Product 360° View

Why Is It Better Than Product Imagery

For a successful product promo, marketers need a lot of awe-inspiring and engaging visuals but where to get them? Besides, posting just static pictures is not enough to stand out from other brands on the market. Marketers also need to look for motion visual materials that are more striking and engaging. One of such solutions is a product 360° view. 

But what exact marketing opportunities does a 360° view provide and why are simple product pics inferior to it? As a 3D rendering studio with plenty of experience in both static and motion solutions, we have something to say on that score.

#1. Product 360° View Shows Goods From All Angles


    Pictures show the product only from one given angle. Therefore, to demonstrate all its best features, a marketer has to order images from as many angles as possible. However, even if a manufacturer provides several images for the catalog or listing, buyers won’t see all the sides of the product anyway.

    Obviously, a product 360° view is called so because it shows the object all-around. It’s an interactive model that could be added to the product page so customers could rotate the object by clicking and see it in 360°. This option is a must for demonstrating the details of the items, such as sculptural elements, or upholstered furniture, as well as for unique design objects.

    #2. 360° View Is Interactive, Hence, Engaging


      A simple image of the product doesn’t give online shoppers any interactivity. For customers, it’s just another picture so it is hard for them to imagine this object as a real thing. Moreover, due to the limited number of angles, buyers don’t have a complete understanding of the product features and capacities.

      With a 360° product view, buyers have the opportunity to spin the item as they want and inspect it at a convenient pace — they are fully in control. This visual solution gives customers more independence and brings them closer to the experience of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. 

      Moreover, a 360° tour increases the trust of customers because it gives them full access to the product. Using it, customers realize that the seller is not trying to show the goods from a lucrative angle only or hide its flaws. After interacting with a product 360° view, a customer will get a feeling that they have a full understanding of a product. Therefore, they will make a conscious purchasing decision and proceed to pay for the goods faster.

      #3. 360° View Allows Evaluating Product Quality

      A Shot Showcasing How the Construction of the Chair Works

      Although a product pic can be of good quality, it won’t be able to show all the design details and seams all around the object. Looking at the still image, buyers can’t be absolutely sure about the quality of the product and could get disappointed when the goods get delivered.

      A product 360° view is a top-quality visual content that showcases all the materials, seams and joints as customers can zoom in and out to examine the item. A close-up view will help prospects to see all the nuances of design and evaluate the quality as thoroughly as possible.

      In addition, there is another impressive solution that can be made out of the product 360° view — a 360° view panorama. This is also a 3D model of an object at 360°, but this imagery is closer to animation because it shows the product in action. For example, by manipulating with a 360° view model, customers can see how drawers of the chest can open or how effective kitchen cabinets are in terms of storage functions. Using this interactive 360° product CGI, buyers are able to evaluate the capacity of the cabinets and the amount of usable space in the kitchen furniture.

      #4.  360° View Sets Manufacturer Apart From Competitors on E-Commerce Platforms

      A White Background Shot of a Red Armchair

      Every manufacturer uses product pictures for online-stores listings. From the customers’ perspective, all product pages look about the same, nothing catches the eye. Therefore, often they just quickly scroll through listings of competitors and select the product from the first page.

      On the other hand, if you provide them a 360° product view, it will capture their attention and help the product stand out from the competition. The fact that customers can “touch” and rotate the goods themselves makes them more trusted in the product, therefore in the brand.

      #5. With Product 360° View, Manufacturers and Retailers Get Various Marketing Content

      A Chest of Drawers with Decor Products on Top

      To create one 360° ​​view, 3D artists take about 36 images of an object on the white background. Therefore, besides this motion tool, marketers can also get a bunch of extra pictures for multiple purposes — catalogs, product pages, social media, online and offline ads. So why order product pics separately when you get them as a bonus to a 360° ​​view.  

      And these 36 renders have so many usages too! For e-commerce platforms, marketers can upload more additional angles to the listing or set the new profile picture of the product. As for social networks, those images can be used for GIFs, Facebook and Instagram posts and stories, and so on. To make it more engaging for followers, marketers can play with backgrounds, add witty captions and fun emojis.

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      A 360° view is an advanced 3D technology that takes online shopping to the next level. Using it, a buyer can inspect the item themselves, zoom in and out, as well as rotate it as they like. With 360° view, the whole experience gets closer to the shopping in a brick-and-mortar store — the main difference is that customers can do it from home while sitting on their favorite couch. 

      Ready to try out product 360° view? Order our 3D rendering services and we will make visuals that will make you outshine the competitors and rocket your sales!

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        Really impressive article. I think this kind of product photography may sound threatening to some online business entrepreneurs. Yet, it’s very possible with only a couple of fundamental bits of gear. It’s in any event, something you can do from home. This article is a quick guide to what you need with regards to 360 item photography hardware.


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