them in their real-life living spaces. 

#4. Seek Influencers 

Promotion online: Gaining new following

Influencers are usually authentically “bonded” with their audience and often seen as a trusted source of information. For marketers, the collab with them can bring about bigger brand awareness and interest. In fact, according to Expert Voice, 82% of people are more likely to buy after the influencer’s recommendation. 

So, influencers can generate a great buzz around the product online promotion and pre-launch and make the selling platform credible. These might be bloggers and Vloggers, social media marketers, or any other industry persona that has a big following and solid online presence. Typically, brands offer them some perks, but both get a win-win in the long run.

#5. Explore Guest Posting And Quora

E-commerce promotion: Content distribution

To start with, retailers and marketers can always distribute their website blog’s promo articles throughout designated platforms. Secondly, online promotion might be super sale-driven if doing guest posting and writing on Quora. So, it’s possible to find relevant e-magazines, blogs, and media outfits and post sponsored or even free articles there about the product launch. 

As for Quora, among the answers people are searching for there, they also want to discover new products. The very nature of it is demand-driven, meaning marketers can boldly address the informational needs of the audience with their products. To sum up, it’s a powerful channel for brand awareness, content distribution, and amplification.

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Successful online promotion is a matter of solid “omnipresence” on the Internet. It comes as a result of brand awareness tactics via social media, influencers’ platforms, guest posts, content distribution channels, etc. Herewith, the message backed up with compelling 3D visual content is pivotal as well. Not only does it provide enough room for creativity and customization, but it saves big bucks on ad material and enhances any marketing initiative in the first place.

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