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5 Creative Marketing Ideas With CG Videos

Today many manufacturers use CGI services and the market is overflooded with stunning product images in which the goods look fantastic and simply appealing. Therefore, aspiring marketers have to find a way to stand out against this competition using advanced solutions, one of which is product animation.

It is important to note though that one should understand how to use 3D animation other than posting it on the brand’s social networks. If you already invested money and time in product videos, you may as well squeeze the maximum profit out of it. We collected the best ideas and some statistics to help marketers get the biggest promo effect and higher sales with this type of 3D product visualization. Take a look!

#1. Boost a Brand’s YouTube Blog and Gain New Followers

Having a brand YouTube channel is almost an obligation if you want quick reach to a wide audience. This is also a crucial part of brand-awareness strategies since YouTube is a place of viral content and effective commercial targeting. Let’s see how to run a brand channel effectively:

Invest in product presentation

Of course, 3D animation being a video is perfect for YouTube since 83% of consumers worldwide prefer this platform to watch video content. Therefore, it’s only natural for manufacturers to present their product line to customers on the most popular video platform. But how to promote the content and get it noticed among millions of videos?

Some ingredients for an engaging and impressive video presentation are an interesting concept, dynamic editing, and a convincing voiceover. However, making a whole movie for one product could be too burdensome and expensive. Alternatively, to create a simple yet impressive presentation, marketers can try product animation. It will come in handy not only for YouTube but for other video platforms too, e.g. Vimeo, Houzz, etc. 

Add tutorials and assembly animations

As customers, we love to watch how-it-works tutorials or how-to-do explanatory videos. Therefore, an animation for a furniture piece can showcase a detailed analysis of the object. For example, for a bed, a manufacturer needs to show all the layers of the mattress to prove its ergonomics and comfort. As for modular furniture or cabinetry, customers want to see how they can move their parts and how many configuration options are there to DIY at home.

Make “About us” videos

Customers love to see real stories and people behind the brand. That’s why creating behind-the-scenes videos about the company, the team, the product development and the manufacturing process is a good way to introduce your brand to the audience and establish a more personal connection.

#2. Use Product Animation to Increase Website Conversion

The company’s website is its business card so it makes sense to make it as engaging and informative as possible. How product animations can help with that? Check it out!

Create catchy landing pages

Almost every website starts with a landing page and it’s important to gain visitors’ attention from the very first seconds of them being on a website. According to the Optinmonster statistics, the video brings in 66% more qualified leads. So investing in dynamic product animation that demonstrates the company’s top products or a new collection seems like a go-to option. Watching it, buyers will get interested in goods at once even without seeing the catalog page. 

Enhance product pages

And for the catalog on the site, marketers can add feature product animation for each item. This approach significantly increases the chances of its sale, because it makes online shopping more convenient and transparent for customers. Watching a detailed video about an item, buyers can see it from several angles, and examine the quality of materials and vibrant colors, as well as design details.

#3. Touch the Heart of Your Customers with Emotion Evoking Ads

No matter if the video is for an Instagram post, YouTube ad or an online retailing product page — the main goal here is to make customers emotionally invested. For example, talking about a kids’ furniture promo, product animation has to be joyful and colorful, enhanced with playful text and dynamic music.

However, for a truly awe-inspiring ad, marketers need to master their storytelling skills, i.e., outline a story on how a product solved a customer’s problem. In the case of children’s furniture, try a real-life story. For instance, a kid is quickly growing up and their old furniture no longer suits them. When the kid becomes a pupil, they need a proper writing desk, comfortable chair, and bookcase. Seems relatable? For many families it certainly is. Addressing buyers’ problems and offering them aesthetic and convenient solutions, you can gain their attention and response with just one short video.

#4. Collaborate with Famous Influencers to Reach a Wider Audience

A Blogger Reviews a Product

Influencer marketing is a new way of earning customers’ trust. Sure, having testimonies and reviews from other buyers is important but it has nothing on getting leaders of opinions behind your back.

Ask for a video review

Having a famous blogger agree to review your product is a huge chance for a brand. Usually, the audience believes in influencers and relies on their opinions in choosing products. Figures confirm it —  44% of women and 41% of men worldwide reckon that seeing the product or service used by an influencer affected their decision to order it.

Besides, the review is a more honest way to promote the product than a paid post. In these types of videos, bloggers can tell the pros and cons of the product, show how this item looks in real life, demonstrate to their followers how to combine it with other objects, and so on. So, basically, it could be subtle promo and friendly advice rolled into one content piece.

For an effective and more informed review, provide an influencer with all the technical details about the product and send them 3D animation that they can include in their video post. As a result, their audience will appreciate a full overview that includes spot-on remarks on personal experience, enhanced with product pictures and 3D animation.

Advertise via Instagram and Facebook stories/reels

Stories are somewhat close to the reviews — they are an easy promo without formalities and staged shots. Social network users adore stories — Hootsuite statistics claim that people watch and upload over 500 million stories daily, and ⅓ of the most viewed stories are from businesses. Therefore, users often decide to buy a product because their friends or celebrities posted some fun content about the said item in their stories. 

Often, customers buy goods directly by clicking links in the story, so in addition to reviews, you can publish product animation there too. Amazing how stories don’t require spending time and effort on shooting quality videos to sell the product. A blogger can make simple videos with the unpacking process or post product animation with stickers, emojis and text — and potential buyers will go to the product page directly from the stories.

#5. Stand Out on Popular E-commerce Platforms with Supreme Product Animation

To get prospects’ attention despite hundreds and thousands of competitors on the same platform, you need to really catch their eye. Let’s take a look at how to approach this task:

Provide close-up views of goods

For successful sales on e-commercial platforms, marketers have to show the product in detail. The close-up product animation attached to the listing will show an object from all angles and in movement, which will bring customers closer to the experience of offline shopping. With this option, buyers can examine the product more thoroughly and make a more conscious decision about a purchase.

Add product animation to every product detail page

An animation could help the brand to stand out from other sellers on mega-competitive platforms, such as Amazon. While manufacturers provide listings with renders and photos of the goods, buyers still prefer the product with video. According to SupplyGem, 68% of customers like to learn about a new product from videos. Therefore, product animation is a guaranteed way to attract prospects’ attention and sell more.

Incorporate product AR models or 3D configurators

Going innovative certainly helps to outrun competitors using more traditional means. On top of that, such tools provide a fuller and more engaging shopping experience for online buyers. AR ensures customers can “try out” the product in a real-life setting to see if it fits a certain space. Product 3D configurators are the best customization tools to see all the design options available for shoppers.

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product rendering price

3D product animation has a huge range of applications — from social media posts and catchy landing pages on the manufacturer’s website to outstanding listings on Amazon. According to the statistics above, at the moment, a product video is the best way to hook customers’ emotions and increase their awareness of a product at the same time.  

Finally made up your mind to try product animation? With the help of our CGI services, your product will become sought after by a wide audience and sell like hotcakes!

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