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5 Things Not To Do When Choosing a Contractor

Outsourced 3D rendering is an effective way to get high-quality product images and save a lot of time simultaneously. As soon as a Marketer finds a reliable and skillful contractor for this job, he can forget about expensive photo shoots and delayed deadlines of promoting campaigns.

The marketing department of a furniture company has to prepare visual materials for a new line of products that consists of fifty items. Each one of the goods needs its own set of images from different angles and with various backgrounds. On top of this, they only have a few weeks to finish the project to catch the deadline. It means that Marketers have no time for making product prototypes and organizing photo shoots. They won’t be able to hire in-house 3D Artists as well. So what can they do? Trying outsourced 3D rendering sound like a good idea, if only they’ve known any freelancers with a good reputation.

Thankfully, choosing outsourced product 3d visualization contractor is not as hard as it seems to be. Marketers should only learn a few simple tips on how to check 3D Artists’ background, and they will quickly find the perfect specialist for their project. Find out what mistakes one need to avoid to find an excellent outsourced rendering specialist on the first try.     

#1. Do Not Trust Words

Checking Cases of Outsource 3D Artists

When looking for an outsourced 3D rendering contractor, it’s important to keep in mind that all specialists present themselves as highly professional and skillful. Naturally, it’s not always the case, so checking and verifying their background on your own is essential. The best way to do it is by seeing contractors’ work with your own eyes in the portfolio. 3D rendering companies and artists without examples of product images or cases don’t even deserve the attention. The other option to check the reliability of a CG specialist is to read the feedback from the other clients and make sure the majority of them are satisfied with the results.      

#2. Do Not Give an Unclear Task

Project Brief for 3D Renders Services

Setting a task and defining the goals of a project is the most essential thing Marketers should do while working with outsourced 3D rendering artists. A standard brief for ordering product images includes a detailed description of clients’ requirements, deadlines, and references. Marketers can send design sketches, shop drawings, photos of the goods, or even inspirational pictures to showcase their ideas. When it comes to outsource collaborations, clients and contractors usually can’t meet and discuss the progress. That’s why it’s important to be clear and specific from the very start to avoid any misunderstandings.         

#3. Do Not Trust All Projects to One Contractor

Collaborations with Outsource 3D Artists

Working with only one outsourced 3D rendering freelancer is a huge risk because even the most experienced and responsible specialist can have all kinds of emergencies. If marketing specialists don’t have plan B for such situations, it can lead to delays and ruined promotional campaigns. There are two simple solutions for this problem – it’s either actively working with several freelancers at once or choose a big outsource rendering studio with many 3D artists. The second option kills two birds with one stone – a Marketer pays only once but is still safe from any emergencies as a CGI studio always has a replacement specialist.     

#4. Do Not Miss the Right Moment to Interfere 

Monitoring Outsource 3D Rendering Projects

Most of the professional outsourced 3D rendering contractors allow their clients to monitor the whole process of a project. They provide online CRM platforms, regularly update Marketers on the progress, and send intermediate results of photorealistic rendering. Clients should take these chances to check if everything goes according to their plans and ideas. Likewise, it’s extremely important to intervene if some mistakes are noticed and ask for adjustments. There is no need to wait until a project is finished because it makes fixing errors much more difficult for 3D Artists, which also takes more time.

#5. Do Not Forget About Guarantees

NDA for Outsource 3D Rendering Projects

To ensure the safety and quality results of outsourced collaborations, Marketers should ask for guarantees before placing an order. In this case, a 3D rendering studio should be a preferred contractor as it usually provides required documents and contracts, which is a rarity for freelancers. Among possible guarantees, Product Marketers can find a quality check, the results on time, and even NDA to protect the intellectual property of the clients. If the company doesn’t stick to the contract’s conditions, it makes refunds and finishes the job properly. In any case, it’s a win-win situation for customers.    

Searching for a reliable and professional outsourced contractor is not an easy task as well as choosing one out of so many options. Understandably, many newbies in these kinds of collaborations commit a lot of mistakes. However, thanks to our tips above, Product Marketers can learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid them even on the first try. It will help them not only to choose an experienced outsourced 3D rendering contractor but also get outstanding results without any risks.

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