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5 Ways To Make A Product Look Outstanding

3D modeling service is a quick and effective way to get the most eye-catching product images for marketing campaigns. It allows Manufacturers to present their goods in different settings and showcase all the possible options, which will attract prospects stronger than ever.

A furniture company wants to upgrade product pages on their website and get more diverse visuals than it had before. The same angle and background for the goods are boring and unappealing for modern online shoppers. The low rating of the e-comm website’s visits only proves it further. However, Manufacturers don’t have enough budget to build different sets and try many props for professional photo shoots. So how they can get the variety of product shots without spending the fortune on the photography services?  

A 3D modeling company provides all possible product shots and Manufacturers don’t need to do anything except describing their ideas to 3D Artists. Different backgrounds, angles, lighting and other details easily turn one product image into the whole portfolio. Learn 5 ways 3D modeling service helps a product to be truly outstanding.      

#1. Draws Viewers Attention to a Product on a White Background

Product 3D Visualization for a Armchair On The White Background

This type of product shots is the best way to draw viewers attention to the main item. With the help of the plain white background, nothing distracts the eyes of prospects, hence their focus is solely on a product. Moreover, this kind of 3D modeling service can be quickly and easily modified in terms of the color palette, materials, lighting, etc. When the background is completely empty, 3D Artists can change the details of a product without any trouble and make fast adjustments even after a project is finished.

#2. Makes an Item Look More Real Using White Background with Shadows

Bath 3D Visualization On The White Background with Shadows

Shadows add volume to the subject while creating additional space around a product. In this way, the main item looks more real and natural. Lighting and shadowing techniques allow playing with a product’s look and highlight its benefits. A variety of settings parameters of the light sources and contrast help a product to stand out from the white background and be the center of viewers attention. On top of that, such CG images are impossible to distinguish from real photos, which is the whole point of photorealistic 3D modeling service.

#3. Creates an Ambiance With the Help of Decor and Other Props

3D Visualization for Kitchen Furniture

Well-chosen decor elements help to accentuate the visual appeal of a product. By using different props, viewers accept an item as a real object through its interaction with surrounding things. Though it’s important to choose accessories carefully – they can highlight the product but never outshine it. With the help of successful combinations with the decor in 3D product modeling, Manufacturers can demonstrate the beneficial aspects of the goods, which are not immediately visible otherwise. 

#4. Builds a Perfect Environment for a Product in LifeStyle

Lifestyle 3D Visualization for a Soft Furniture Set

Lifestyle images are an organic mix of spatial and stylistic solutions that form an atmosphere around a product. This kind of 3D modeling services includes the creation of a perfect environment that can highlight the main item’s benefits the most. For instance, lifestyle images for furniture usually display interior design on the background. In this way, the product looks even more real as CGI shows how it fits into a home making viewers imagine the item in their own house.  

#5.  Shows Different Options on Multi-Product LifeStyle Images

Multi-product lifestyle showcases several products in one shot. It can be a series of goods from one set or one item in different versions. In the first case, the set of kitchen furniture can be shown in a stylish interior surrounding. The second type displays various product options on the same background but in all possible looks such as the various colors, design elements, finishing, etc. Using 3D modeling service in this way helps to demonstrate the goods as adjustable or even fully custom and show the whole range at the same time.     

3D modeling service provides with many options for eye-candy product visuals. Some of them as photorealistic as real photos, others allow showcasing the wide range of items in the same image. On top of that, all of CGI services offer the result quickly and flawlessly. Manufacturers can ask for changes at any time and adjust the products on pictures to their marketing goals.

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