Outsourcing 3D Product Modeling

5 Steps to Select a Reliable CGI Contractor

Outsourcing 3D product modeling offers a cost-saving way to get fantastic visual materials for different marketing campaigns. In this way, Manufacturers and Marketers can not only avoid hiring the staff of CG specialists but also save a lot of time instead of adapting new employees.  

A furniture company calculated marketing spendings and found out that organizing photoshoots takes most of the budget. Manufacturing prototypes and renting photo studios alone cost a pretty penny, not to mention all the transportation and decor. Marketers of the company would like to try CGI as an experiment and compare results, but they know nothing about 3D modeling. Moreover, hiring in-house specialists with social packages is too expensive for their current financial situation.

Outsourcing 3D product modeling can save a situation, but how to select a reliable 3D product modeling company? Read up our suggestions on how to choose a professional outsource provider and avoid typical newbies’ mistakes.     

#1. Check a Website

CGI Furniture for Product Images

When it comes to outsourcing 3D product modeling, it is important to pay attention to a website. No company offering remote services would deny all possible online information about its products and skills to prospects. A good outsourcing 3D modeling company begins with details and user-friendly website. It has to include a listing of services, price, examples of work, guarantees, and contacts. Moreover, a reliable outsourcing contractor always provides different channels of communication so that Manufacturers and Marketers could ask the burning questions at any time.    

#2. Examine a Portfolio

CGI Furniture Portfolio and Cases

To make sure an outsourcing provider is as skilled and professional as they claim to be, checking the examples of the ready-made projects is vital. Usually, experienced 3D product modeling contractors offer a big, versatile portfolio available for online viewing. It has to include different types of projects that demonstrate all outsourcing services a company provides. In this way, Manufacturers and Marketers can get the first impression relying on real cases and overall quality of work rather than simple promises.

#3. Compare The Prices

The Cost of Outsource CGI Services

The price factor is a crucial step affecting Manufacturers’ decision no less than time and quality. The average cost for most of the outsourcing 3D modeling service have already been formed on the market. Hence, all there is to do is to compare prices and choose the most reasonable one. The significant advantage of outsourcing contractors is that they charge per hour, which means paying only for time spent on a project and nothing else. On top of that, it is wise to ask about corrections’ pricing in advance. Some of the 3D product modeling companies offer adjustments and changes for free, while others charge additional payment.          

#4. Estimate Customer Service

CRM of Outsource 3D Modeling Services

Customer services are a foundation for effective collaboration and fast results. An excellent outsourcing 3D product modeling provider cares about giving all necessary details to prospects and regularly communicating with them. Often, outsource CGI studios have Client and Project Managers that are responsible for reporting the working progress and sending intermediate results. On top of that, big 3D product modeling companies even offer online CRM platforms for sharing information and files in the most convenient for clients way. 

#5. Learn a 3D Company’s Values 

Guarantees from an Outsource 3D Modeling Provider

This stage of searching a promising outsourcing 3D product modeling contractor is often overlooked. However, learning companies’ values helps to establish a trusting relationship and promises guarantees of quality and on-time delivery of the results. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that a 3D modeling provider values the safeness of intellectual property and corporate information. The easiest way to find out this aspect is to ask if a CGI studio offers NDA or any other benefits for clients.   

3D product modeling is suitable for both manufacturing and promoting products for a more reasonable price than large-scale photoshoots. However, not all Manufacturers and Marketers can hire a professional staff of 3D artists. The alternative is outsourcing 3D product modeling, in which the only risk is to choose the wrong provider. But thanks to our article, everyone who is trying outsource services for the first time or doesn’t know anything about CGI can avoid rookie mistakes.

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