Product 3D Rendering for Email Marketing

6 Eye-Catching Features

Do you want to make your email marketing campaigns more effective? If so, then one thing you can start with is upgrading your visuals. Since customers have only so much focus when browsing through promo offers, yours need to instantly grab their attention. And if you want to achieve that without breaking the bank, you should consider going with CGI. It allows you to get eye-catching images that look as realistic as photos, and the best part is that there’s no limit to creativity. Ultimately, using product 3D rendering for email marketing can help you improve your email CTR and increase website traffic and sales.

Now, what exactly makes CG visuals so attractive, and why are they perfect for any kind of newsletter? To answer these questions, the marketing specialists at our 3D rendering company have prepared this short article. Here, you will learn about the 6 perks of product CGI and see some selected examples from our portfolio. Take a look!

#1. Gorgeous Settings for Your Products

Product 3D Rendering of a Hanging Chair

Lifestyle 3D rendering allows you to put your product in a tastefully designed setting. It can be a stylish realistic interior or a fantasy environment. Depending on the goals of your email marketing campaign, you can tweak the aesthetic and tailor the visuals to the tastes of your target audience, and even separate segments of it. This way, people will immediately see their own preferences reflected in the imagery. As a result, they will be quite likely to click on links in an email to learn more about the product.

#2. Detailed Hyperrealistic Textures

Product 3D Visualization of a Round Rug

Another great benefit of using product 3D rendering for email marketing is its capacity for photorealistic depiction of materials. A close-up view of an item with incredibly detailed textures will certainly get a customer’s attention in a moment. Even by looking at the rendering on a relatively small smartphone screen, they will be able to appreciate the quality of the product. And so, they’ll know it won’t be a waste of time for them to go ahead and check out your online store. Instead, they’ll see a possibility of a valuable purchase.

#3. Attention-Grabbing Animations

Product 3D rendering is not just about still images. You can also have your visuals animated to showcase various aspects of product design, assembly or installation process, use and maintenance routine, etc. Or, if you just want to spice up your email marketing campaign with some interesting dynamic visuals, you can get a simple CG product animation like the one above. Add it to your newsletter as a GIF and you’ll definitely get a better response.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

#4. Engaging Storytelling Elements

Photorealistic Product CGI of a Lamp

When you’re ordering product 3D rendering for email marketing purposes, remember that you can get much more than just beautiful pictures. With CGI, it’s so easy to add some storytelling elements that will catch people’s attention. Images like that stand out and appeal to customers on an emotional level, inspiring them to learn more about the product.

#5. Endless Opportunities for Situational Email Marketing

Halloween-Themed Product 3D Rendering for Email Marketing

Photorealistic 3D rendering allows you to get creative with newsletters for your festive and seasonal offers. Thanks to 3D visualization, you can easily show your products in beautiful unique settings decorated for such holidays as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and so on. That will help your brand stay visually relevant all year round without losing its own identity. And the customers’ festive mood will fuel your CTR and website traffic like never before.

#6. Fully Tailored Aesthetics

On-Brand Product 3D Rendering for Email Marketing

Last but not least, product 3D rendering allows for precise consistency with the brand’s visual style that one can instantly spot even from a small preview image. That can help you get unique and recognizable imagery and, subsequently, cultivate brand awareness and loyalty among your customers. This way, they will have a feel of familiarity whenever they receive news and special offers from your brand. Which will result in a greater level of trust and readiness to purchase from you.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

And there you have it — the 5 features of product 3D rendering for email marketing that make it a vital tool for successful online promotion. As you can see, 3D visualization offers a lot more room for imagination, creativity, and personalization compared to traditional product photography. And it definitely helps to make email marketing activities super effective by directly appealing to people’s lifestyle preferences and emotions.

Looking for professional 3D rendering services? Contact us at CGIFurniture and get hyperrealistic visuals for your online and offline marketing campaigns!

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