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7 Ways They Can Boost Any Marketing Campaign

People are visual human beings. The brain processes visual data 60.000 times faster than the textual one. That’s why nowadays many furniture manufacturers and marketers use photorealistic rendering services for their marketing campaigns. Why? The reason is simple as this – an image is worth a thousand words. Herewith, this kind of services creates content that taps exactly into what consumers are looking for.

3D photorealistic renders work magic – they can convey an epic overview of an object and meantime provide a microscope-alike examination to understand its usability. They demonstrate performance, technicalities, and the fit with other items in the design. In a nutshell, such a type of visual content gives enough information and enough reasons to make a purchase right away. Isn’t it the best-case scenario for any marketing campaign?

Therefore, with such  potential, rendering services can be a solid enhancement for any marketing campaign of retailers. Here are 7 reasons that prove it.

#1. Top-Notch 3D Renders Grab Targeted Audience’s Attention

Lifestyle Images for Soft Furniture

Today, it’s not just about pictures. Marketers got it a long time ago. It’s about creating that kind of visuals that grab the attention of the targeted audience. The latter is spoilt and picky nowadays. Photorealistic rendering services address this more effectively than any other service.

Let’s picture this. A handy living Calhan red textured linen sofa might be a perfect choice as for an elderly couple, as for newlyweds. For both, 3D photorealistic rendering artists can create different design variations, considering their needs and wants. They can add brand accessories and create different interior styles that resonate with specific customers’ lifestyle. So, the seniors would love the age-friendly design, well-lighted, with fireplace and warm contrasting color carpet in the living room that complements the red sofa. The young couple, on the contrary, would prefer the bar lounge in front and a trio of funny paints above that nice Calhan red textured linen sofa. 

#2. Immersive CG Visual Content Makes Website Users Stay Longer

With great and compelling material, website prospects are more likely to stay longer long enough for them to catch the message the page is trying to convey. Why do people stay longer on the site? Because they see the information that is interesting to them, instructs them, provides insights into something they care about. 

In the case of furniture retailing, these are 3D renders that provide all-around information about the product. For example, 3D animation tells the characteristics in motion. 3D models and scenes with integrated AR allows examining the object from the top-down, before-after slides tell how great the room will look with this decor element, and so on. To make it short, this kind of services craft the material that resonates with any category of people visiting a website.

#3. Smartly Designed 3D Renders Tap into Emotions

Wooden Chairs Rendering for a Kitchen Interior

It’s not a secret that people buy based on emotions at the very moment. If preferred by a manufacturer or marketer, the specialists of photorealistic rendering services can create the material with particular color variations. The psychology of colors describes how certain colors and their combinations produce a particular type of emotion from a particular viewer. That way, after learning the avatar of the target audience, possible emotions, strives and so on, marketers can order the relevant 3D renders and meet the needs of their marketing campaign. 

Various design options can also stir emotions and feelings. Photorealistic rendering services help introduce the product into different interiors. This expands people’s understanding of its use in their personal life and, thus, increases the chance for it to be sold. 

#4. CG Imagery Generates More Views on Social Media

  • Before-cupboard
    Before cupboard After

It’s not a secret that if a business doesn’t exist on social media, it doesn’t exist at all. 90% of all marketers confirm social media marketing has boosted their business exposure. Here’s the thing – photorealistic rendering services create ‘omnipresent’ material. It means one 3D photorealistic render can be used on a website, on social media, in applications, and other advertising platforms. It saves money and time and meantime increases the business’ online presence in general. 

For example, a before-after slide in one 3D render can resonate with people who are currently experiencing the renovation or repairing process at home. They can picture immediately how great and stylish their new abode will look like with this brand new item. 

#5. Interective 3D Renders Have More Chances to Go Viral on the Internet

Ikea Place AR App

Visuals fight for going viral on the internet. As the most progressive visual solution, photoreal product rendering has more chances to go viral on the Internet and bring millions of inbound links. For example, nothing can beat a 3D render with AR elements or animation. AR can show accurately and fully the technicalities of the product as if it were in front of a prospect and they could touch and examine it vigorously. It’s a sort of ‘live’ experience. Or, the animation will discover a full pack with all the features in motion.

Such content is more likely to be shared amongst online communities and social networks. Retailers can add their signature logo, website information to know the source of the material. The content also might be syndicated, which brings a lot of inbound links, high ranking position in search results, and, that way, brand awareness increase.

#6. Out-of-the-Box 3D Rendering Materials Help Revamp Email Marketing


    Photorealistic rendering services can bring new life to email marketing. Communications that comprise visuals generate 650% higher engagement than text-only messages. 3D photorealistic renders can reinforce the message and make emails personalized so that everyone could relate to them. They also pique interest and can increase click-through and conversion rates.

    Together with the textual part, subscribers need a quick product demonstration. This is what a 3D render can fully show. Moreover, marketers can add a 3D animation showing the characteristics or even a 360-degree product view to examine the item from any angle. Of course, it all depends on the technical abilities of email templates. Yet, 3D photorealistic rendering simply demonstrates that there’s so much room for creativity for email marketing.

    #7. CGI is Necessary for Creating Successful Customer Experience in Apps

    7 Myths about eCommerce Business

    If furniture manufacturers and marketers went mobile and developed an application leading to their online store, then 3D photorealistic renders are a no-brainer here. Used with AR, they create an impeccable digital customer experience. App’s users can select an item and see it as a 3D model integrated into their living space. They have everything to put it in a necessary place in a room, then change the location, zoom and drop it again. In short, they can assess the product from many perspectives and decide immediately on a purchase without even leaving home.

    Moreover, such apps contain huge libraries. They feature products, brand accessories to them, decor elements and other furniture stuff that can be properly shown only as 3D models with their full functionality and narrative. 

    The power of using photorealistic rendering services for marketing campaigns is undeniable. They create stimulating and highly engaging visuals that reach out to customers in the most efficient way. 3D renders can revamp old-school strategies, such as email marketing, and enhance the trendiest ones, like social media one. To sum up, turning to such a visual content definitely provides a prevalence to a business in this highly competitive environment.

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