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7 Bulletproof Advantages Over an In-House Team

While working on new product launches and promo, manufacturers and marketers need tons of 3D renderings for campaigns. They require plenty of various high-quality visual material for different channels — online and offline ads, catalogs, social media, e-store listings, and so on. The whole launching strategy is finely detailed and has lots of strict deadlines, therefore brand marketers need truly jaw-dropping product pics, and they need them fast.

Usually, manufacturers don’t have enough in-house specialists to cope with this amount of work on such short notice. An average company has a limited staff of 3D artists, so sometimes there’s simply no specialist who can perform advanced 3D services. And that’s when the question comes up — whether to hire more employees or look for an outsource 3D rendering company. As a CGI studio with extensive experience in remote collaboration, we know at least 7 solid benefits of working with outsource professionals.

#1. Outsource 3D Rendering Saves Time Without Losing Quality

Outsource CGI Saves Time

It may seem that in-house rendering specialists work faster than outsourcers — they can get immediate feedback from a manufacturer and quickly make corrections to the images. However, even if they work fast, it is still a very limited staff of 3D artists, unless we’re talking about a huge corporation. When a large or urgent project comes, marketers trip out — they have no time to recruit new in-house specialists, no budget for it. Also, they don’t know what to do with new employees once the project is over and there is no need for so many 3D artists anymore.

In such cases, outsource 3D rendering can save the day. A good outsource studio has a big team of employees and plenty of experience in remote collaboration. Therefore, the communication with the client, the interaction between 3D specialists within the team and the 3D rendering process itself are specifically optimized to deliver a large-scale project right on time.

#2. Outsource Contractors Reduce Expenses on 3D Renderings

Outsource CGI Saves Money

To keep the team of in-house 3D specialists, a manufacturer spends a significant part of the marketing budget. Firstly, in most cases, office employees receive a stable salary regardless of the number of finished projects. Secondly, the brand’s management has to provide holiday pays, sick leaves, bonuses, etc. Not to mention professional workstations and expenses on coffee and stationery. Summing up all these expenses, we got a big amount of money manufacturers have to pay monthly to each 3D artist in their team.

Unlike maintaining in-house 3D artists, cooperation with an outsource 3D rendering studio guarantees that their client won’t incur such losses. Clients pay only for the results and the price depends on the number of working hours a specialist spends on the task. Therefore, outsourcing CGI services, a manufacturer pays only once — when they get the requested CG images.

#3.  Several Outsource 3D Rendering Specialists Can Work on One Project Simultaneously

Outsourcing Studio Managers Allocating More Experts for 3D Renders

Often, small and middle businesses of product manufacturing don’t have a lot of 3D artists in the office. But if a serious project is on the line, manufacturers have to find more specialists anyway. Searching for professional 3D artists and then organizing their work on one project can be a real pain in the neck.

On the other hand, working with one outsource studio, a manufacturer gets a large team of 3D experts at their disposal. If they need to allocate more people for a big project, then studio managers will always meet clients’ needs and include more specialists in the task. Thus, 3D artists can redistribute the load, cover for each other and manage to provide photorealistic rendering services on time. 

#4. Outsource 3D Studious Have Advanced Soft and Equipment

A Working Station of an Outsourcing 3D Artist

Having in-house artists, the management of a company must provide them with all the necessary equipment, such as powerful hardware, the latest software, plug-ins and so on. Which, let’s be honest, an average manufacturer doesn’t have at their disposal. The reason is making a convenient workstation for 3D artists can be quite expensive and burdensome for rare projects.

On the contrary, outsource 3D rendering studios have all the resources, and they know how to use them. Such a studio produces a large amount of CG imagery every day, so they invest in all the latest 3D programs and hardware by default. In addition, a far-sighted outsource rendering studio has a huge library of their own 3D models that come in handy for lifestyle renders as components of the room sets.

Moreover, some studios, like CGI Furniture, have their own in-house render farm — a hardware system of united computers for a much faster and more high-quality 3D rendering process. When it comes to needing lots of renderings and advanced CG solutions, having this kind of tool at your disposal is a real game-changer. Needless to say, creating an in-house render farm requires a lot of money and expertise on the subject. Therefore, it’s much more efficient to just hire outsourcers with their own in-house farm and get fast top-quality results with no effort.

#5. With Outsource Studios, One Can Order Any Type of 3D Services

Working with in-house specialists, a manufacturer usually has a few artists who are good at certain tasks. But sometimes a brand needs another type of 3D rendering solution, like 360° product view, VR, AR or product animation. In such cases, manufacturers start to panic and search for a better candidate for a specific task amongst the local market. However, they may not find skilled 3D artists so quickly or at all if a CGI service is as demanding as VR, for instance.

On the contrary, outsource CGI companies have various specialists from around the world so manufacturers don’t have to rely on a small circle of local in-house 3D artists. In a large team of professionals, there are always several experts at any 3D service or technology. Therefore, the same big outsource company can provide a wide spectre of 3D services and CG products at the same time.

#6. Outsource Companies Have Convenient Client Support and CRM-System

A Manager of an Outsourcing Studio Talks to a Customer

It seems that an in-house specialist is always near and available to take tasks and make urgent corrections. That’s why manufacturers often think it’s easier to approach a 3D artist personally instead of spending time in messenger with an outsource studio’s managers. However, if it’s an urgent task or last-minute edits — good luck in trying to get to an office employee in their after hours.

Professional 3D rendering studios establish a convenient process of communication between a 3D team and manufacturers. Even when working remotely, some of them have 24/7 customer support and an online CRM system. Using CRM-chats, clients can make changes, send additional materials at any time, as well as ask 3D artists or project managers any questions directly. Well-reputed 3D companies respect their clients’ time and react to their requests asap.

#7. Professional Outsource Studios Provide Experience and Quality Guarantee

3D Render of a Dining Furniture Set

When it comes to an in-house team, manufacturers have to properly select, train and monitor their employees. To level up the skills of their 3D artists, they need to provide them with professional courses, books and tutorials. At the same time, manufacturers have to keep an ear to the ground and check if artists become more skilled after all the studying or not.

Outsource studios have teams of experienced 3D artists who are constantly training in several areas and learning new techniques. Surely, a CGI company invests in its experts and courses since quality renders are their main competence. Therefore, none of these expenses and efforts falls on a manufacturer when they choose to outsource 3D rendering services. Also, such studios have project managers and mentors of the teams who monitor deadlines and double-check the quality of results. Therefore, there simply can’t be any project delays other than force majeure, and the quality of renders is up to par.

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Overall, an outsource 3D rendering company has a large selection of specialists who can perform various CG services. Their project managers personally monitor the quality and stay in direct contact with the client. Moreover, for large-scale urgent projects, such a studio can allocate additional 3D experts and complete 3D renders within the deadline.

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