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How to Get the Ones that Sell

Product images for Amazon are the golden standard of e-commerce visuals that follow specific guidelines. Such pictures can be created even at home with a smartphone camera, but what if your design exists only on paper or you just want to test the market before starting production? This is where ordering high-quality CGI from a product rendering company is your best solution.

Naturally, 3D renders of goods must conform to the standards of product images for Amazon. First of all, it has to be either a photograph or a photorealistic rendition of intended merchandise, with a fairly high resolution, no less than 1000 pixels in height and width. It has to have a clear title, identifying the item. As for the image itself, the product must be shown completely, in focus, and professionally lit. No confusing additional objects, text, side graphics, or inset imagery are allowed.

Additional pictures must pertain to the merchandise, with detailed backgrounds and environments to showcase functionality or potential placement of the item, and additional text and imagery are allowed.

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Beginnings: The task

Our clientele primarily consists of manufacturers that used to prefer photography for product visualization. However, when they have learned of 3D rendering and its potential, they’ve decided to try it.

In this particular case, our client thought that a professional photoshoot would be too expensive. They aimed to present their product, a magnetic firearm storage solution, in a compelling context: inside a car. Their intention was to demonstrate its practicality by showcasing its ability to securely hold a pistol.

However, creating this scenario using physical props proved to be cost-prohibitive. As a result, our client decided to leverage CGI technology to generate top-notch and immersive product images suitable for Amazon. These visuals are meticulously designed to effectively drive sales by emphasizing the product’s features and benefits.

Our task was to present the product in its most favorable light and illustrate its potential advantages to prospective customers. Now, we’re excited to demonstrate how we’ve successfully met the criteria for producing product images tailored for Amazon, along with captivating marketing content. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process of crafting lifelike 3D product renders that meet the standards of Amazon’s platform.

Stage 1: Creating The 3D Model

The work on both 3D silo and lifestyle images starts with creating a 3D model of the merchandise. To speed up product shot project workflow, our client has provided accurate references, easing the work of 3D artists.

Our specialists have carefully recreated the design, leaving no details unchecked. Everything looks new and sleek, and the metallic texture is natural. As a result, these product images for Amazon are indistinguishable from real-life photographs – it feels like you can touch the magnet!

Stage 2: Creating Silo Product Images For Amazon

Product Silo Image for Selling Gun Mount on Amazon
Product Image on White for Selling on Amazon

The next step of the process is creating silo pictures, the bread-and-butter of the marketing materials. Making white background product images for Amazon may seem like an easy task, but there is more to it. Lighting, to be specific. To achieve the best result, light sources should be carefully placed, after which 3D artists meticulously edit shadows and reflections. Finally, a few POV shots are rendered, to showcase the best parts of the product.

Stage 3: Creating Complementary Lifestyles

Staged Photorealistic Image for Gun Magnet in Car Interior for Amazon
Product 3D Images for Selling Gun Magnets Online on Amazon

With Amazon’s prerequisites met, the team of 3D artists progresses towards generating supplementary images, specifically lifestyle shots, to solidify the product’s marketing impact. To achieve this, our skilled artists have positioned the firearm magnet within its suitable setting — an automobile interior.

Subsequently, they’ve incorporated a person into the scene, illustrating a potential application of the product. Each of these visuals is meticulously crafted to engage customers by fostering a relatable connection with the presented environment and highlighted uses.

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product rendering price

And thus, the process unfolds — this is the methodology behind crafting computer-generated product images tailored for Amazon, alongside various other e-commerce platforms. We take pride in sharing that our clients have expressed satisfaction with both the photorealistic excellence and the seamless nature of this endeavor.

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