Stunning product imagery is essential for successful marketing. For outdoor furniture in particular, these pictures need to showcase the items in the environments they are going to be in. Yet, it would be quite difficult to produce such visuals with traditional photography. One would need to transport the products to and from all the different locations and wait for the best weather conditions. There’s no need to deal with those issues when you use an outdoor product CGI environment. A 3D artist can effortlessly adjust the surroundings, camera perspective, and lighting.

What’s more, a professional 3D rendering studio like CGIFURNITURE will have a collection of ready-made landscape backgrounds. So, a brand can easily order multiple images in any setting, be it a sunny beach or a serene garden.

Wondering what are the best CGI environments? In this article, we gathered 7 show-stopping settings for outdoor furniture lifestyle images. Read on to see them in action!

#1. Patio

Patio 3D Background for Outdoor Furniture

First on the list is arguably the most popular outdoor product CGI environment — a patio. There’s no better way to showcase furniture than this classic setting. In the 3D rendering above you can see a beautiful closed-off patio as the backdrop for a set of wicker chairs. The weather was chosen to be a sunny summer day. As a result, the synergy between the furniture and CGI environment creates the perfect marketing imagery. With this sort of visuals, a potential buyer can visualize how the chairs would fit into their outdoor patio much easier than with a simple white-background image.

#2. Terrace

Terrace CGI Environment for Outdoor Products

While a patio is an area that is level with the ground, a terrace is usually raised from the ground around it, for example, built at the edge of a cliff or a hill. Besides, the terraces are usually a bit larger. Here, you can see the image illustrating this outdoor product CGI environment in action. The background for the furniture is a picturesque Italian setting. It practically invites viewers to escape from the sun and relax on a lovely terrace. Such emotional connection is one of the most important aspects of making a successful sale.

#3. Beach

Outdoor Furniture Lifestyle 3D Image in Beach Setting

Next up let’s check out the power of seasonal marketing with a beach CGI environment. This type of setting conveys the atmosphere of summer leisure right away. The image is bright and vivid, which makes it stand out from other product listings. It promotes not only the furniture but also the relaxed and free-spirited lifestyle associated with it. Furthermore, the photorealistic materials and textures are complimented by the soft sunlight shining through the palm canopy. As you can see, this conceptual image would work incredibly well in an outdoor product catalog.

#4. Pool

Poolside 3D Environment for Outdoor Furniture Set

The same atmosphere can be achieved with a poolside location. Despite the smaller scale, this outdoor product CGI environment can be equally as appealing. In the image above, a deck with a pool was chosen to be the background for a stylish outdoor chair set. The bright wicker material and white cushions are accentuated by the interplay of sunshine and shade. The rays of light are also reflected in the water, which further enhances the realism of this product rendering. As a result, it looks almost indistinguishable from a real photo.

#5. Garden

Poolside 3D Environment for Outdoor Furniture Set

What is a better CGI environment for a charming dining set than a lovely green garden? Besides, a 3D artist can tweak the surroundings any way they want. For this image, they adjusted the lighting conditions to be an early morning. This soft hazy lighting beautifully complements the pastel color palette of the dining set and the gorgeous garden. The image looks cozy and inviting, which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture listing.

#6. Cityscape

Cafe 3D Lifestyle CGI Environment

Now let’s take a look at a completely different outdoor product CGI environment. The 3D rendering above showcases a set of furniture for a café with an urban background. It illustrates that the 3D visuals can realistically represent not only the serene gardens but also bustling cityscapes. Using this kind of CGI environment option is very advantageous because it requires no organizational efforts. There’s no need to rent out an actual cafe and build a photoset there. This can save money and time, and provide superb urban visuals for outdoor products.

#7. Wilderness

Camping Kit 3D Render with Wild Landscape Background

Let’s check out the final landscape option for the outdoor product CGI environment. Besides well-kept human-made surroundings, one can ask a 3D rendering studio to put the product models into beautiful wild landscapes such as forests and mountains. As an example here is the visualization our CG artist created for a camping kit. The picturesque countryside environment allows to showcase these products in context while also being aesthetically pleasing.

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These were our 7 best picks for outdoor product CGI environment. We hope that this selection inspired you to order lifestyle 3D images for your furniture. Have no doubts that our studio will help you choose the best-looking surroundings so that your product is showcased in the best light.

Looking for professional 3D rendering services to bring your outdoor furniture to life? Contact our studio to get breathtaking lifestyle CGI in any environment!

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