Photorealistic 3D Rendering

5 Ways It Makes an Impression on Customers

In eCommerce, product visuals are the only way manufacturers and retailers can introduce their goods to customers. Since buyers can’t physically test the item, they can only make purchase decisions based on images and videos. However, photo- and videography require big budgets for prototyping, studio rent, backdrops and props, not to mention the photographer’s fee. That’s why many brands find another way and use budget-friendly photorealistic 3D rendering instead of traditional photos.

However, not all sellers are willing to invest in 3D visualizations as they are unsure if CGI is as convincing as photography. Their main concern is getting images that show goods in the most flattering way. In short, they would like to know in advance how 3D imagery impacts customers and if it’s worth using them for promo.

In this article, we reveal 5 secrets of how CGI product rendering influences customers’ purchase decisions and how to win them over using 3D visualization. Read on!

#1. Life-Like CG Renders Show Products in Relevant Context

A 3D Photorealistic Render Showcasing Modern Office Furnishing

A 3D lifestyle image showcases furnishings in relevant surroundings – homes, offices, outdoors, etc. Surely, one can achieve the same result using photography. But with 3D, manufacturers don’t have to spend a penny on physical backdrops, photo studios, or shooting on location.

Photorealistic 3D rendering is based entirely on 3D scenes and models. So to create a room set, CG artists simply select ready-made 3D scenes from their digital library and compliment them with accessories. A CGIFURNITURE database contains over 6 500 ready-to-use 3D room sets and 50 000+ objects. With such design assets, our CG experts can create a stylish 3D scene and fill it with the themed decor in just 48 hours. How cool is that?

#2. Lifestyle 3D Image Serves as Interior Design Reference

Tastefully decorated 3D room sets inspire customers to recreate the same interior in their homes. Using photorealistic product rendering from a listing as a reference, they feel more confident in their decorating skills. Often, they end up buying not only the furniture piece but also related products and decor. Needless to say, experienced brand marketers use this opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell customers more goods. 

When creating a room set, our CG artists carefully select an interior style that suits best a particular furniture piece. In our digital library, they can find multiple 3D backgrounds sorted by style. Therefore, it doesn’t take much time for CG specialists to pick the perfect preset and tailor it to the brand’s needs.

#3. Top-Notch 3D Renders Help Understand the Proportions of a Piece

A Bedroom Photoreal 3D Render Showing Actual Proportions of a Bed

Well-executed modeling and photorealistic 3D rendering always follow the proportions of the real object. This gives buyers an idea of the actual dimensions of the piece and helps them visualize it in their rooms. If they make a mistake with the size when ordering, they risk getting an item that is too big or too bulky for their space. Therefore, customers appreciate the opportunity to see a life-like scene that depicts a product surrounded by commensurate objects.

This is especially important for cabinet furniture that comes in different sizes and sets and have to be specific to room measurements. With photorealistic CGI, it is easier for customers to understand if the entire ensemble will fit into their room before they buy it. So, when buyers start to assemble it, they find that all pieces are of the exact dimensions as expected.

#4. Detailed 3D Rendering Delivers Realistic Materials and Textures

Photoreal Rendering of an Open-Plan Kitchen with Marble and Wooden Surfaces

Photorealistic 3D rendering accurately conveys colors and materials, which helps buyers understand whether a furniture piece fits their interiors or not. Professional 3D texturing is a key to realism but requires potent skills and deeper expertise, thus, only experienced CG artists can do it right.

For years, our 3D experts have been collecting samples of materials and textures that help them create photorealistic texture maps for 3D models. They have plenty of ready-to-use 3D textures at hand, but they can also make custom ones for specific purposes. Naturally, creating custom and complex materials is labor- and time-consuming, so it adds to the overall cost of a project.

#5. Photorealistic 3D Renders Evoke Emotions and Sell a Lifestyle

A 3D Photorealistic Lifestyle Render of a Dining Zone

The main way for brands to impact buyers is to use inspiring 3D room sets as a background that sell a certain lifestyle. For example, depending on their goals, manufacturers can hook a customer into loving their goods with either serene or dynamic 3D lifestyle scenes. 

For a romantic ambiance, our CG experts create warm evening lighting, add cozy textures and props like candles and wine glasses. For an uplifted mood, they give a room a jolt of energy by using bold colors and patterns and bright daylight. The beauty of photorealistic 3D rendering is that CG artists can incorporate various 3D presets to create any mood and deliver any message a brand needs. 

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

Photorealistic 3D rendering helps buyers appreciate the product design as it accurately conveys the colors, textures, and proportions of the piece. Also, 3D room sets show the object in a relevant context complimented by stylish decor. All in all, top-notch CG imagery adds value to products and spices customers’ interest up. Such lively product visuals sell prospects the lifestyle they strive for and, even more so, inspire them to buy goods in sets. 

Photorealistic 3D Rendering

Want your product images to strike a chord with your customers? Then order photorealistic 3D rendering services from us and get stunning imagery packed with emotions and style!

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