Photorealistic Product Rendering Services

5 Ways They Enhance Online Shopping

Photorealistic product rendering services turned online shopping into a full customer experience no less real than going to brick-and-mortar stores. Nowadays, e-comm websites with advanced CG technologies offer not only the same benefits as physical shops but even more engaging and entertaining options for online users.

An e-comm platform is not developing as fast as the owners had hoped for before starting the business. Their marketing research showed that most prospects still prefer traditional shopping as it allows them to see products with their own eyes and touch them. Based on these results, Retailers want to try to insert a similar experience for online customers with the help of innovative tools and apps. But how they can do it without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars? 

A product visualization company provides CG services that can immerse customers into internet shopping and give them the same experience they have in physical shops. Learn how photorealistic 3D visualization drastically changed online stores and how Manufacturers and Retailers can use it for their own benefit.   

#1. Allow Different Lifestyle Environments

A Sofa Lifestyle Shot for Product Design

Putting an item into a realistic setting that displays a specific environment is a great marketing strategy known for over a century now. 3D rendering companies offer to put the item’s 3D model into any setting Manufacturers and Retailers want to try. This service doesn’t cost a pretty penny like building different sets for every picture, but the result is no less realistic. Moreover, photorealistic product rendering services allow experimenting with various backgrounds with no limits. Furniture Manufacturers can try a target group’s popular interior layout or even the exact customer’s home interior. 

#2. Recreate Real Shopping Experience


    To touch and feel a product is customers’ best guarantee of quality as this approach allows them to have a close look at the design, functionality, and every little detail that is put into the item. It is no secret that the same experience now possible online as well through such modern 3D technologies like 360 product view. Moreover, internet shopping actively uses VR and AR apps that are based on photorealistic product rendering services. Now internet users can examine every item like in a physical store and even interact with different parts of it in a game-like way.

    #3. Demonstrate Product Features in Action

    One of the biggest advantages of traditional shopping is a possibility to see how products work with your own eyes. Photorealistic product rendering services give the same opportunity for online shoppers through 3D animation. CG videos are capable of depicting every little bit of the commodity’s features and usage examples. Product animation shows all the key characteristics of an item and even demonstrate them action, e.g. different design options, functionality, a guide for its installation, portability, multi-functionality, etc. Almost every aspect can be shown within just a few minutes of the animated video with no need for further explanations.

    #4. Make Product Customization Easier

    Photorealistic product CGI helps Manufacturers and Retailers showcase all possible options for items and even let online customers customize them according to their needs and taste. The most enhanced CG apps allow users to change design elements, colors, and features of products as well as select different backgrounds to see how items will fit in. Not only does it help companies to manage production resources, but it drastically impacts customer service as the individual approach. No need for prototypes for every version of the goods and hundreds photos of them – photorealistic product rendering services will create the same result digitally.

     #5. Set Eye-Catching Product Presentation 

    A Bathroom Vanity for Product Design

    Product presentation is vital for increasing sales as it makes the goods look at their best. In brick-and-mortar stores, Retailers use stylish showcases and shelves with decorations to draw customers’ attention. Online shopping allows for much more options, such as different backgrounds and designs. What’s even more amazing is that e-commerce business owners can change their product presentations as often as they want without any problems. Photorealistic product rendering services allow trying the most luxurious environment that suits perfectly for an item.

    There is no better way to sell a product than to create for a customer a unique experience with it. For a long time, Manufacturers and Retailers had thought that it’s possible only in traditional stores where visitors can see and touch the goods up close. However, photorealistic product rendering services can not only recreate the same shopping experience but even enhance it for e-commerce websites. Such features of 3D rendering as changing color options, design elements, backgrounds helps products to outshine everything else on the market.

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    Want to build a successful e-commerce business with immersing online shopping experience? Use photorealistic product rendering services and get engaging visual materials to catch clients’ attention. 

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